Sueno de Espadrilles + Yes Pinoy Foundation for the Kids of Casili

Yes Pinoy Foundation Founding Chair Dingdong Dantes sums up how people can help Casili Elementary School:

"Every P650 purchase of Sueño de Espadrilles Classic Line translates into P200 donation to YesPinoy Foundation for the benefit Casili Elementary School. Every time you pitch in to the Walk Forward Together Campaign, you provide safe boats and life savers to help students travel safely to school. Every pair of shoes taken out of the box means another child is given the light of hope. By walking forward together, we are giving Casili school kids the chance to learn basic values and practical life skills that not only help them to become better students but also better Filipinos."

In partnership with Sueno de Espadrilles, YPF will carry out a fundraising campaign called Walk Forward Together from March 1 to July 15, 2013 to raise funds for YPF’s Para Paaralan Casili for the benefit Casili Elementary School.

To be formally launched by late July 2013 after the fundraising campaign, Para Paaralan Casili seeks to provide the following goods and services to CES school kids, teachers and parents:

♦ At least 3 safe boats with life preservers to ensure the safety of school kids and teachers in crossing the river, especially during the rainy season

Since building a hanging bailey bridge is not feasible due to DENR’s standing watershed protection policy discouraging bridge construction within the Marikina Watershed Reservation, the next best solution is to provide safe boats and life preservers to the school. The teachers and barangay officials have chosen a local bangkero named Ople Ilig who will be trained by YPF in handing and maintaining the boats.

♦ Solar study lamps or bulbs to the teachers and households of CES students
♦ YPF will also install solar bottle bulbs from used 1 liter soft drink bottles in every classroom to brighten the dark classroom during the day and in households willing to use these contraptions
♦ Waterproof shoes and bags to students
♦ School supplies and dictionaries
♦ Values formation and practical life skills training (disaster preparedness, organic farming and caring for the forest)

The more Sueño de Espadrilles Classic Line shoes sold from March 1 to July 15, 2013 means more funds for the benefit of Para Paaralan Casili. For every pair of Sueño de Espadrilles shoes bought by an enlightened consumer is a big step to bring Casili school kids closer to school – a step towards a better education, a step towards a better life.

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