Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Weatherized Collection

While people from yesterday's shoot with Converse Philippines went for rough and grunge looks, apparently, I figured the way to stand out from the rest was to stick with my conventional girly and dainty self. We were asked to dress up using the shoes and apparel from the 2013 Chuck Taylor All Star Weatherized Collection.

Can you keep a secret? Aside from being a concert queen (hahaha), one of my frustrations is actually to learn how to skate, hence I made that my style vision for this ensemble.

On me: jacket, beanie and high cut sneakers from the 2013 Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Weatherized Collection

As you know, I'm not really a sporty type of girl. So if ever I'll pursue skating, then I'd definitely be stepping out of my comfort zone. That's what the latest collection of Converse Philippines embodies - their pieces are perfect for people who want to experience life in all its textures and complexity, an antidote to the safe and the expected.

And that's my take on Converse's new collection! :)

Definitely had fun with this styling session and shoot with other fashion bloggers and media personalities! Who do you think will win from this battle? Crossing my fingers that I would 'cause I have sooo many favorites from Converse! I wanna grab everything from their store!!

Thank you so much to Converse Philippines for having us! ♥

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