Emergency Hotlines and Relief Operations

Take note of these emergency hotline numbers and spread it. Let's help monitor everyone's situation and in case you know anyone who needs to be rescued, call on these organizations and let them know the exact address/location of the victims. Some are even setting up relief operations at the moment, so in the comfort of our own homes, I hope we can prepare extra blankets, food or anything that we can donate to the less fortunate.

Aside from praying for the Philippines, let's do our part (not only after this disaster but on a daily basis). We are not called stewards of God's creation for nothing. If we continue throwing trashes everywhere and refuse to take care of the environment, then we'll experience such kind of tragedy again in the near future. Di pa ba tayo natuto?

List of rescue and relief drives plus some flood safety tips:

PLUS: Bloggers United in partnership with Moonleaf Tea Shop will also do a relief drive starting August 8, 2012. We'll be accepting donations of any kind to benefit the flood victims. Feel free to drop by Moonleaf Maginhawa branch (107 Maginhawa St. Teacher's Village QC) and other selected branches.

We're also needing ready-to-eat food donations. Please feel free to email me at if you're interested to help.

This, too, shall pass. Hoping for everyone's safety. 

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