Nuat Thai Libis

I feel so honored to have been invited by Ms. Joanne Tan and Ms. Janine Go to try out the services of Nuat Thai Libis. Had the chance to visit the branch last August 14 and we were able to experience a heavenly authentic Thai massage and aroma therapy. Just in time since we badly needed to de-stress ourselves from demanding schoolwork! :)

So anyway, Nuat Thai Services Inc. (also called Nuat Thai Foot and Body Massage) emanated from Cebu City and started their operations last January 2005. Their services render relaxation and are given by 20th century modern workers. This unique Thai massage has a lot of benefits - its dry massage applies acupressure to our body, abates muscle aches and pains, anti-aging, improves blood circulation and relieves stress. Exactly we all long for, right?

Here's the reception area of Nuat Thai Libis. It may look simple and small, even I got deceived with the place, but when we went inside and explored the area, it's surprisingly huge and mesmerizing!

Photo via Nuat Thai Libis

Seemed like we stepped into a totally different world! Ms. Lyca gave us a tour around Nuat Thai Libis and we discovered that they have so many rooms (separate areas for body massage, shower, foot massage).

Now on to our delectable experience! The staff asked us to choose one from their three (3) different massage scents (green tea, lavander and eucalyptus). We opted for green tea!

Our therapists (Ms. Jonna and Sir Rodel) gave us slippers and led us to the foot wash area. I'd like to commend their courteousness. Bongga lang 'cause they gave us royalty treatment during our entire stay! ♥

They handed us shorts, too, and after changing, they took us to the Nuat Thai foot massage (1 hour service) area. Here pa lang, super sarap and relaxing na! 

Next, our therapists accompanied us to the massage rooms. We learned that they have two kinds of beds (elevated and not) intended for different purposes.

Beds on the floor for Thai massage services

Sample of an elevated bed

Another elevated bed but this time with a shower area for Swedish massage - this is where we stayed.

They gave us an extraordinary 2-hour aromatherapy massage, combination of Thai and Swedish massage, with herbal balls. It's honestly my first time to undergo a full body massage almost naked, medyo shocked at first and di sanay talaga, but my therapist made my experience so pleasant and not frightful. I almost fell asleep with this long and relaxing treatment! Yay!

They welcomed us back to the reception area with teas and our shoes! Cute!

Complaisant and friendly staff! Thank you so much for giving us a memorable stay in your branch! ♥

 I'd also like to thank Ms. Janine Go and Ms. Joanne Tan for giving us the chance to experience the wonderful services of Nuat Thai Libis! We'll surely come back again! :)

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Visit Nuat Thai Libis branch:
2nd Flr, 90 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. (Libis), across Shopwise and above RCBC and Allied Bank


Hershey Neri ♕ said...

Here I am procrastinating my school papers (that are due tomorrow, by the way)......

and CAN I JUST SAY that i am so darn jealous!! ugh I want a massage too!

I love this post, by the way. I will try this place out!

Thanks for sharing, ate arnie!


Aya said...

There's a branch that's just walking distance from our house. Nagpamassage na yung mom and sister ko, ako na lang hindi. Haha. I wanna try too :D

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Hershey, AWWW You're so sweet my dear! Thank you so much for appreciating this post. Definitely a must-try! Haha you should focus on your school papers now! Goodluck with that, Hershey! ♥ Thanks again!

@Aya, ooh! Haha why not!! :) Go try it here Aya! Super saraaap ♥ Felt like I was floating afterwards!