SM GTW: 1st Meeting

Got a call from SM Girls Teens Wear weeks ago and they asked me if I could be part of their new campaign (Redhead Model Search) as a blogger. I felt extremely overwhelmed and honored to receive this offer. It never really crossed my mind that I'll be working with a clothing line as big as SM GTW. Thank You, God!

Last July 23 (Monday), along with 5 other chosen bloggers and SM GTW heads, we held a meeting and contract signing at the SM Offices (located at Mall of Asia).

They gave us a brief and concise background about the brand, details about the Redhead Model Search (which I posted here) and the duties that we need to fulfill in this collaboration.

Blogger mode for Tin and Kaye

Hi, Mommy Rovie! :) Thanks for bringing me home safely that night! ♥

Contract signing time! It's officiaaaal!!! :p

Photo with co-bloggers for the SM GTW project (left to right), Rovie Divinagracia, Michelle Bugante, Carizza Chua, Kaye Awatin and Tin Iglesias.

SM GTW heads

We all headed to SM Mall of Asia right after the contract signing for a shopping spree! Woot!

Retail therapy!! Ahhh, I love everything in the GTW section! So happy with everything that I was able to take home. ♥

With our shopping carts! SM stays true with their tag line, "We've got it all for you", because they really do! :)

Lastly, we had dinner with the SM GTW team at Burgoo. Over delish and toothsome food and drinks, all of us shared stuff about fashion, blogging, personal life and many more!

Food coma!!!! (Yes, I had to use multiple exclamation points for emphasis.)

Thank you so much to Sir Carlo, Ms. Joey and the SM GTW heads for this wonderful opportunity! I still can't believe all these! *_*

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Unknown said...

hahaha congrats to us. it was fun! esp the shopping part XD this means we'll see each other more? hehe. Pagrab pics ;)


Denise said...

congratulations sister!:) bonggabels ka na tlga!:)

Denise said...

congratulations sister!:) bonggabels ka na tlga!:)

Mich of Mich Eats and Shops said...

It was nice meeting you Arnie!!! :D Hope to see you in future events :D

Arra said...

Yay! Congratulations Arnie!!! you deserve it!

Etaduran said...

Congratulations ate arnie! =)

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Arnie Villanueva said...

@Carizza, congratulations to us!! :) Haha yeah 'twas really fun, katuwa kayo! ♥ Yep, we'll see each other more soon! Go ahead, grab lang!

@Denise, hihi thank you so much sister!! Haha no bongga at all. Still the same Arnie :)

@Mich, awww nice to meet you, too, dear!! >:D< Hoping for that din. Wooot!

@Arra, thank you thank you dear!! ♥ Means a lot!

@Etaduran, hihi so sweet! Thanks girl! ♥

Paige Seven Bautista said...

Congratulations, Ms. Arnie!!! You deserve to be in this collab! I feel so happy for you :D

Rhea Bue (Styles&Writes) said...

I so envyyy you girlsss :( Sayang.. wasn't able to join you.. I'll be doing my sm gtw shopping alone this August :( maybe next time I can meet with you girls na. yey! <3 so pretty ladies! :D

Rhea Bue (Styles & Writes)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Paige, hi dear!! Awww super super thank you! This means so much to me. ♥ Glad to share this happiness with you :)

@Rhea, OMGGG!! Congratulations! You'll be part din pala of SM GTW babe! That's so cool. :D Goodluck and hope we'd see you soon! Catch uuup!! ;)

magbvilla said...

Wow. That's so amazing. Were you affiliated to them before? :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Angel, thank you so much!!! :) Also sooo amazed! ♥ Anyway, nope! Hihi first time to be with them (and work with them)!

Shopgirl Jen said...

Congrats, Arnie!! I'm happy for you! Yay for new opportunities like this! You deserve it!! :))




congratulations for this big oportunity =)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Mommy Jen, awww sobrang humbled with this experience po! Thank you so much po!! >:D<

@Iris, thanks a lot!! ♥ Still can't believe it happened! Hehe

The Mommy Roves said...

congrats to us!! i miss you na babe!!! <3 lets see each other soon!!