Araneta Dress Me Up 2

I'm finally blogging about the Araneta Dress Me Up Event 2! Woopee! I've been extremely busy because of events and school stuff these past few days, but now, my schedule's quite tolerable. :) So let's move on to the event kwento, shall we?

This is probably the first ever event that took up my entire day. Our call time was 9AM at Coffee Bean, then we headed to Gateway Suites at around 10AM. Detailed schedule below:

Hectic, diba? :p It was indeed an exciting day!

Participating bloggers (photo grabbed from Ana)

We stayed at a holding area inside Gateway Suites. There, they briefed us about the Dress Me Up event and all else that we needed to know.

We were given the chance to choose our styling partners. Of course, Rovie and I teamed up for it! Love you, twinny!

Time for pullouts!! First Store: GIRBAUD

Busy choosing pieces for our model! I almost forgot to mention this, by the way, we had to follow the Black Forest theme of Dairy Queen and a male model was assigned to us. Naloka kami, mas sanay and keri kami with female styling! Pero gora lang, extra challenge ito!

Second Store: MARKS & SPENCER

Third Store: PARFOIS

Parfois offers accessories for women, but since we only have 6 stops for the pullouts, avail na rin kami dito! Bilang limited resources lang, we tried our best to choose pieces that our male model can wear.

Fourth Store: PROMOD

Promod is also a women's fashion brand but we still grabbed some stuff that'll suit our model. Malay natin diba! Hahahaha!

Fifth Store: SEBAGO

Stylish shoes courtesy of Sebago!

Rovie and I decided not to proceed to Bayo, though. Thankfully, we got enough things for our styling stint already and baka wala lalong pieces for men in the store. We went back to our holding area instead, and a yummy lunch treat from Pizza Hut welcomed us in our table!

Right after eating, we sorted out the items that we pulled out and tried to mix-match them. We were required to come up with two layouts! :) The Araneta team informed us that our models were at the other room already and we can style them na for the photo shoot.

The very hands-on stylist, Pax! Haha hello to you and sis Ana! :)

Meet Sassan, our very tall and handsome model! :) He's really kind and outgoing, we even made chitchats in between styling and shoot. Side story: he asked where I live and I said along West Avenue, then he suddenly blurted out "Oh Mister Kabab!" So cute!! Hahaha

Here's his first look:

And his second look (which he wore during the fashion show, too):

We're so glad that Sassan appreciated the outfits that we styled for him! Yay!

Time for the fashion show and Dairy Queen's launch of their newest blizzard flavor, Black Forest! Guests started to arrive the venue at around 7PM.

Before the show with blog sisters Pax and Ana! Love you both! (photo grabbed from Pax's Instagram)

Sobrang favorite ko talaga 'to! Styled by Ana and Pax

Our model, Sassan! Na-goosebumps ako when I saw him strutting the runway wearing the items that Rovie and I styled. OMG!

Photo grabbed from Ana

We were asked to strut the runway with our models, too, and talk about the looks that we did for them.

Hi Pax and Ana!!

With Rovie and Sassan onstage. Grabe kaba ko dyan!

I also love Melai's work!! :)

Baliw-baliw with Pax and Ana while waiting for the announcement of winners. Lurks!! (photo grabbed from Ana)

Out of eight (8) looks, three (3) were chosen by the judges. Aaand I'm so thrilled to share that Rovie and I won second place!! We really didn't expect that, sobrang thank You, Lord! :) The team of Sai Montes won third place while sila Ana and Pax, bonggang first place!! Congratulations to us guys, as well as to our co-bloggers who joined this styling event! Galing niyo lahat!

Photo grabbed from Margaret Gomez

Uh... yes, twinny? Hahaha cute mo! Job well done and super thank you, partner!!

More group photos:

Photos grabbed from Ana

I love you!!! ♥ This wouldn't be fun and worth it without you guys!

Extending my warm hugs and thanks to the Araneta Center team for having us in the second leg of their Dress Me Up event! Cheers! :)


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Congratulations! :D I've tried na the Black Forest Blizzard. Looooved it! :)

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Congrats. Sassan looked great :)


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Good job ladies, love the mix n match!

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