Ilocos Day 2: Plaza Del Norte

We were off to our fifth stop for day two, Plaza del Norte, after visiting Fort Ilocandia Golf & Country Club. Plaza Del Norte is a newly-built hotel in Ilocos Norte. I find this hotel really gorgeous and stunning. Definitely a perfect place to go to if you'd want to take stress away out of your system! ;)

This hotel brings together the breadth of Ilocos, which is contemporary Filipino style, and the innovations and modernity of today with the use of world-class amenities.

Plaza del Norte also features a chapel for weddings, gardens for outdoor events, grandeur pool area, function room and massage services. The property's sure to attract business travelers, too, because of its extensive facilities that are perfect for business meetings and conventions.

Exquisite pool area ♥

Certainly, if ever I'll go back to Ilocos, I'd choose to stay here in Plaza Del Norte. ♥

That's it for today's Ilocos travel diary! We're halfway (oo half pa lang hahaha) through day two and I can't wait to show you photos from our 6th destination. Sand Dunes, baby!!!! ;)

Ilocos Day 2: Fort Ilocandia Golf and Country Club

My friends and I moved on to our 4th stop for day two. It was at Fort Ilocandia Golf & Country Club. I wasn't expecting too much here for I thought it's only a typical country club. But to my surprise, this place actually houses the preserved private room and other memorabilia of the late President Marcos.

Check out this well-retained bed room of the Marcos family.

Say hello to my brave friend, Jemcy, in front of the mirror! Haha! I was very paranoid that a ghost might show up in my reflection so I thought of deleting my solo photo right after shooting. LOL!

You can really tell that these things were used way back Marcos' era. The chairs and other stuff here deteriorated through time!

This house is definitely huge, historical and eerie! Yikes! :p

Woot! I'll be posting about a beautiful hotel in Ilocos right after this! Hope you're still enjoying this travel diary ♥

Solo’s Online Model Search Winners in Summer Collection 2013

Summer is here! Solo celebrates everyone’s favorite season with the release of its latest collection! Get ready for a fun and fashionable summer as Solo brings you its Summer Collection 2013 modeled by the 2 grand winners of Solo’s Online Model Search Competition 2012.

Ecstatic over their big win, Derek Espinosa and Ganiel Krishnan, both 18 years old, rose above the many hopefuls aiming to be Solo’s new brand ambassadors. Standing at 6’2, Derek said what makes him a good model is because of his kind heart and versatile personality. Apart from modeling, Derek is also a business management student who loves to play sports like basketball, swimming and running. The pair got to experience a photo shoot with Doc Marlon, one of the most sought out fashion photographers in the Philippines. “Being in the solo shoot was a very wonderful experience. Doc Marlon did the shoot and he was really nice and artistic. His creativeness inspired me to do much better”, Ganiel said. Studying mass communications at Far Eastern University, this outgoing half-Indian, half-Filipina beauty is also talented in the field of music and acting. While both love modeling, Ganiel wants to pursue an acting career while Derek wants to become a successful businessman in the future.

Derek and Ganiel had an awesome time on set, modeling trendy and hot pieces from Solo’s summer collection. Consisting of bikinis, tops and shorts, the collection boasts a fun and bright theme, befitting the vibe of what summer is all about. This season, Solo incorporates popular trends to its collection such as stripes, color blocking and Aztec prints. For colors, it’s a blend of warm hues such as orange, red and yellow mixed with cool hues such as blue and green.

The summer collection is already out in Solo stores nationwide! Make sure to check it out and have a fashionable, fun-tastic summer!

For more information, visit Connect with Solo thru Facebook and follow on Twitter and Instagram @MySoloOnline. Watch out for the next Solo Online Model Search this coming August! xx

Ilocos Day 2: Bangui Windmills and Cape Bojeador

We drove to our next destination after visiting Patapat Viaduct. This particular place is one of the reasons why I'm excited to explore Ilocos. Woot! The Bangui Windmills! ♥ If before, I only see these windmills in pictures and videos, now I was able to set eyes on them live!

Bangui has 23 enormous windmills all in all. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think these windmills are the first source of clean energy that was made known in the Philippines. They supply electricity to 40% of Ilocos Norte. :)

More windmills on this side!


You guys must visit the magnificent Bangui Windmills, too! Got so in love with the place that I took home a mini-windmill display with me! Haha!

Third stop for Day 02: Cape Bojeador

Cape Bojeador is also known as the Burgos Lighthouse, and it marks the northwestern-most point in Luzon. It serves as a welcoming beacon to the international ships that enter the Philippines from the north and lead them away from the rocky coast of Ilocos.

We went up and ventured this lighthouse. The caretaker told us that it's a good thing we came here during day time. WHY!! Haha so freaky! I think Trisha hears stories about Cape Bojeador and sees this in horror TV shows. Halfway through the staircase, di ko na keri tumuloy pa 'cause I'm afraid of heights. Yikes! But I swear it's a great place! :)

The battery life of my camera gave up on me in the middle of our lighthouse exploration so unfortunately, I won't be able to show you photos of me and my friends inside. :(

Blogging about Fort Ilocandia Golf and Country Club and Plaza del Norte next!! Stay tuned! xx

Ilocos Day 2: Patapat Viaduct + Outfit Post

We're down to the third leg of my travel posts about Ilocos! Hope you're enjoying this virtual tour so far. :) Our first stop for Day 02 was at Patapat Viaduct, a breathtaking bridge overlooking the West Philippine Sea. Sobra sobrang ganda dito. Almost got teary-eyed when I stepped out of our van. The view was extremely stunning and incredible, I don't think these photos can set justice to how beautiful Patapat Viaduct is. Sana mapuntahan niyo rin 'to! I can't put into words how amazing the experience was. The best grabe!

Side story: Locals taught us that if it is your first time to visit a particular place in Ilocos, you should say "Maykan, *your name*" (e.g. Maykan, Arnie) before leaving. "Maykan" is an Ilocano term for "halika" or "come over/let's go". So when I shout out "Maykan, Arnie", it means that I'm calling out my soul to come back to me. Baka maiwan eh! Hahaha!

AWWW ♥ Did I forget to say "Maykan, Arnie" at Patapat Viaduct?? I think I left my heart and soul there...

On me: top with tweed details courtesy of Romwe | fully-sequined shorts from Forever 21 | sunnies courtesy of Freeway

Even if summer's fast-approaching, tops like this one from Romwe can still allow you to sport tweeds. ;)

Forever 21 shorts! I was able to move around freely while wearing this. I also love how the sequins gave an oomph to my supposedly simple and dull outfit. See, no need to subtract style/fashion when it comes to dressing in comfort. It's in the littlest features, sometimes! :)

Di pa rin ako maka-get over sa ganda ng Patapat Viaduct! Definitely my favorite place in Ilocos! If in here I was able to catch sight of the West Philippine Sea, Pacific Ocean sa susunod, keri?? Haha!

I'm sure you've seen these two pretty girls in my previous posts already. Haha! Love you Jemcy and Trisha! ♥ They took all my outfit photos in Ilocos, by the way! ;)

Bangui Windmills, up next!!! xx

Freeway's Summer 2013 Swimsuit Collection

Time to bring out your sunnies and book those beach trips once again as summer is fast approaching! With the anticipation of everyone’s favorite season also comes the summer ritual every woman looks forward to: swimsuit shopping! Freeway gears up for this with the release of its Summer 2013 Swimsuit Collection.

This year, it’s all about defining a woman’s shape and silhouette as Freeway brings out lines, curves and cut outs as key highlights in their collection. The aim is to emphasize and bring out a sexier and more confident you. It is what summer is all about, after all. As for colors, Freeway’s summer collection boasts bold colors such as red, orange, purple and teal, matching the vibrant and colorful feel of summer.

Freeway not only focuses on the design, they also pay attention on how it will enhance and outline the body with its sporty silhouettes. With its range of monokinis, bikinis and separates, you’ll be looking fab and sexy while leading an active summer lifestyle.

Apart from swimwear, Freeway also offers trendy summer pieces such as cover-ups, dresses, tops and bottoms, ideal for creating that fresh and fun vibe. Whether you’re sunbathing on the beach or having a bbq party with your friends, Freeway’s summer pieces is sure to make you an instant trend-setter. Make sure to catch the release of the Summer 2013 Swimsuit Collection this March at Freeway stores nationwide!

Visit Freeway's website here to view the entire collection. Like them on Facebook, too, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram @FreewayOnline.

Ilocos Day 1.5: Pagudpud

After touring around Laoag City, we headed back to our lodge to have lunch and rest. For the first time, I was able to taste Ilocos' famous and mouthwatering dishes like Igado, Poki-poki, Crispy Dinuguan and Tinuno! Ahhh yummy!! ♥ Later that day, we continued with the tour and our destination was Pagudpud.

Rainbow!!! ♥ Oh, Pagudpud. Is this your way of welcoming your tourists? Natunaw puso ko! Hahaha! :')

Check out these gorgeous unedited sunset photos that I was able to take at Pagudpud. I was in awe the entire time, thanking the Lord that I was able to see His beautiful creations. More to come pa! :)

We had beers and cocktails, grilled food, built a tent at the beach and slept there. Sarap nung may hampas ng alon effect! Although we were quite anxious that our tent might dash away with the vast water, keri pa rin! Hahaha!

Taken around 6 in the morning. So thrilled and excited for everything that's going to happen in the coming hours. Can you see the windmills in the other coast? ;)

Hello from the newly-fetched fishes! Hahaha!

On me: shirt courtesy of Nick Automatic | Adidas jacket (old) | Mango shorts

Absolutely in love with this Nick Automatic top! No wonder why everyone's raving about the brand! Hugs and thanks to Niche for this! ♥

HAHAHA Epic fail! I was trying to act as if I was holding the windmill. Lol

Much better?? :p

With my girls Trisha and Jemcy. Without them, this trip wouldn't be this fun and memorable!

Shmexyyy shadows! :p

We prepared ourselves for day two afterwards. Patapat Viaduct, Bangui Windmills, Cape Bojeador, and a whole lot more up next!! xx