What's Next

A week ago, my blockmates and I were required to do our CVs and application letters for our mock interview in one of our classes. We had to assume that we've already graduated. For hours, I remember I was staring blankly at my application letter. I felt so confused while I was working out on it because honestly, I haven't made any concrete plans for my future yet. All I know is that I want to travel the world, change and improve a lot of things about the Philippines (it's frustrating that we live in a beautiful country yet it's being put to waste), be a tourism ambassador, continue blogging, get involved in the fashion industry and organize and manage events. Hahaha biglang layo diba? In the documents that I submitted to my professor, I ended up applying for a tourism-related job but, really, I'm still torn up to now. Soon I'll have to focus and decide on what I really want to do with my life and career. Bonggang soul searching dapat ito!

One huge anyway... this is what I wore to the Araneta Dress Me Up event last week. I knew that we'd do pullouts and styling the whole day so I slipped on my trusty Cotton On flats and just changed to pumps for the evening fashion show.

Peplum dress with lace sleeves courtesy of OASAP. You can buy this dress here.

Thank you so much to my blog sister Ana Gonzales for taking these outfit photos! Love you sis! ♥

I've read this quote somewhere and I'll definitely keep this in mind:

"Confusion or no confusion, you will continue breathing and you're gonna be just fine."

Is it normal or okay if I still have no clue on what I really want to do once I step out into the real world? What did you do after college? Enlighten me please! Hahaha! Have a great week ahead, loveys! xx


AVA TE-ZABAT♥ said...

definitely a pretty dress. :) I think you'll do great after college!

The Mommy Roves said...

ganda ng twinnie ko <3 AMISHU!!

Bianca Sing said...

Pretttttty <3

Do what makes you happy :) What you think can make you a better person and make the world better <3


Aya said...

That's normal, I guess. Ako I've graduated a couple of years ago pa pero still not sure what I really want to do. Good luck, Arnie :))) I'm sure you'll do well in whatever it is you choose to do :)

Ice Goddhez Blog said...

Love that dress :)


RaeAbigael said...

sobrang ganda ng dress mo ate arnie!! you look soooo pretty and lovely! :">

Rae :3

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Ava, weee thank you so much for appreciating, babe! Haha I'm hoping for that! ♥

@Rovie, miss you more!!! Twins are so clingy ♥

@Bianca, baaabe hihi thank you!! Awww I will! Thank you for those kind words. :">

@Aya, hahaha OMG! Might go through a phase like yours din siguro. We'll never know talaga! Thank you Aya dear >:D<

@Chai, thank you so much!!

@Rae, awww haha thank you so much for loving my dress!! You're always sweet my dear :-*

Gellie Abogado said...

I remember before graduation I was so sure of what I wanted of what I will be pursuing as a career but come after graduation, I landed on a job I didn't like. LOL. Glad, at least, that my 2nd and 3rd (present job) was just pure awesome. Try out things, don't be afraid. Thinking alone won't help you decide. Just a tip. Haha!

Oh, and I love your peplum dress. I've always wanted to try wearing one. :)

Ysh ♥ said...

I think it's normal to be clueless about what you really want to do after graduating! I had a life plan before college, but when I graduated, I couldn't seem to follow that plan. I was so lost! Haha! I still kind of am, but I'm getting there.

As for you, I'm sure you'll do well. If fashion and events are what you truly want, I'm sure you'll be really good at it. You already are. Just look at your blog and the events you go to. :)

Good luck! Black hair suits you.

Lily Fang said...

Love these pretty photos and your lovely dress. Your header is great--did you design it?

A N A G O N said...

ANG GALING GALING!!! Totally diff kwentos tayo sis but same title, ang galing galing naaamaze padin ako hahaha! :) I am sure youll do just fine, kahit ako at 26 still confused with life so that quote is super timing for me... :) Hope we can talk about this minsan! ;) Mwah!

Unknown said...

You can never go wrong with a beautiful black dress. Totally digging this look! :)

-xoxo, FRANCES

Unknown said...

Check what types of jobs would fit your interests. Being a newbie in the real world allows you mistakes and chances for experiments, kaya go go go! :D Oh, and pray about it.


Arnie Villanueva said...

@Gellie, awww I really appreciate your tips!! Haha super thank you, Gel! Oo nga tama I won't be afraid to take chances. Sana maging okay lahat after graduation ♥ Thank you again, girl!!

@Ishna, hahaha! OMG Likewise!! I have a long list of things that I wanna do but I'm not sure where I'll land after I graduate. :| Haha what's your current job, dear? :) Awww thank you for all your kind words. I truly appreciate them!

@Lily, weee thank you so much!! ♥ My little cousin made my header. Hihi!

@Ana, hahahaha I KNOOOW!! Gulat din ako while I was browsing through my dashboard. What's Next din si Anaaa!!! Hahaha kaguley! Thank you sis! Oo I need your expert advice. Haha kayo eye-opener ko sa mga ganitong chenes! Mwa!! :-*

@Frances, absolutely! Thank you dear!! ♥ LBDs never fail!

@Abi, haha that's my mantra! Go go go! Thank you so much for those tips. I'm keeping them in mind talaga. :) PRAY!!! ♥

jawsmayobanico said...

pretty dress :)

Chyrel Gomez said...

a very pretty dress on a very pretty lady. you'll do well after college, for sure! =)