Sunshine After Days

Oh, how I missed posting my outfit shots! You probably know that the Philippines has gone through a heartbreaking monsoon rage, thousands of families got affected, and I just can't help but go out of my comfort zone and do what I can to help them. If you follow me on Twitter, you'll see that I've been out for three days with some blogger friends doing our parts on a relief operation at Moonleaf Maginhawa and Pino Restaurant. I'll share that one-of-a-kind experience here in my blog soon! :) 

For now, here's what I wore to the last leg of our relief operation and a night out at Mezza Norte (sans the pumps). This ensemble reminds me of how I would want to dress up when I become a mom someday - comfortable but still classy and stylish! :)

On me: denim top courtesy of SM Girls Teens Wear - True LoveSalvatore Ferragamo bag (my Mom's) | Muffin Clothing jeans | color-blocked pumps courtesy of Fashion AvenuePop Culture necklace

Well, hey there, Mr. Sun! I can finally put on these vintage shades again! Got this pair from one of my best buds in college, Kevin! Thanks dude! ;)

My Dad took all these photos, by the way, which explains why I have the next two poses below. Really can't say no to his cute suggestions! Love you, Daddy! :p

Watch courtesy of Bench/time

Let's have a blast this coming week, shall we? xx


Anonymous said...

Grabe I'm glad you guys are safe.. And tarush naman ng outfitey habang tumutulong!! Haha!! Stay safe. xx

Kath Rivera said...

Hi Arnie! I love the outfit lalo na yung heels :)


Etaduran said...

Ganda!! love the shoes :)


The Mommy Roves said...

ganda ng top mo baby girl <3 love the shoes!!!! :)

Rovie, The Bargain Doll

Megann Monday said...

OMG your shoes!!! Super love them :) It's such a bright look, with the colored jeans and shoes pero love it :) Sayang 'di ako naka-help dun sa north. 'Di ko alam how I could go eh, 'di ako sanay sa ganun kalayo na commute-an. Buti nalang may nahanap din ako dito sa south :)

♥ Megann of Style Surgery

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Honey, hahaha!! OMG last day na kasi yan and I have lakad afterwards. More more t-shirt jeans combo the first two helping days! HAHA! Thanks Honeyyy ♥ Hope you're safe there, too!

@Kath, thank you so much my dear!! :"> Really appreciate it!

@Etaduran, haha salamat!! :) Might overuse this pair. Uh-oh... :p

@Rovie, SM GTW yan Mommy eh! No wonder! :D Naks! HAHAHA! Thank youuu ♥

@Megann, LOOOVE!! I miss you!! Super thank you for appreciating this look. Means a lot! :) Haha it's okay. Buti na lang nga talaga may nahanap ka dyan sa South. :D Catch up soon ha? :)

Bianca Sing said...

Super nice outfit, Arnie <3 Loving the denim top!!! :)


thestyleflux said...

We have the same denim shirt, love it!

Kaye Awatin

Unknown said...

Love the outfit especially the red jeans. :)

vanessa east said...

hindi ako sanay na nakabalot ka pero gondoooora park pa rin, bebe. im happy you all are safe :)
ingats lagi ha..

yer mami banisa

AVA TE-ZABAT♥ said...

i love this! cute color of heels too!:)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Bianca, hi babe!! Thank you so much for dropping by and appreciating this outfit!! ♥ YAY hugs!! >:D<

@Kaye, I knooow haha!! SM GTW girls! ;) Love it dear!

@Adly, thank you so much! ♥ Red never fails!

@Vanessa, hahahaha lamoyan hubadera like mommy Van sometimes!! :p You too! Kelangan mo mag-ingat kasi you're gonna adopt me pa! Love you Banisa!!

@Ava, thank youuu love!! ♥ It's cute!!

JC Mercado said...

why you soooo pretty miss arnie?? very chic as always!


Shikina Mica Alca said...

nice outfit....!!! love the denim top! ♥♥♥

Arnie Villanueva said...

@JC, awww you're so sweet my dear! Thank you so muuuch! ♥

@Shikina, thank you Shiks!! :) I love it, too, coz you can either dress up or down with it! ♥