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Random, but guys, we've been together for over 2 years now. And you know how much I value each of you. If only I could hold parties for Raid My Closet as often as I could, I'd gladly do it because I want to get to know you better. *hashtag clingy, haha* December's fast-approaching (meaning my birthday's coming uppp, haha exact same day of Bloggers United 6 ♥) and I'm thinking of throwing another meet and greet session - just like this and this - to celebrate this festive month. In order to come up with a really good plan, I thought it would be nice if you guys would "virtually" introduce yourselves to me. Perhaps you could leave a comment in this blog post with your name, age, hobbies, why you read my blog, and anything else that you'd like to share. :">

On me: jumper courtesy of ROMWE | Bart Simpson cropped top from the Perfect Fit Shop | Christine's heels

Perfect Fit Shop cropped top

Can't help but feel extra youthful when I wore this ensemble! The Simpsons plus jumper? How could you not recall your childhood memories? Lol! And if I remember it right, Bart's the only fictional character that I can draw beautifully, given that I've no art skills. Haha! #proudestmomentever

Jumper courtesy of Romwe

When I don't feel like wearing jumpers, I love that I can just simply remove the suspenders attached in this Romwe piece. Good catch!

Been getting suggestions from friends and readers that I should smile with teeth in my OOTDs. Even my dentist told me to do so. Yep, she reads my blog. I melt. But see, my face turns into siopao and I hate it. :( Only a handful of people can make me do it and Ate Celyn's one of them! Haha! She's the one who takes photos for Laureen's blog, in case you don't know! ;)

Please don't eat your screens as you see this photo. Hahaha!

Photos by Celyn Jaravata
Thanks ate Celyn! You're ze bombbb!

Can't wait to read more about YOU! ♥

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