ForMe Store Visit

Right after the Oxygen Pop of Colors party and launch last Saturday, Sir Jeff Bascon (the very generous and humble brand director of Oxygen and ForMe) directed and welcomed us to the boutique of ForMe Clothing.

ForMe is a brand that is designed with the goal of making fabulous women look even more fabulous. They believe that each of us has our own assets to flaunt, and ForMe's part is to actually make clothes and accessories that will flatter your body, shape and style.

These are some of my favorite items from the ForMe:

If you've been reading my blog for quite some time already, then perhaps you know that I really have a thing for sheer pieces and florals. ♥

They also have affordable beauty and skin care products!

Can you guess the items that I picked from ForMe? :)

Thank you so much to ForMe Clothing and Sir Jeff Bascon for having us!! xx

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