Myrtle Sarrosa for Lolita

A good blogger friend of ours, known as Paul the PR Guy, has been keeping himself busy over the past month with the preparation of Lolita - a new fragrance line. Like Ana, I remember Paul sharing stories about getting Lolita's endorser, the photoshoot, and his plans for the big media launch. Hearing all those got me very excited!

PMP Communications and Beauty Elements Ventures Inc. (BEVi) finally unveiled Lolita and its endorser, PBB Teen's grand winner Myrtle Gail Sarrosa, last September 20 at 55 Events Place.

The venue was jam-packed with press people and special guests. The team behind this launch also prepared a buffet dinner for everyone. Sarap!! :)

Cupcakes overload! ♥

It was all pink and girly everywhere! I absolutely love the setup.

Along with 11 other bloggers, Bestie called me at the backstage and she told us that we'll do a little walk in the runway and join Myrtle in the opening/production number. Best in gulat and kaba 'cause we were so unprepared! See the second half of the mini fashion show in this video courtesy of OrangeMagTV!

Spot me and Tracy, hahahaha!

Photo from Yana dela Cruz (Thank you for this photo, dear!)

I personally think that Myrtle's the perfect endorser for Lolita. She's adorable, witty, and known for her many playful sides - cosplayer, SK president, actress, etc.

Q&A portion with Myrtle, host Janeena Chan and PMP Communication's CEO/Managing Director, Paul Chuapoco (na pwedeng-pwede rin pala mag-host, haha).

People went cray for Myrtle after the brief press conference.

With the night's doll, Myrtle Sarrosa. She's so sweet and humble! She even wished me luck at the backstage before the show. Congratulations, girl! ;)

Photos with my co-bloggers:

Grabbed from Ana

Photo from Pax

With Tracy

Grabbed from Rovie

Happy bloggers! :) Photo from Ms. Kira

With the forever creative director (even in our shoots), Bestie love!

Thank you and congratulations for your successful event, Paul! Happy anniversary to your blog, too! Weee!

Presenting the six (6) fun new Lolita spray colognes!

Rouge, Fantasy, Fairy, Cospink, Cali, Chick

The Lolita spray colognes (Php 96.00 each) are now available in Watsons, Mercury Drug and Robinsons Supermarket & Department Stores!

Which Lolita are you? Myrtle's favorite is the Cospink scent, and so far, I'm loving it, too! xx


Unknown said...

wnner yung best in gulat and kaba! but you did great! haha it was really fun and wagas ang lootbag!

The Mommy Roves said...

the best in same peg tayo forever! haha like mother like daughter :)

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