2013 Throwback

If you can recall, before 2012 ended, I blogged about my favorite events/happenings to cap off the year. I'm doing it again now for 2013 (and might make it annually) 'cause it's fun to look back and feel even more grateful for everything that has happened over the past months. ♥

1. Ilocos Getaway

2. Graduation Day

3. Staycation at La Breza with Ana

4. Bloggers United 5

6. Meeting my good good good friends Kat, Czes, Angel and Pau

8. Bloggers United 6 and my 21st Birthday

2013 was nothing short of amazing and it's all because of the people I was with! You guys know who you are, and I'll be forever thankful for the gift of love and friendship. :)

I'm sooo ready for 2014 ♥

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