Redhead Model Search 2012 Winners PressCon

Seems just like yesterday when I first received a call from the SM Girls Teens Wear team! I remember I immediately said yes, without second thoughts, to Sir Carlo Mendoza when he asked me if I was game to be one of the ambassadors for SM GTW Redhead Model Search. From our first meeting, contract signing, mall tour, and Candy Fair - the amazing team behind SM GTW has given me so much opportunities and I will forever be grateful to them for all these. Surreal experience and journey with them! ♥

Anyway, this year's Redhead Model Search finally wrapped up and a press conference was held at SM's head office last October 4 for the announcement of the 3 winners.

Imagine a young girl's dream coming true in a spectacular fashion.

From over two thousand contestants that joined, only a lucky thirteen emerged and were chosen to carry on their quest for fashion model status. To prove their worth, the top 13 contestants underwent a training series of lectures and challenges prepared by the Masters School for Models. The training aimed to educate the top 13 as industry experts shared their knowledge on modelling, posing, ramping and make-up.

Ultimately, the challenges separated the stars from the aspirants and the top three winners were determined based on their performance during the challenges as well as the public's vote. 

Nina Villanueva 

Kimberly Joy Tolentino

Sirene Sutton

These ladies passed the challenges with flying colors! As part of their winnings, the three will each receive a one-year modeling contract from Elite Models, a cash prize and a Redhead clothing allowance.

The past Redhead Model winners, Emerald, Avonlea and Arielle really shone and embodied the spirit of the Redhead clothing brand; young, chic and fashionable. Now it's time for the next three to shine!

Congratulations Sirene, Nina and Kimberly!

Redhead is exclusively available at all Girls Teens' Wear Departments at SM Department Stores Nationwide.

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Ice Goddhez Blog said...

Wow! Congrats to them. :)

~Chai said...

We love SM Department Store! And we truly love the latest collection of SM Girl's Teens Wear! :) Congratulations to all winners! :))