Comfit's 2nd Anniversary x Julia Montes

After spending hours on the road (crazily singing ala The Voice, haha) with the blogkada last Thursday, we finally arrived at our last destination/event - Comfit's 2nd anniversary with Julia Montes as their endorser. The fashion show, styled by our good friend Pax, ended just a few minutes before we entered the venue. Super sayang we missed it!

Here's Julia Montes being interviewed by host Janeena Chan and people from the press.

Julia's actually the first celebrity endorser of Comfit. She strongly embodies what the brand is all about: youthfulness, beauty, of being comfortable in your own skin, having a touch of humor and playfulness, of taking life not so seriously and always remembering to have fun.

Admittedly, Julia says she was already a huge fan of Comfit, even before she was asked to be its endorser. She revealed that as a shoe lover, she liked the brand for its stylish designs without compromising her feet's comfort.

This renowned footwear brand has a wide range of fashionable shoes that are low in price but high on style. Whatever your style is, you'll surely find something that'll fit your liking inside a Comfit store.

Visited Comfit's branch at The Block earlier today to check out their collections. Felt so elated with everything I saw ♥

Eyeing on these gorgeous flats!!! Oh my g.

Cutesy Panther Doll Flats that will definitely bring out the fashionably dainty side of you!

These Scallop Ballet Flats provide the lightest and airiest feel yet for Comfit girls!

Comfit also carries a lot of heels and wedges! Some of their displays here are from their sister US footwear brand, Michael Antonio.

Yes, even these sky-high shoes are comfy! ;)

Posted this photo on my Instagram account (follow me if you still haven't, hehe @listentoarnie) and Facebook 'cause I was having a hard time coming up with a decision. Love you guys for leaving comments! :) Can you guess which I took home?

Thank you so much to Pax and Comfit for having us at the event! Make sure to follow Comfit in the following sites for more updates and promos: Website | Facebook | Twitter

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