Antony Morato VIP Launch

Went to HYVE at W Global Center last Thursday for the VIP launch of an Italian menswear brand, Antony Morato. AM is breaking the Philippines' fashion world wide open with six distinct collections. Each collection takes its inspiration from iconic aspects of men's fashion, from the rustic outdoors to the suave vibrancy of Asian street wear. The country's sartorial gurus now have a wide range of looks to work with, each one encouraging them create their own signature styles.

Absolutely jam-packed!

Host Joey Mead King

The focus of AM is to provide tailored clothing for those looking for a smart and cutting-edge take on classic menswear. Its aim, on the other hand, is to evoke timeless quality while allowing access across diverse customer bases.

Kelly and Niche were my dates that night! ♥ Love you guys!
Thank you so much to ARC PR for inviting us! 

Get to know more about the brand by visiting their website and Twitter account! xx

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