On A High

Still on a high with yesterday's Meet and Greet session with my readers!!!! AHHHH I'm itching to blog about it na but I'm rushing to a family date now. I figured it would be best to write about that one-of-a-kind experience later, yung di ako nagmamadali. It's truly special for me and I can't help but smile whenever I think of the things that happened in our mini celebration. Wouldn't forget every bit of it. ♥

Anyway, yesterday I had a lot of errands in the morning, knew I'd be moving around a lot (aka inflate the balloons, set up some banderitas, fix the prizes and loot bags, etc.) and I'll be interacting with my readers the entire afternoon hence I wore this simple and comfortable ensemble.

On me: black and white buttondown courtesy of Romwe | shorts courtesy of SM Kids

It's probably evident in my outfit posts that I'm totally in love with button-downs! Tops like this one from Romwe can give you a relaxing feel plus you'll appear effortlessly stylish :)

Bike necklace courtesy of Anagon Collection
Thanks for this big sis! Napa-throwback ako sa Nuvali post! Hahaha kilig vibes

Flats courtesy of Yosi Samra Philippines

Photos by Charls Uytanlet

Really really really had an amazing time with my Raid My Closet dates!!! Blogging about it very soon ♥

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