Twenty One

My birthday and Bloggers United 6 - two of my most loved and favorite occasions - on the same day?! Still on a high with the amazing things that has happened last Saturday!! ♥ I'll be sharing with you more stories and photos in my BU6 post soon so stay tuned!

On me: A&F Clothing white embellished top | red skirt from bazaar | Chestbox shoes

Here's what I wore to my 21st birthday and Bloggers United 6! :) Actually, I was supposed to sport a different ensemble but unfortunately, someone took the bag which contains my real birthday outfit (huhu, Indie-go Boutique sweater and skirt) during ingress. *sobs* That person must be so desperate for new clothes!! GRRR!!!

Anyway, if you're looking for affordable, fashionable and branded items, make sure to drop by and follow A&F Clothing. They have drool-worthy stuff from Zara, Forever 21, Ralph Lauren, etc. :)

shoes from Chestbox

I'm saving my thank you speech message for my BU6 post, but I can't afford to end this one without expressing my deepest gratitude to EVERYONE who raided my closet, supported my booth, greeted me and gave me sweet gifts! I thank God for giving me the BEST readers on earth, and you are the reason why I keep going/blogging! Love you guys!! ♥

Photos by Christine Liwag

Have a great week ahead! xx

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