SM Accessories' New Collection and Jewelry Sale

This February, SM Accessories launches its hottest collection and its biggest jewelry sale!

After the glitz and glamour of last season’s festivities, SM Accessories prepares for the delightful tropical season through its newest collection. From strong jewel colors, spring accessories take on a lighter shade with dainty details, pastels, nudes and neutrals. Soft, feminine hues shine through in the Ladies’ Blush Collection, while cream, beige and other natural colors lend an earthy feel to the Men’s Country Glam Collection.

Concurrently, SM Accessories is having a Jewelry Sale which starts at Feb. 1 up to Feb. 28, 2013! Come to the SM Department Store Jewelry Sale and enjoy up to 50% off on real diamonds, golds, silvers, and precious gems from brands F&C, the Jeweller, and Hearts & Arrows. Don't miss this chance to indulge and to own the finest real jewelry at super discounted prices! :)

Make sure to visit SM Accessories' Facebook page here and follow them on Twitter here for more information and updates!

Solo’s His & Hers Graphic Tee Design Competition

February smells like a TEE spirit! Show off your awesome graphic design talents through Solo’s first ever His & Hers Graphic Tees Design Competition.  In time for the love month, the challenge is to submit 2 designs of a His version & a Hers version graphic tee design for a chance at fame, fortune and bragging rights as winning designs will be produced by Solo, with the designers name credited, and will be sold in stores as part of its His & Hers Back to School Collection.

How to enter the competition?

♦ Create your art and have fun.
♦ Submit online.
♦ Spread the word and promote your awesome design.

All approved designs will be uploaded in Solo’s Facebook Page for voting. Online community votes and comments on your design to help Solo decide which design should win; voting is 20% of the criteria.

How to get ‘thumbs-up’ from Solo for your submission? Make sure your designs adhere to Solo’s image and consider print-ability. Submission is from February 1 to March 15, and voting period is from February 1 to March 31, 2013.  See full mechanics and download application form at

3 designers will emerge as Grand Winners at the end of the competition. Each winning artist will receive Php 15,000 cash and Php 10,000 worth of Solo Gift Certificates. Get ready for fame as the winning shirt designs will be featured in the next campaign photoshoot with Solo’s newest faces for 2013.

Learn more about Solo’s His & Hers Graphic Tees Design Competition in website, Facebook Page and Twitter @mySoloOnline.

A la Queen Bee

Sharing with you what I wore to the Flawless event followed by a coffee and dinner date with my blog sister, Ana, last Thursday. Have I mentioned before that Leighton Meester's one of my favorite fashion icons? You can just imagine how keen I was with her role as Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl especially with her looks in every episode! ♥ Her style is very classic, girly and polished. She's all about dresses and skirts, pops of color, and tailored pieces. No distressed or trashy looks. Peg ko talaga siya ever since! :)

That being said, here's a Blair Waldorf-inspired outfit (minus her signature bright-colored headband). I know Gossip Girl's over now, but that won't stop me from loving the Queen Bee's fashion sense! :p

On me: sheer inner wear courtesy of Mapleberry Boutique | blazer courtesy of Little Nook | SM Kids skirt | Filgiarina sequined pumps | necklace courtesy of Uncut Couture | watch courtesy of Freeway

While at the event, Sir Drew from Flawless complimented me for my skirt and asked me where I bought it. He got shocked when I told him that it's from SM Kids. :p During my birthday last year, Ana gave me SM Kids GCs because she noticed daw that I still buy clothes from the brand. Eto na nga sis! Hahaha! Really can't help it!

Closer view of my skirt! :)

Thank you so much to Freeway for this limited edition Botong Francisco watch!

Special guest for today's outfit post! Say hello to our blogger friend Marcelo! :) Plan na natin ang budget-friendly vacation with Ana soon! Hahaha!

Photos by Ana Gonzales
I'm overflowing with happiness and good vibes after our Thursday hangout! Thanks for everything, sis! So lucky to have you as my big sister! ♥

Anyway, do you love Blair's style, too? I'd like to know your thoughts! Have an amazing week ahead, everyone! xx

Jasmine Curtis-Smith is the Newest Face of Flawless

Took a break for a few days from blogging because schoolwork's been stressing me out big time (think: thesis and midterms)! I know I said last Sunday to post more often this week but I failed. Really sorry! :( But anyway, I'm finally back, so hello everyone! ♥

Attended the event of the country's leading clinic for face, body and medical services, Flawless, yesterday at Romulo Cafe Tomas Morato. Thank you so much to my blog sister Ana for inviting me here! :) Flawless introduced to us the newest addition to their growing roster of celebrity endorsers, also to headline their beauty campaign for 2013, Jasmine Curtis-Smith. This beautiful young actress was specifically handpicked by Flawless CEO, Rubby Sy, and she said that Jasmine epitomizes everything they want to convey to the public about their brand - young, vibrant, carefree, confident, beautiful and sexy.

They raffled off Flawless products to their guests while waiting for Jasmine. Swerte yata sa table namin, because Ana, Marcelo and I each won stem cell kits! Haha!

Paul was there, too, but he had to leave early because of his meeting. Photo grabbed from Ana's Instagram

Here comes Jasmine! :)

Jasmine is excited to play a role in the overall success scheme of Flawless at this time. While in the thick of her busy schedule (Jasmine is also a full time student), the pretty young lady reveals how she is able to manage her time well and still come out looking an A-lister, flawless from head to toe.

Get to know more about Jasmine's beauty secrets!

Personal style is a basic. "I am the basics kind of girl. I love to keep it simple as much as I can because not only am I afraid to commit fashion suicide. Nakaka-pressure also when everyone knows that I am the little sister of the ultimate fashionista in local showbiz."

Two-step beauty regimen. "I always cleanse my face and moisturize it when I wake up and before I go to bed. I love having a fresh and moisturized face."

No to loads of make up on. "I think make up is a tool used to enhance the beautiful features that each individual already has. I don't like it when girls cake on makeup to the point that their skin color is entirely changed. I think that lighter and more natural make up is better. A little bit of mascara never hurt anyone too!"

Wears make up only when she has to. "I usually only wear makeup when I go to an event, and it's usually just a bit of foundation, blush and mascara. If it's a big event I sometimes like to play around and add false eyelashes to make a "wow" eye statement. On a daily basis, the most makeup I would wear would be mascara, lip gloss and blush."

Get enough sleep. "Keep your face young, fresh and naturally moisturized by getting enough sleep everyday. It will keep the eyebags away, too."

Let your inner beauty shine. "While it is important to look good on the outside, I am a firm believer that real beauty shines from the inside. It is important to feel good about yourself so that the glow will emanate. Learn how to better yourself and be confident about who you are."

Loves getting facial regularly. "My favorite (skin) treatment would definitely be the facials. I'm not big on getting too much done for my face, but my daily regimen helps in keeping my skin healthy. I trust only one clinic to give me that best facial there is, (among other pampering services that they offer) - Flawless. I always feel fresh and lovely after my facials at Flawless."

To know more about Flawless' products and services, visit their website or like them on Facebook. You may also follow them at Twitter or visit a Flawless clinic near you.

Cutouts, Anyone?

Hello everyone! Namiss ko 'to! :) I've been very occupied by thesis and other schoolwork, and that explains why I didn't have too much posts these past few days. I'll try my best to update better this week, though! :)

Anyway, this is what I wore to a meeting at Cocoon Boutique Hotel and squeezed in dinner with my parents at Il Duello. It was my first time to visit this luxurious green hotel and I instantly fell in love with the place! Why green, by the way? It's because they highly consider Mother Nature in each of their in-hotel amenities, facilities, decors and more. I really like their idea of giving the best high living standards without taking anything away from the environment! I'm surely coming back and I'll give you a virtual tour around this interesting hotel soon. ♥

On me: floral dress with cutout details courtesy of Wardrobe Check | Parisian peep-toes | SM Accessories bag

Wardrobe Check sent me this beautiful dress months back but I only got to wear it this January. Thank you so much to Ms. Wini for her sweetness, generosity and patience! Haha! I had to let the holiday feasts end so I can start dieting again. :p I'm so happy that I'm slowly going back to shape! I'm now more determined to work out and achieve a beach-ready body! ;) 

Arm candies courtesy of Crave More. Thank you so much, Christine love!

I have a thing for peek-a-boo's, and I'm sure you're aware of that if you've been reading my blog for quite some time now. But since I still have a long deadly way to go before achieving abs, let me surprise you with back cutouts na lang muna! :p

Thanks to my gorgeous Mom for taking these outfit shots! :)

Happy happy birthday to my big sis in the blogging world, Ana Gonzales! Let's all greet her with warm hugs and kisses!! Have a great and stress-free week, everyone! xx

Why Shopping For Clothes Online Is the Trend of the Future

Taking time out of your life to shop for clothes is already inconvenient. When you have to take your kids shopping for new clothes, it throws a lot of new problems into the mix. You have to prepare them for an outing in which they probably do not want to take part. Furthermore, you have to deal with any unpleasant moments that may ensue when they are in the clothing store.

Fortunately, you can always turn to online sources for clothing and save yourself the headaches that come with shopping trips. In addition, you can spare your kids the hassle of going to a shopping outlet and even share the pleasure of using the computer together. Best of all, you can actually save money doing this.

Advantages of Clothes Shopping Online for Kids

dinosaur rawr shirt

Dinosaur T-Shirt from Zazzle

♦ You can avoid the inevitable scenes that happen when kids are unhappy about your clothing selections. Also, you can have the discussions about clothing options and choices in a more suitable environment than a store open to the public.

♦ With work, school and social lives, it can be hard to fit another trip in the car into your family's life. Shopping online relieves you of the need to pack everyone into the car again.

♦ The selections are actually greater. In a regular store, they are limited by floor space and inventory. This reduces the number of different brands and articles of clothing that the store can hold. They may even run out of stock and not have anything to show you. With digital storage online, you will never have to worry about not being able to see what you want.

♦ Some of the online vendors even incorporate special software into their websites that lets you change colors, sizes and perspectives as you view the clothing that interest you.

♦ The prices are excellent. Wholesale kids clothing prices are the standard online because the vendors do not have to pay for store locations and all the other things that accompany owning merchant locations. Instead, you get your clothing from massive storehouses that allow their owners to charge low prices.

♦ Do not worry about shipping and handling prices. You can get them erased as long as you buy enough merchandise.

♦ Getting to one Internet store is just as easy as getting to the next. A few clicks of the mouse and tapping a few keys on the keyboard will get you to your next destination. There is no need to spend money on gas as you search for the next bargain.

♦ All the trends and fashions are available. There is no need to worry about which store is allied with which brand. Online vendors want to sell to you and are not concerned about such issues.

You will find online clothes shopping addictive. It is easy, affordable and better than the usual experience. As long as you do not mind waiting for clothes to arrive in the mail, then you will get a better deal.

Giveaway Alert: MsDressy (CLOSED)

Prom season's just around the corner and that made me miss high school even more! I remember, back then, I was all excited and dreamy for prom! ♥ We had ours at Manila Hotel (third year) and Gazebo Royale (fourth year). 

So in line with that, one of my lovely blog sponsors, MsDressy, organized a wonderful giveaway collaboration with me! Whether you're attending a prom this year or planning to go to a special occasion, I'm sure you'll enjoy this treat! You can win an $80 gift voucher from MsDressy by following the simple mechanics below.

Here are some of my top picks from MsDressy! Bongga 'to because you'll be able to choose from their gorgeous designs or have yours customized, like this dress that I'm wearing in this post.


1. Make an account in MsDressy here.
2. Like MsDressy on Facebook here.
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4. Follow me on Twitter here
5. Tweet this: Win $80 gift voucher from @listentoarnie and MsDressy at
6. Leave a comment in this post with your full name and the email address that you registered in MsDressy.

This giveaway will run until January 31, 2013.

I will be reviewing all your entries so make sure to follow those steps so you'll qualify for this giveaway. We will be choosing the winners via

Goodluck everyone! xx

January 2013 Announcements

Keratase Paris Cristalliste, The Best-Kept Secret For Shiny Hair

KÉRASTASE PARIS, the “hair and scalp expert since 1964” unveils Cristalliste, the best-kept secret for hair that shines bright from roots to tips.

Hair that sparkles like crystal, weightless as light—the KÉRASTASE PARIS Cristalliste is enriched with the Liquid Light Complex, cleaning and purifying the hair’s roots, polishing the hair’s dry ends and enhancing its natural glow and shimmer. The result is hair that is feather-light and smooth, cascading down in a flowing manner, with luminous shimmer caused by the refraction of light from one hair fiber to the other.

KÉRASTASE PARIS Cristalliste’s Liquid Light Complex lends its magic to an entire range of products that bathes, treats and restages hair with a shiny, weightless finish:

BAIN CRISTAL Luminous Perfecting Shampoo
For fine and thick hair types: 250 ML - Php 1,200.00
Leaves hair clean, luminous and free-flowing
Ultra light consistency doesn’t weigh down hair
Cleans hair and gives its proper treatment
Adds noticeable shimmer to the hair
Hair is a breeze to detangle
Suitable for fine and thick hair types

LAIT CRISTAL Luminous Perfecting Conditioner
For dry lengths or ends: 200ML - Php 1,693.00
Equipped with natural moisturizing action
Gel-like consistency feels light to the touch
Hair feels soft, smooth and weightlessly light
Silky hair is left fresh and fluid
Hair is a breeze to detangle
Suitable for fine and thick hair types

LUMIERE LIQUIDE Luminous Perfecting Essence
For dry lengths or ends: 50ML - Php 1,300.00
Multi-luminous micro-particles & smoothing agents suspended in an ultrafine evanescent fluid 
Ideal caring dosage 
Ultra-luminous glow finish 
Intense reflection without any greasy effect 
Fresh & airy touch 
Pure, fluid, defined hair

To avail of the new CRISTALLISTE line, visit your nearest Kérastase Paris salon. For more information, visit the official Kérastase Paris website at or call the KérastaseParis hotline at (02) 672-7200.

TDK x Child Haus: Gangnam Boom Style!

Gotta get that BOOM BOOM BOOM with Child Haus Gangnam style! TDK teaches us how to initiate an effective flash mob and at the same time bring happiness into the lives of people!

To kick off 2013, TDK Philippines brought out and paraded all their boomboxes to make some noise and support the kids of Child Haus for a day of entertainment, dancing, and ultimate fun. With the help and push of celebrities/personalities, like Karylle, Divine Lee, Iza Calzado, among others, TDK hopes that they were able to make the Child Haus kids feel loved.

So here's to start the year right! Upgrading music with a TDK boombox has never been as fun and meaningful! Needless to say, a project like this indeed makes life worth recording.

Check out both versions of the video below:

Don't forget to follow these TDK accounts (Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) for more updates and information! #GangnamBoomStyle #ChildHausFlashMob

1st Whitening Body Serum from NIVEA

Nivea, helming the world's best line-up of whitening products, is introducing Philippines' first and only intensive whitening and repair serum for the body called the NIVEA UV Whitening Serum!

This is NIVEA’s first foray in introducing serum to the Philippine market, in its pursuit to provide more long-lasting whitening products that do not only stop at whitening, but persist to create a healthier, more vibrant skin tone that lasts. The NIVEA UV Whitening Serum contains real Vitamin C, nature extracts, UV filters and Hydra IQ that ensure whiter, healthier, more even-toned and moisturized skin within just 14 days, with results that visibly last.

Below are 11 benefits found in just one product:

1. Advanced UVA & UVB cell protection with SPF25 and PA++
2. Nourishes sun damaged skin
3. Enriched with Licorice for fairer skin tone
4. Enhances and supports the skin renewal process
5. Infused with Hydra IQ and Red Seaweed
6. Enriched with natural Vitamin C from Camu Camu
7. Enriched with 95% anti-oxidant pure Vitamin C derivative
8. Light and non-sticky texture
9. Gives more radiant and fairer skin tone all over the body
10. Gives smooth and even skin tone all over the body
11. Skin compatibility is dermatologically approved

The new NIVEA UV Whitening Serum is currently available in all Watsons branches. It conveniently comes in 200ml tubes for only SRP 219.00.

For more information and updates, check out these sites:

Bo's Coffee's Digital Photo Contest (My Sinulog Getaway)

To enjoy this year's Sinulog festivities, Bo's Coffee is having a digital photo contest and you can win round trip tickets for two to Bohol, with an accommodation at Bellevue Hotel. This year, the Philippines' homegrown coffee shop encourages Sinulog 2013 participants to share their best Sinulog 2013 photos.

How to Join:

1. Like the Bo's Coffee Facebook page here.

2. Upload a picture of your best Sinulog 2013 Getaway, and tag Bo's Coffee on the photo.

3. The photo must be taken with the participants holding any Bo's Coffee beverage, at one of the Sinulog 2013 Cebu activities (ie. Cebu Marathon, Grand Parade, Photo Contest, Short Film Festival, Fireworks Display, Choral Competition, Sto. Nino de Cebu Parish Mass, etc.). You may refer to this link for a full list of Sinulog 2013 activities.

4. Write a caption on the photo, which answers this equation: “Sinulog 2013 + Bo's Coffee =”. Photo caption must be in one to three sentences only. Only one promo entry will be allowed per person.

Bo's Coffee will announce the Top 20 entries on February 1, 2013 at 6PM! The top 20 Sinulog photo entries will each receive P800 worth of gift certificates from Bo's Coffee.

Here are the prizes for the top 3 winners:

1st Place
Two round trip tickets to Bohol with accommodation at the Bellevue Hotel
P5,000 worth of GCs
Bo’s Coffee Planner 2013
Limited Edition Mug
Any Bo’s Coffee Grande drink

2nd Place
P3,000 worth of GCs
2 Coffee Beans (250g) of your choice
Any Bo’s Coffee Grande drink

3rd Place
P2,000 worth of GCs
1 Limited Edition Mug
Any Bo’s Coffee Grande drink

Check out this link for more information regarding this contest! Goodluck guys!

Denim On Denim

I must admit that I rarely wear jeans as I prefer skirts and dresses. You surely know how humid it is in our country so, for me, wearing anything tight-fitting will make you feel uncomfortable. It'll be impossible for us to throw away our jeans, though, because it's everyone's classic go-to staple. It's so easy and mindless to wear and you can style it in different ways. Whether they're those vintage flare jeans or trendy bright skinnies, you just have to choose a pair that'll greatly fit and flatter your body/shape. ;)

On me: denim corset courtesy of ROMWE | jeans from Next Jeans Philippines | Aldo accessories | sunnies courtesy of Freeway Clothing | peep-toes from Parisian

You guys may have noticed that I've been sporting casual looks lately. My schedule's becoming so hectic especially that we're nearing graduation, and that means burying myself in thesis work and other school-related matters. I seriously want all these to be over!! :( Konting tiis na lang!

I absolutely love these cat-eye sunnies from Freeway! ♥ Been overusing it, actually! Make sure to check out their stores 'cause they have lots of stylish and affordable sunglasses!

Denim corset courtesy of ROMWE

Charls got me these Aldo accessories for Christmas! Yay! Thank you, Charlsy!!! :)

Denim jeans from Next Jeans Philippines

Photos from Charls Uytanlet

Happy Sunday, loveys! xx

Raid My Bag: College Girl

My readers have been sending me emails/messages about doing a "What's In My Bag" post for quite some time now. And since you're all spoiled and dear to me, I finally gave in! :) Today I'll be showing you the things that I bring with me whenever I go to school. The bag that you're about to see here is from SM Parisian. I love this bag in particular because it's simple and feminine (it looks beautiful without going over the top), plus it has the perfect size to fit all my stuff - very appropriate for college girls like me! :)

Here's what I have inside right now:

Hello Kitty overload ♥ My best friend's mom who resides at Japan sent me these cute but extremely useful Sanrio items. They certainly know how much I love Hello Kitty! Thanks tita and Gia!! :p Okay, so I have those two pouches and they contain my makeup touch-up essentials (you'll see them later on), tissues (my OC-ness tends to breeze in and I want everything clean) and then these charming plasters (in case I'll have boo-boo's).

Inside the large rectangular pouch: Marionnaud N32 slanted blusher brush, Revlon PhotoReady powder foundation, blusher, inhaler (haha, didn't I mention before that I have asthma?)

The smaller pouch holds my lip balm, glosses and lipsticks. I carry all these with me because sometimes, I go straight to events right after my classes. Bilang I only have little time to prepare for ganaps, change lipstick na lang tapos keri na!

However, these are the lippies that I use in school: ForMe lip balm, Wet n Wild lipstick courtesy of Belle Demoiselle Manila, Laura Mercier lip gloss, Nerds lip balm from Joy

I also have a cologne spray in Cospink courtesy of Lolita (it's my favorite, haha) and this creme to keep my skin healthy and hydrated courtesy of Nivea Philippines.

Pen, Black Starbucks 2013 planner (gift that I got from Charls), forget-me-nots notepad courtesy of PaPillo Stationers. I need all these to jot down my crazy schedule!

Wallet, coin purse and card holder

Alright, there you go! You finally raided my bag! Haha! I hope you enjoyed this post and I'd love to know what you think! I'll surely do this again next time! ;)