Ambassador of Positive Vibes

Life isn't always perfect. Each of us experience different challenges everyday. Yung iba di lang nagpapahalata, pero may pinagdadaanan pala talaga. And I don't think these people are being pretentious. They just choose to have a positive outlook in their lives.

Ambassador of Positive Vibes shirt courtesy of Team Manila

I go through a LOT of things, too, kung alam niyo lang. But as much as possible, I don't allow negativity be part of my system. Ayaw natin ma-haggard diba!! :) Not that I'm trying to escape from my problems, I think of them most of the time, especially when I'm alone actually. I'm only human, I get hurt and feel tired. And that's exactly the point why you need to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Kasi nga masakit and nakakapagod. Fight fight fight tayo ha!! :)

This shirt's very suitable for people embracing positivity in their lives. Bongga diba! That's the reason why blog big sis Ana and I grabbed this (plus more more pampa-good vibes items) agad when we shopped at Team Manila! Sometimes, we tend to forget how beautiful our lives are so we need to be reminded from time to time. Malaking reminder na 'to ha!! Ewan ko na lang kung malimutan niyo pa! Hehe :p

Anymoo, I wore this (very!!!) casual ensemble for Independence Day. Bilang hashtag indie tayo nyan. Charlottt!! That day, I had a shoot with Bestie and Charls in the morning, went on a lunch date, then watched the screening of Man of Steel at TriNoma. Felt super lazy to think of anything fancy to wear and I realized that I haven't worn t-shirt and sneakers to the mall for the longest time ever!! You can't go wrong with a Team Manila shirt and a pair of Bennies! ;)

Sneakers courtesy of Bensimon Philippines

I've always wanted to have levitating shots for my shoes but it's hard (and buwis buhay) to do that if you're wearing heels. So yay for sneakers!!

Super duper love my new kicks from Bensimon! They're ultimately comfy and stylish! ♥ In case you missed my post about the launch of this French footwear brand, you can read it here.

Photos by Charls Uytanlet

That's it for today's post! Remember, you have the power to control your decisions and how you feel about the challenges that come your way. Positive vibes lang dapat tayo! *wink wink*

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