Wearing My Color Proud

I've posted about the Wear Your Color Proud campaign of L'Oreal Professionel weeks ago and been mentioning it on my social media accounts, so perhaps you're already familiar with it. :) Really happy that I was one of the firsts to try it out, and the experience was even more special because I was able to have it with my reader, Jaja Que! ♥ Here's a quick photo diary of our salon date!

The makeover was held at Bang's Tony & Jackey Tomas Morato branch last November 3. I already knew the hair color that I wanted but of course, I had to consult it with the stylists and seek for their suggestions. Indeed, they diagnosed my hair upon arriving at the salon, and after minutes of discussion, we finally came up with a color that will suit my skin tone best.

The aim of the Wear Your Color Proud campaign is to give the clients comfort, confidence and satisfaction with their hair color, by providing them proper consultation and diagnosis. Their stylists are educated and trained on the science of proper skin tone so you can truly trust them!

Say hi to my very sweet and charming reader, Jaja! ♥

Her hair makeover was done minutes before mine but I'm glad she stayed til I was finished for some chika! :) It's always always always great to get to know my readers upclose and personal. I can seriously spend a day (or more) just bonding with my readers. You guys are my happy pills!! :)

Thank you, Jaja, for spending this salon date with me and for supporting my humble blog. You're young, I know you'll go places! Looking forward to see you again soon ♥

Check out Jaja's silky straight hair!! This photo won't do justice to how pretty her new hair color is, but it really looks better (brown-ish) in person! :)

Aaand of course, here's mine!!!!!

I LOVE IT!!! Too bad I can't recall the exact color they used with me :( Definitely satisfied and ready to wear my color proud! My long locks are more beautiful now ♥

Thank you so much to L'Oreal Professionel, Mikki Galang and Bang's Tony & Jackey for having me and Jaja! We totally enjoyed this salon date!

Every Filipina - mestiza, morena or chinita - can now be prouder by having the most ideal hair color for her! Avail of L'Oreal Professionel's promo at Bench Fix Salon, Bang's Tony & Jackey, Henri Calayag Salon, Philippe Tordjman Le Salon and Regine's.

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