Memoirs From My 20th

Realized that I wasn't able to share to you what happened during my 20th birthday yet so here's a short photo diary for you guys! :)

Photos from Ana Gonzales

Had a shoot for Miss Sixty that day with Ana, and while we were pulling out clothes from their store at Robinson's Ermita, Januel and Ed (marketing professionals of Miss Sixty/Energie Jeans) surprised me with a cake! ♥ Awww thank you guys!! Sobrang sweet niyo talaga!

Bonding with Ana at Coffee Bean after the shoot! She handed me her very cute (and useful, lol) gift!

Can anyone of you guess what's inside? Hahaha! Thank you so much for this, Ana! Super thoughtful. :') I always appreciate our kwentuhan and time together. Palaging fun and makulit, plus comfortable pa to tell her stories even about my personal life. Thank God for good friends! Blog sisters forever - something that I'll cherish 24/7! ♥

Spent two straight nights at PINO Restaurant (first was during our night out/my birthday eve with my blogger sweethearts which I blogged about here) but this time, with my parents naman.

Post-birthday celebration the next night at Pan De Amerikana. You should definitely visit this restaurant, guys! I got so fascinated with their cool concept - everything's inverted!

Let's enumerate the inverted items we'll see, game?

Inverted Santa Claus, bicycle, flower displays, sign boards

Inverted car (cuteness overload!!!)

It was fun looking at all these vintage photos of celebrities!

Look  up!! Check out all those things in the ceiling! OMGGG

Sadly, I wasn't able to take photos of the meals we had at Pan De Amerikana. We were that hungry. Hahaha! But I assure you that they all taste delicious (especially liempo and bicol express)! Can't wait to go back here soon! Thank you, of course, to the sweetest and handsomest guy on earth, for taking me here! :)

Non-stop thanks and hugs to everyone who took their time to greet me and gave me gifts during my birthday, I appreciate each of you so much! ♥ And of course, to God Almighty for giving me another year of life! Cheers to an amazing 20th! 


Hershey Neri ♕ said...

Looks like you had a whole lotta fun!
Happy birthday again! Mwah!


A N A G O N said...

so happy to be part of your birthday this year, big sakin pag ganun lalo sa friends ko :) Love you and to more kwentuhans a! ikaw na isa sa REAL na nakilala ko :) Mwah!

Chyrel Gomez said...

I really love surprises on birthdays. <3

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Hershey, I really did!! :) Haha thank you so much again, dear >:D< Mwa!

@Ana, awww oo naman sis napakalaking part! ♥ From birthday eve hanggang gabi talaga ng Dec. 7 andun ka :D LOVE YOU!! Haha katuwa naman sis, salamat for appreciating!

@Chyrel, me too!!! ♥ Never fails!!

Unknown said...

belated happy birthday arnie! love that pan de amerikana interior, must visit that place soon!