Bye Bye Brown

I'm not sure if I've mentioned here before that I dyed my hair black weeks ago. Our university has a strict dress code and of course, as students, we're all obliged to follow it even if it's heartbreaking. I really didn't want to post this set of photos here because I feel so awkward with my black hair color (it's actually brown for several years). But the dress that I'm wearing is so pretty not to show off plus I love my Mom and it's just hard to waste her sweet effort in taking these shots before the paPillo Fine Stationers event. Maybe I should better get used to this. I'm graduating in a few months, anyway! Teehee! :3

On me: dress courtesy of ARC PR and SM Kids | Queen Street Bags yellow satchel

Everyone got surprised when they knew that my dress was from SM Kids! Who would've thought that there are clothes like this in the kids' section? ;) I got so overwhelmed to see their collections. They're all very trendy, stylish and colorful! Expect me to wear more clothes from the brand in a couple of blog posts! Thank you so much, ARC!

"ARNIE" wire name necklace from Anagon Collection. Yes, again! Di ko matiis! Hahaha! I love how it can go perfectly with almost all my clothes. I could've worn a colorful bib necklace with this dress but ewan, mas pinili ko pa rin Anagon accessories! ;)

Cotton On Rubi flats | toenail polishes courtesy of Nisce Skin

Hope you're enjoying your week, loveys! xx


The QMB Corporation said...

it seems it wig Ms. Arnz,but still pretty!gonna miss your blonde hair..hihi

Arra said...

I bought a corset-type of spaghetti from SM kids way back 2008 hahah.pero hindi naman halatang pambata :)

Nicole Gallo said...

Bagay po sa'yo Ms. Arnie ang black curly hair. So pretty!

Gellie Abogado said...

Medyo nanibago nga ako sa black hair mo. Hehe. But, still, you look gorgeous and I love your flats :)

Pepz said...

Hi Arns, I also have clothes I purchased from kids section haha! :) I like your hair that black , suits you naman eh :) when I was still at PLM I never experienced that strict dress code humigpit na pala :/


Arnie Villanueva said...

@Ohms Emocling, I knooow :D<

@Arra, weee super ayos diba! :) Kids in this generation are so fasyooon!

@Nicole, haha awww you think so? Thank you so much ha!! ♥

@Gellie, ako rin sobra!! :( Haha but sana maka-dye na ako ulit ng brown. Teehee :3 Thank you Gel!

@Pepz, haha super kulit no!! Huhu super higpit na talaga. Heartbreaking </3 Konting tiis na lang! Hahaha!

Helen Blas said...

Your dress is sooo nice! I like shopping at the kids section too. :D