Ilocos Day 2: Bangui Windmills and Cape Bojeador

We drove to our next destination after visiting Patapat Viaduct. This particular place is one of the reasons why I'm excited to explore Ilocos. Woot! The Bangui Windmills! ♥ If before, I only see these windmills in pictures and videos, now I was able to set eyes on them live!

Bangui has 23 enormous windmills all in all. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think these windmills are the first source of clean energy that was made known in the Philippines. They supply electricity to 40% of Ilocos Norte. :)

More windmills on this side!


You guys must visit the magnificent Bangui Windmills, too! Got so in love with the place that I took home a mini-windmill display with me! Haha!

Third stop for Day 02: Cape Bojeador

Cape Bojeador is also known as the Burgos Lighthouse, and it marks the northwestern-most point in Luzon. It serves as a welcoming beacon to the international ships that enter the Philippines from the north and lead them away from the rocky coast of Ilocos.

We went up and ventured this lighthouse. The caretaker told us that it's a good thing we came here during day time. WHY!! Haha so freaky! I think Trisha hears stories about Cape Bojeador and sees this in horror TV shows. Halfway through the staircase, di ko na keri tumuloy pa 'cause I'm afraid of heights. Yikes! But I swear it's a great place! :)

The battery life of my camera gave up on me in the middle of our lighthouse exploration so unfortunately, I won't be able to show you photos of me and my friends inside. :(

Blogging about Fort Ilocandia Golf and Country Club and Plaza del Norte next!! Stay tuned! xx

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AVA TE-ZABAT♥ said...

it's on my bucket list to see those big windmills!