Solo His & Hers Graphic Tee Contest Year 2

One of our most loved brands, Solo, is about to release another awesome competition! With last year's successful His & Hers' Graphic Tee Design Contest, the brand has seen a lot of talented young graphic artists! The three His & Hers designs that won with the theme Dekada 90's are as follows: 90's Romance by Michelle Santos, 90's Time Machine by Juan Paulo Manalo and 90's Mixed Up by Raymundo Perez.

Their designs, modelled by Solo Online Model Search 2013 winners Derek Espinosa and Ganiel Krishnan, are already out in stores this month! Make sure to grab one of these winning tees! :)

Get your creative juices flowing and be the next set of His & Hers Graphic Tee design winners for 2014! All you have to do is follow these mechanics:

1. Download the t-shirt template at and create a His & Hers design featuring the theme MUSIKA.

2. Log on to Facebook and upload your entry at Solo's Facebook page under the His & Hers Graphic Tee Contest Tab/App together with the online application form.

That's it! Sounds easy, right? Take note of the following criteria: 30% creativity, 30% originality, 20% theme relevance and 20% online votes.

Submission of entries will begin on October 1 until November 15. Voting period is until November 30.

FIVE (5) grand winners will be chosen this time! Each will receive cash and Solo gift certificates! Best of all, their designs will become part of Solo's summer collection in 2014!

For more information, check out Solo's website, Facebook page and Twitter/Instagram @MySoloOnline.

Dee Jae Pa'este at SM Sky Dome

Been to SM North EDSA's Sky Garden lately? If yes, then perhaps you were teased and curious about the on-going graffiti and wall paintings at Sky Dome! Wonder who's behind these awesome works of art?

He's none other than Dee Jae Pa'este, a well-renowned Filipino graffiti artist. He has recently relocated to Manila after spending the past 6 years in Japan and New York. Dee Jae's style in the graffiti scene has a strong, graphic sensibility, and consists of powerful, primary colors and bold, thick lines reminiscent of microchip circuitry and Polynesian tribal tattoos.

I'm pretty sure you've seen this mural at High Street already! It's super beautiful and eye-catching, right? Impossible not to stare at this artwork. This was also made by Dee Jae! :)

In fact, his masterpieces has appeared in numerous venues, galleries and murals around New York, Los Angeles, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Hawaii and Japan. 

Dee Jae was invited by SM North EDSA to paint 3 walls of Sky Dome for 3 Sundays. The art session started last September 15, and it ends this coming September 29. I'm definitely looking forward to meet him and see him finish the wall graffiti live! :)

Come with me on Sunday? Everyone's invited! See you there, loveys ♥

Ask Anything

Because of my crazy schedule, blog-related meetings and work, unlike before, I don't get to reply right away to emails/queries I receive everyday. Apologies if it takes me days before replying to your messages :( Hope you guys know that I extremely appreciate your thoughtful words and your trust when it comes to asking for my opinions (fashion-wise or not). Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! ♥

Anyway, since oftentimes I get almost similar questions, I decided to blog my answers instead so I could share my point of view or ideas to the rest as well. But before that, outfitey muna! Here's what I wore to Manila Sundance Bazaar weeks ago. O diba best in late!! Hahaha!

On me: flower crown courtesy of Flaura Tiara | white blazer with neon accents courtesy of Romwe | white shorts courtesy of Romwe | heels from Pill

Instantly fell in love with this blazer from Romwe! It's so versatile, you can think of countless ways of wearing/styling it! ♥

Q&A summary!! :p

1. Tips for students or college fashionistas on a budget

Take a look at your closet, mix and match your pre-loved clothes or you can also DIY them to create a new look. For shopping, don't be too brand conscious because what matters most is how well you could carry yourself on those clothes. Also, never underestimate bazaars because you can always find really nice stuff there! And to top it all, keep in mind that you're not fully dressed without wearing your best smile possible! *wink wink*

2. Who is your style icon?

Olivia Palermo! ♥

3. Suggestions to have nice skin

Get enough sleep, exercise and eat healthy food! Invest on products that will surely take care of your skin (especially your face) like a good facial cleanser, toner and moisturizer.

Love this flower crown from Flaura Tiara by Belle and Vibeth! Felt like a fairy the entire time I was wearing this! ♥ Make sure to follow them on Instagram to see their beautiful hand-crafted collection of flower crowns, twines, buns and dreamcatcher necklaces! :)

Shorts courtesy of Romwe

4. Are you planning to have a meet and greet part 2 for Raid My Closet?

Yes!! Might hold another one this December (birthday celebration)! ♥ Bet niyo yun?? :)

5. Have you ever been heart broken? How were you able to cope with it? (I think I got around 8 emails from different people about this matter!)

Awww </3 But yes, been there before, too! There's no easy way to mend a broken heart, really. :( Maybe for a couple of days, give yourself some time alone; it's okay to cry your heart out for it's part of the path to recovery. It's gonna hurt for a while, but not forever. :) Surround yourself with your family and friends afterwards - go on a vacation with them, explore new activities, go shopping. Do things that make you happy! Bawal ka ma-haggard! Dapat always maganda! ♥ You'll get through it eventually. You just have to be strong!

6. Advice for future bloggers

Just allow your personality to shine on your blog. Let your readers see the real you through images and words. Be passionate about blogging (not for the perks you'll receive) and remain authentic! :)

Heels from Pill

Photos by Charls Uytanlet

If you guys have some more questions, no matter how random they may be, don't hesitate to comment up on this post, email or tweet me (@listentoarnie)! I'd love to answer them! Kisses xx

Flawless: Guaranteed Hygienic!

For girls like me who still haven't tried facial services yet, then perhaps Flawless' latest innovation can convert us! :p

Flawless believes that the key to avoiding infections and maintaining the overall wellness of our skin is good hygiene. And because of this, they've decided to further improve their sanitary practices in their treatments.

Before you undergo facial at Flawless, they'll give you a sealed pouch which contains all the tools that will be used on your skin. Everything inside the pouch are sanitized and will be thrown after the treatment except for the extractor. Their headbands and towels are also disposable (stored in cabinets with UV lamp sterilizers), plus they have hand sanitizers for everyone's use over all Flawless clinics.

Flawless also have a core of full-time doctors working as medical aesthetic professionals for the company. "Through them, we're able to provide thorough consultation, personalized service and top-notch treatment to our patients. The fact that our practitioners undergo continuous training and are experienced with the latest advancements in dermatological technologies further ensures that our patients get the care and treatment that they deserve", says Rubby Sy (CEO of Flawless).

Even our favorite celebrities love Flawless! ♥

Divine Lee

Jasmine Curtis-Smith

Maxene Magalona

For more updates and information about Flawless, visit their website or Facebook page. Follow them on Twitter, too!

Au Revoir

Squeezing in an outfit post before I doze off! :) Don't you just dread getting out of the bed so so early, knowing you're about to face a long day filled with never-ending deadlines? I know most of us go through a tough battle with alarm clocks (or Moms, haha) every single weekday. I feel you! :p Albeit the struggle, what makes you motivated to wake up and keep going?

On me: Cotton On denim biker jacket | Au Revoir (Pumped Up Tees) shirt courtesy of Penshoppe | origami skort courtesy of Everything Nice 101 | pumps courtesy of Comfit

First thought that comes to my mind? Waking up entails another opportunity to take care of your parents.  :) Yes, Mommy and Daddy are still very healthy and groovy, but that doesn't mean they won't need my TLC. Haha! For years, they've given me so much love and provided everything that I wanted/needed. It's finally my time to spoil them now that I'm working and officially earning! :)

Obtaining personal growth, getting salary, learning and experiencing new things in my day job - these are next, of course! :)

Third reason, which I definitely won't forget, why I'm driven to wake up is this blog! :) I know I don't get to update Raid My Closet as often as before, but I swear there was never a day that I missed out on checking this plus my email and other social networking sites that are overflowing with hearts and good vibes ♥ I get to read your messages daily and I appreciate them very much! And by the way, I have some surprise paandars for you, so make sure to stay tuned!

Dress-down days entail embracing tees! Bet you'd like this Au Revoir statement shirt courtesy of Penshoppe! This is part of their Pumped Up Tees collection and you can get it for only P299! Effortlessly stylish, right? ;)

Thank you so much to Penshoppe for sending over this gift!! ♥

Also love this origami skort courtesy of Everything Nice 101! Don't be surprised if you'll see me sporting this again anytime soon. *wink wink* Make sure to check out their Instagram account for more affordable and fashionable items! :)

Photos by Charls Uytanlet

Grabbing Nescafe's tagline in one of their commercials: Para kanino ka bumabangon? ;) I'd love to know! Kisses everyone! xx

Skin Care Routine for MEN courtesy of Nisce Skin 'n Face

Traditionally, women take most of the time for grooming. But nowadays, men are becoming conscious about their skin, as this adds to their pogi points. Of course, any lady will be more impressed for fresh looking, oil and blemish free manly aura.

Men, like women, also experience skin problems. They suffer from oily skin, white heads and black heads, acne and uneven skin tone. But that doesn't mean that they need to share same formulation as the ladies. As a matter of fact, men have more sensitive skin that women. That is why they need special protection to keep their charm and their skin radiant. This is what Nisce Skin 'n Face's Blaise Skin Care for Men product line offers.

Gentlemen, if you are still in doubt trying skin care products, consider what hunk Rafael Rosell recommends as he proudly represent Blaise. "I enjoy being cared of the products because they concentrate on men's basic skin care to keep masculine charm - from cleansing to toning".

First things first: CLEANSING

This is the very first step to wash away heavy cosmetics and dirt acquired from everyday routine. Clogged pores, dryness and broken capillaries are some of the consequences if your face wasn't properly washed. These too are common problems usually experienced during summer for our faces are prone to dusts.

For the top concern, Nisce recommends Blaise Oil Control Facial Scrub. It effectively brings your skin's potential of lighter, even tone, cleansed, to help prevent pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. Oil control facial scrub also ease sunburn, aging, oil traces. It contains Microscrubs and Glycolic acid that gently rids off dirt; Kojic acid works to reduce age spots and pigmentation; and Anti-bacterial to prevent oil buildup.

Remove the rough side of yours

Clean look also involves the roughness around your mouth and that is unwanted moustache and beard. Those hair are covering your look and worst, might give you a negative impression.

Blaise Shaving Cream makes every shave more comfortable. It protects skin from irritation for it also has an anti-irritant, skin protectant, and soothing effect. It contains Allantoin which helps to moisturize and enhance the shredding of dead skin. Blaise Shaving Cream leaves skin minty feel and is best suited for sensitive skin.

To moisturize the shaved part, apply Blaise After Shave that contains aloe vera to leave a soothing effect. It also has witch hazel extract to avoid swelling and infection. Just make sure to apply toner first before the after shave. Shaving is necessary to keep you look more respectable. However, you should do it once a week or depending on how your moustache grows.

Completely Clean with Toning

Toning is next step to cleansing process. It eliminates excess oils and dead skin cells missed by washing alone. Blaise has two-way to do the job. You may have Blaise Toner that tighten pores, lightens skin, reduces wrinkles, pimples and acne scars, oily skin and visibly lighter glow.

Or, you can use Clarifying Lotion that effectively clears off face from acne, blackheads, whiteheads, dark spots, age spots and skin discoloration adeptly. It peels off dead skin leading to smooth and evenly toned skin.

Adding extra ten minutes to your routine for more radiant aura won't cause your time. In fact, it will give you more and would help you to look at your best. As a testimony from Rafael, "Less oily, sa set napapansin nila madali akong makeup-an. Hindi na kailangan mag-retouch lagi. The blemishes, mas konti, and nag-lighten."

Blaise Skin Care for men products are available in all Nisce Skin 'n Face branches nationwide.

For more information and updates, follow Nisce Skin 'n Face on Twitter and Instagram (@NisceSkin) and like their Facebook page here.


My second work week started with an early meeting in our department. It wasn't entirely toxic, for aside from the work-related agenda, our boss also gave us mentoring slash words of wisdom. :p Won't be sharing the entire piece with you, except for this open-ended question which, in my belief, we can all relate to and ponder on.

"Are you - right now - who you want to be, what you dreamed you'd be, doing what you've always wanted to do?"

On me: floral headband courtesy of Anagon Collection | inner wear courtesy of Miss Sixty | Cotton On denim motorcycle jacket | Perfect Fit Shop skater skirt | Trunkshow heels

I know it's too early to conclude, but I'm happy and satisfied with where I'm at right now. I'm still learning to balance my day job and this blog, my time with events and peers, juggling priorities and sacrificing some opportunities. Tiring, yes, but challenge accepted! ;)

Are you - right now - who you want to be?

Even when I was younger, I want to be the daughter that my parents can be proud of. The accomplishments I've given to them are nothing compared to everything they've done for me. Aside from taking care of them and loving them as they grow old, I'll try my best to shower/spoil Daddy and Mommy with anything they desire.

Floral headband courtesy of Anagon Collection

Denim motorcycle jacket from Cotton On

Are you - right now - what you dreamed you'd be?

Honestly, I don't know. I'm still figuring out what I really want to become. But I'm overjoyed that I'm living my life to the fullest. I have a lot of dreams; slowly, I'll fulfill them. We'll get to that eventually! :)

Are you - right now - doing what you've always wanted to do?

I never hated fashion (never will, actually). I remember despite the degree I took, when I was still in college, I already imagined myself working in the fashion and retail industry. This is what I've always wanted to do, I know that for sure. Regardless of how dynamic and stressful this career is, I love what I'm doing so I always go home with a smile. Same with Raid My Closet, when I went all out full time with this blog, no matter how tight my schedule was (miski kasabay ng thesis nun), di ko maiwanan kami mahal ko talaga. Hahaha hashtag clingy!!!

Pero you know, everything written in this blog post may change. We'll never know, maybe in a couple of weeks, months, years... daming pwede mangyari! What matters most is right now. If you're NOT who you want to be, NOT what you dreamed you'd be, NOT doing what you've always wanted to do, then perhaps you must contemplate on yourself and find out the answer. Keri mo yan!!! ♥

Photos by Ana Gonzales

May we have a week filled with love and good vibes! Kisses! xx

Sa North Diversion Road

Back in grade school, theater plays were way too boring. Foremost, I can't relate to the stories so probably that's the reason why I didn't understand any of them. They were too deep for my age; I remember I just slept through half of those shows. Now, though, things are different. Theater plays became more interesting, humorous and can affect you emotionally. I love that they tackle real time and real life issues, meaning they're extra engaging.

Along with this, you might want to join me and watch UST's Artistang Artlets' major production entitled "Sa North Diversion Road". This production is written by Don Carlos Palanca and FAMAS awardee Tony Perez. Plotted along the stretch of North Luzon Expressway, common are the cars that drive around the highway but it begs to ask the question what's behind those moving vehicles.

Staged and even turned into a movie starring John Arcilla and Irma Adlawan, the North Diversion Road will surely take you on a smooth ride combined with unexpected swifts and turns of a couple's love story.

This is directed by Ma. Kristina Magno and produced by Christine Emano. You can watch "Sa North Diversion Road" at the University of Sto. Tomas' Tan Yan Kee Auditorium, Tan Yan Kee Building this coming September 24, 25, 26 and 27, 2013. Time slots are 10AM, 1PM, 4PM and 7PM.

For inquiries, contact Cymon Denise Mercado at 0927-329-6953 or visit Artistang Artlets' Facebook page here.

Certainly can't wait to watch this!! I'll try my best to come on the 27th! Hope to see you there, loveys! ♥

MSB Photodiary

The creators of Coachella Bazaar of Rockwell recently came up with a new and start-up bazaar which everyone's been raving about over the past weeks, the Manila Sundance Bazaar. It isn't just your ordinary shopping affair; it's like a fashion festival - where those who attended were able to get affordable and fashionable items, munch on good food, watch films and enjoy awesome music. So glad and thankful I was chosen as one of the bloggers for Manila Sundance Bazaar (as seen in this link)! I had a blast during my entire stay there! ♥

Manila Sundance Bazaar was held last weekend (September 6 to September 8) at Metrotent, Ortigas. Conquered the rain and traffic last Saturday just to grace MSB! Can't afford to miss it!

** Apologies for the inconsistency of the photos' quality btw. I was alternately using my camera and iPad. #lazyhead

First booth that I visited was Christine's, of course! Clingsters with my baby girl forever. Missed you to bits, love!! *sobs* You guys better watch out for the comeback of Crave More! Heard it's gonna be bongga!

Marika (MSB's creative head) accompanied me to the booths of MSB's partner brands. We started with Flaura Tiara by B&V, a brand that carries cutesy flower crowns and accessories.

 You know me, I'm all out with florals and everything dainty! My heart melted with Flaura Tiara's nice booth and accessories!

Thank you so much to Belle and Vibeth for the flower crowns you girls gave me! Can't wait to wear them on my outfit posts! ♥

Next up was Indie-go Boutique's booth! This brand's really really close to my heart. You might've noticed that I kept wearing Indie-go items in my previous posts. Beyond happy that I'm one of their brand ambassadors! ♥

Love love love Indie-go Boutique 'cause whatever your style is, they surely have something for you!

Got even more kilig when I saw my photos hanging on their wall along with my blogger friends Christine, Ava and Kat plus celebrities wearing Indie-go like Solenn Heusaff and Maja Salvador. :)

Thanks for being so kind and generous all the time, Evan! All the best for Indie-go Boutique!

Third brand that we visited was OATH's (On A Thousand Heavens). I swear I was eyeing on all the items displayed on their booth!! OATH will definitely make you experience heaven (the fashionable way, LOL) with their beautiful clothes, bags and shoes! ♥

Another proof that OATH's really heaven-sent? They handed me a pack of Green Tea Kitkats!!! OH MY G. Just so you know, for months, I've been searching for legit shops who sell these goodies! Ahhh super happy!! Big thanks for this and the awesome pullover, AJ (OATH's brainchild)! You made my day! :)

Also passed by Naleigh's booth to check out their lovely shoe collection! As always, they didn't disappoint. ♥

Glad to see Perfect Fit Shop's booth as well! Been wearing the skater skirt I got from them before nonstop.  :p

Happy I was able to catch up with my loves Tin, Pax and Niche, too! Missing our blogkada big time!!! :'(

All smiles for my haul from Manila Sundance Bazaar! :)
Also came home to a gift (cropped top - Pumped Up Tees) courtesy of Penshoppe and a Kikomachine book (signed by Manix Abrera himself) courtesy of Solo! Feels like Christmas! ♥

Certainly looking forward to the next leg of Manila Sundance Bazaar! Congratulations for the success of this fashion festival! ♥