Schu Weekend Workshop

Weeks ago, I received an invitation from ShopManila, Inc. to a weekend workshop about fashion PR and fashion writing. They also gave me the chance to bring with me one lucky blog reader (which I raffled off here) to the event but sadly, my winner wasn't able to come. No worries, though! The traffic that day was really insane! You have no idea how frustrating it was, but instead of stressing ourselves out, Rovie and I just decided to retouch our make-ups inside her car while waiting in Manila's long roads. :p

Anyway, we finally arrived at the Schu Factory Outlet and Mr. Tedrick Yau, PR & Events Manager of One Mega Group, was already in the middle of his talk. That time, he was speaking about "Photoshop issues" and how their team handles such kind of controversies.

Key points that I've learned from Mr. Tedrick: always be positive, honest and consistent. ;)

The Schu team prepared coffee (what I badly needed that moment, so thank goodness they have it, haha) and yummy snacks for everyone. Aside from munching on those during the break, we had the chance to go around the factory outlet! Here are some of my favorites inside the store.

Gorgeous pieces, right? It was so hard not to drool there! They've got products from Schu, Myth and Chocolate Schubar inside the outlet.

The next speaker was Ms. Sarah Santiago, Features Editor of MEGA Magazine. She gave advices about fashion writing and I'd like to share some of the things I've learned from Ms. Sarah. Might help you guys, too! :)

PASSION is the most important element in fashion writing. As in anything in life, you can't expect yourself to enjoy what you're doing if you're not passionate about it.

Of course, you have to be informed, too. Make sure you're knowledgeable about the top trends, brands, fashion's timeless wares and classic pieces.

You also got to have a critical eye or taste. Learn to style not just yourself, but more importantly, others. We wouldn't want to commit a fashion faux pas, right?

Proficiency in English is very important as well. Know your fashion terms, review your grammar and edit your work - a hundred times if needed.

Photo with Mr. Tedrick Yau

*Grabbed the next three photos from Rovie

Love you, Mommy Rovie!!! :)

My pretty seatmates and blog sisters Ana and Krissy

One of Raid My Closet's generous blog sponsors, Chaley Tiu of CESA Designs was also there. Always nice seeing you, darling! :) Can't wait for CESA Designs' showroom!

Thank you so much to Ms. Giacca of Schu and the ShopManila, Inc. team for having me in this intimate seminar! I learned a lot and had so much fun!! ♥

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