Schu Weekend Workshop: Fashion Blogging

Interest and love for fashion plus dedication - these are my answers whenever I get asked about how to become a fashion blogger. Raid My Closet started as my outlet for my free-flowing thoughts and a diary of my everyday wear. It never really crossed my mind that my humble space will go to places because that wasn't my main aim, but I'm extremely grateful to all the opportunities that came to my life with Raid My Closet's existence.

Anyway, weeks ago I got invited to another Schu Weekend Workshop. The second leg was about "How To Be A Fashion Blogger" with Shai Lagarde and Seph Cham (of Love Chic) as the guest speakers. It was fun, intimate and interactive! I enjoyed this workshop a lot! :) I'm sure you're excited to learn more about blogging, so without further ado, here are some of the tips given by Seph & Shai!

What does it take to be a blogger?
♦ Love for fashion

 Blog URL
  Pick a blog name that...
* You can relate to
* You can be defined by and associated with
* Has good recall and is branding-friendly
* Easy to remember and type

♦ Basic HTML/CSS knowledge
(for your Blog Layout)
  Pick a color scheme
    - Easy on the eyes
    - Readable fonts
    - Clean and organized
  Pick a theme
    - Ready-made vs. Custom theme
    - Learn basic CSS/HTML
    - Take advantage of widgets

 Decent writing and photography skills
♦ Knowledge of what looks good on you
♦ Imagination, creativity, resourcefulness
♦ Discipline and commitment
♦ Branding skills - marketing yourself
♦ A genuinely nice attitude

Boo! :( My camera wasn't cooperating with me during their talk so here's my only decent photo of Seph & Shai. They look sooo good together, right? *kilig*


* There are millions of fashion bloggers out there. What can you offer readers that nobody else can?
* Magazines, TV shows, celebrities, other bloggers all offer style insights. What insights can they gain from your blog?
* How to have stand-out style but at the same time, still be on trend?


  Be marketable
  - Focus on quality and originality above all
  - Content is king - be consistent, write well, tell stories through your photos
  Be visible
  - Attend fashion events
  - Mingle and interact with other bloggers, attend talks, bazaars, etc.
  - Read local magazines and blogs


♦ Be nice to everyone.
♦ Post consistently (and with good quality).
♦ Think before you type/click. Less talk, less mistake.
♦ Keep updated with the freshest trends (through research).

Seph & Shai are really successful, no wonder with that! Aside from their great fashion sense, I love them because they're so kind and down-to-earth!

With Shai. She was sick that day but still so pretty! *_*

With Seph this time! I feel so small beside you!! Hahaha! Kabab soon okay!!! :p

Paul, me and Ana! I missed you guys!! ♥

Taken from Rovie's Instagram. Love you, mommy dear!

Hope I was able to take you to the workshop through those tips and photos! :) Thank you so much to Ms. Giacca and the ShopManila, Inc. team for having us again! xx


Aya said...

Genuinely nice attitude FTW :D I like your dress here, Arnie! :)

AVA TE-ZABAT♥ said...

fun!:) i love learning stuff about blogging :)

The Mommy Roves said...

so nice to see you there baby girl! ganda mo always mana sa mommy <3

The Bargain Doll

Ysh ♥ said...

I'm sure this will be a great help to those who wants to start blogging or new to blogging!

I love bloggers who take time to really read the blog entry, not just commenting based on the photos.

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Aya, one of my favorite "lessons" from their talk! :) Everyone should have it! ♥ Thanks girl!!

@Ava, same!! :) Always nice to know new things and get reminded of the ones na we tend to forget. :)

@Rovie, lamoyan mommy!! Salamat for the ride after the event!! Ganda mo mana ako sayo ♥ HAHA!