SAJE Coffee, Tea and Me

Being a QC kid, Tomas Morato has been my go-to area for random eat-outs, chill days and nightcap sessions with my family and friends since it's just near my house. I'm glad the area has almost everything - from superb culinary destinations to good coffee places plus night spots and entertainment. And while we're at it, allow me to introduce to you a new and interesting place at Tomas Morato where you can spend countless hours with your peers munching on sumptuous food and drinks. No other than SAJE Coffee, Tea and Me!

Impressed by the beautiful interiors of Saje? Well then, you NEED to try out their offerings, too! No exaggerating, but so far, all that I've tried at Saje were mouthwatering and delish!

Saje is more than just a coffee shop. Whether you're craving for angus beef burger or some sweet delights, they have it! Whatever's on their menu are freshly made in their kitchen each day! :)

Spot these beautiful Daphne chairs? CLAZZZZ!! Yes, with multiple z's for emphasis! Pure love ♥

Now let's all get hungry, shall we? :p

Starting off with these tasty Cajun Fries (P60.00)! Crazily affordable, right? With that amount, you can already get a basket filled with fries!

Saje Chicken Sandwich (P120.00) - it comes with cajun fries on the side, too! Wish I could've taken a photo of the chicken fillet stuffed between these buns so you can get a better view! So juicy and huge!

Gosh, this is frustrating! Haha I'm not an expert with reviews and taste descriptions but I sure know great food! But promise solve ka dito! Hahaha!

Next is the Quarter More Angus Burger (P195.00), which is one of the best-sellers from Saje's ala carte menu. This humongous burger comes with cajun fries as well. Solid nito!!! Sarap! And I'm actually craving for it as I type. KMN.

I don't eat ice cream a lot, but this one got me hooked! And it's probably one of the reasons why I'm actually going back to Saje over and over and over again. Check out this homemade Pistacchio Ice Cream (P115.00)! TO DIE FOR!!! I SWEAR!!!

Also got to try their other ice cream flavors likes New York Cheese (P115.00) and Turtle Pie (P115.00) and they're equally good also! But Pistacchio will be my forever favorite ♥ Failed to take photos of them along with my Caramel Macchiato (P135.00) drink and the Singapore Sling Tea (P80.00).

Choco Caramel Tea (P80.00). Not really a hot tea drinker but my friend Charls told me this tasted really really good! Trust his taste buds! :)

Obviously, I'm totes going back to SAJE Coffee, Tea and Me! Hope to bump into you guys there soon!

Visit SAJE Coffee, Tea and Me at:
G2 PO's Building, 305 Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City

Big thanks to Saila for having us!

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