Raid My Bag: College Girl

My readers have been sending me emails/messages about doing a "What's In My Bag" post for quite some time now. And since you're all spoiled and dear to me, I finally gave in! :) Today I'll be showing you the things that I bring with me whenever I go to school. The bag that you're about to see here is from SM Parisian. I love this bag in particular because it's simple and feminine (it looks beautiful without going over the top), plus it has the perfect size to fit all my stuff - very appropriate for college girls like me! :)

Here's what I have inside right now:

Hello Kitty overload ♥ My best friend's mom who resides at Japan sent me these cute but extremely useful Sanrio items. They certainly know how much I love Hello Kitty! Thanks tita and Gia!! :p Okay, so I have those two pouches and they contain my makeup touch-up essentials (you'll see them later on), tissues (my OC-ness tends to breeze in and I want everything clean) and then these charming plasters (in case I'll have boo-boo's).

Inside the large rectangular pouch: Marionnaud N32 slanted blusher brush, Revlon PhotoReady powder foundation, blusher, inhaler (haha, didn't I mention before that I have asthma?)

The smaller pouch holds my lip balm, glosses and lipsticks. I carry all these with me because sometimes, I go straight to events right after my classes. Bilang I only have little time to prepare for ganaps, change lipstick na lang tapos keri na!

However, these are the lippies that I use in school: ForMe lip balm, Wet n Wild lipstick courtesy of Belle Demoiselle Manila, Laura Mercier lip gloss, Nerds lip balm from Joy

I also have a cologne spray in Cospink courtesy of Lolita (it's my favorite, haha) and this creme to keep my skin healthy and hydrated courtesy of Nivea Philippines.

Pen, Black Starbucks 2013 planner (gift that I got from Charls), forget-me-nots notepad courtesy of PaPillo Stationers. I need all these to jot down my crazy schedule!

Wallet, coin purse and card holder

Alright, there you go! You finally raided my bag! Haha! I hope you enjoyed this post and I'd love to know what you think! I'll surely do this again next time! ;)


Aien Bernal said...

bebi we have the same bag! LOL. like mami like bebi. :*

Aien Bernal said...

we have the same bag bebi!! LOL

jawsmayobanico said...

Hello Kitty >.<

Unknown said...

ang cute ng plasters!
i never seen one in hello kitty XD
meron akong hellokitty card holder! haha pinagyabang talaga! jk!
nakabili ako nun nung may nakita akong hellokitty stall sa mall near the baclaran church :)
baka gusto mo lang :)

RaeAbigael said...

ang ayos ng bag mo ate arnie! haha :)

Rae :3
Raellarina - The Ballerina on Fire

Marie Castro said...

Cute orange pouch and wallet! :)


Marie Castro said...

Cute orange pouch and wallet! :)


Anonymous said...

Books and notebook/s?

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Mommy Aien, aww yay!! Haha yan ang "Like mother, like daughter" na ganap. Confirmed!! Miss you mami!

@Jaw, haha you like her, too? :D

@Jenny, hahaha super cute na ayaw ko gamitin as much as possible. :| Haha nanghihinayang ako :-S OMGGG card holder! Huhu will have to search for something like that, too. Haha thanks for the idea, my dear! :)

@Rae, weee seryoso?? Haha salamat dear!!

@Marie, got the orange pouch from The Ramp last year! :) Thank you sweetheart!!

@Anonymous, haha! I use my forget-me-nots notepad and planner for my notes, and books naman we don't have any na 'coz puro handouts and focusing on thesis na :-S

Chyrel Gomez said...

We have the same inhaler! :P

AVA TE-ZABAT♥ said...

love the cute card holder! i have yet to do the same post!

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Chyrel, haha OMG you have asthma din :-S Apir! =))

@Ava, aww thanks babe! Haha I'll be waiting for that post! ♥

The QMB Corporation said...

fan ka rin ng mga hellO kitty!apir!:)mga beki ng hello kitty:)

Joan said...

Lovely outfit,
care to follow each other?

xoxo from Dubai,