Can I Be Your Fairy?

Hello guys! Squeezing in a quick blog post before heading out for school! I know I still have a lot of backlogs to finish but unfortunately, my schedule (including thesis, feasibility studies, blogger events) turned so crazy and I only have little time to go online. I'll try my best to work on them later when I get home, though! :) Can't wait to share my experiences at Candy Fair 2012, Jessica Sanchez x Bench event, Rajo for Parisian and Milanos event plus tons of outfit posts!

For the meantime, let me show you two of my favorite photos taken by my legendary friend, Charls Uytanlet.

Hair and Makeup by Ann de Leon-Perez
Styling by Bestie Konisis

If I'll be a fairy one day, I would love to look like this! I can already imagine myself granting wishes of good people and spreading magic and love to everyone. ♥

My Dad made this his phone's wallpaper (even in his other gadgets) and he won't stop showing it to his workmates. It's annoying but cute. I love you, Daddy! :p

Told you this will be quick! ;) Hope you'll enjoy these snapshots!
What are you up to lately, loveys? xx


Chyrel Gomez said...

Love the shots! And I love the floral headband!

Cheska said...

Awwww so pretty! <3

RaeAbigael said...

you looks so pretty! :)) And cute naman ng daddy mo for doing that. hihi :))

A N A G O N said...

Gandara! :) And super cute naman ng dad moooo I love dads talaga! :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Chyrel, weee!! Super love the floral wreath, too. So dainty! ♥ Thanks girl!

@Cheska, awww thank you my dear!

@Rae, haha salamat girl!! :) I knooow. I love him for that!!

@Ana, yiii haha thank you sis!! :) Onga eh forever supportive sa atin. Apir!!

Aya said...

Hahaha ang sweet ng dad mo ah :) So pretty, Arnie! :D

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Aya, hahaha I know right!! :) So lucky to have Daddy-yo with me ♥ Thanks girl!!

Anonymous said...

Pretty as always:)

vanessa east said...

super pretttty, baby <333 at ang cute naman ng daddy mo <3 see you soooon!

lab lab,

vanessa east said...

super pretttty, baby <333 at ang cute naman ng daddy mo <3 see you soooon!

lab lab,

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Ann, all because of your magic!!! ♥ Hahaha love youuu!!

@Vanessa, mommehhh!!! >:D< Hahaha I know right! I love my parents. But are you still gonna adopt me? *_* Hahaha! Pretty cos I'm mana sayo. ;)