FPV: Bloggers Style Makeover Party

Went all the way down south, despite the very gloomy weather, for the Funky Plum Vintage's Bloggers Style Makeover Party last Saturday. A shuttle fetched us (Ava, Ana, Megann, Jacky and I) from Intercontinental Hotel and brought us to Pergola Mall, BF Homes, around 4 in the afternoon.

We were warmly welcomed by FPV's organizers and they gave us our stubs and name tags. They also prepared sumptuous meals for bloggers and guests. Yum! :)

Ms. Lexi Schulze of ANC hosted the event. Her whole outfit that night was from Funky Plum Vintage, btw!

In cooperation with Motives Cosmetics by Laura Ridinger and Glam Salon, a makeup demo was held, and they had three models, which included our two beautiful co-bloggers Angel and Keigh!

Fashion bloggers reprezzzent! :p Keigh and Angel strutting the runway with their FPV outfits! Hello pretty girls!! :)

There was also a fashion show, and the models were on their FPV ensembles, too. I'll show you some of my runway favorites!

Eyeing on this blue sheer top and pink jeans!

I died staring at this gold glittered blazer. *_* I heard Momma Sarah had it reserved right after seeing this at the show?? Fierce and fast, babe! Hahaha! ;)

The adorable kids of Ms. Sheila Amora were part of the fashion show, too!

And of course, events won't be this fun without my ever amazing and fashyon blogger friends! :)

Ava babe and Megann (great to finally meet you, girl!! ♥)

Photo taken before Kookie left. I love how effortlessly fierce and gorgeous yet down-to-earth this girl is. Idol!

Friendship Ana fresh with her braces!! :) Ganda mo, girl!

Pretties Pax and Sarah 

And Ms. Sheila Amora, the beautiful lady behind Funky Plum Vintage. Thank you so much for having us, Ms. Sheila! :) 

Visit Funky Plum Vintage's boutique at the 2nd Level of Pergola Mall, BF Homes, Paranaque City
Visit their Facebook account here.
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School Girl

Hello everyone! :) Another school year has ended but I'm not sure if I'll be fully enjoying my summer because I still have to complete our 300 hours airline internship. Wish me luck! :-S Anyway, I'll show you guys now what I wore during the Funky Plum Vintage event (which I'll blog about next) and Miko's high school graduation. 

The photos you're about to see were taken inside St. Mary's College, Quezon City. It is where I had 10 years of amazing and unforgettable experiences as a student, where I met my true friends that I've been keeping real close with me until now, and where I was molded to genuinely live the values of faith, excellence and service. Alam niyo yan, Marians! :p

On me: dress from K2Landmark red cover-up | pearl bracelets from Forever 21 | bag from Aldo | watch from Aldo

Last month, Sir Mark Siggaoat of Manels generously gave some bloggers and twitter followers GCs from the said shoe brand. Look what I got!! *_* Thank you so much, sir Mark! :)

My new wedges from Manels! It was so cute and comfortable, I even managed to stand and walk for long hours on these babies without even feeling hurt.

Share to me your favorite experiences as a high school student! I'd love to know. Hope you're having an awesome week, loveys! xx 

Nai Cha: Bloggers Preview Assembly

If you've been reading my blog (and tweets) for a little while, you know how addicted I am with milk teas. But don't get me wrong, I still love coffee! *_* So when my dearest co-blogger, Ava, gave us passes to the bloggers preview assembly of Nai Cha, I got really elated! I've been drinking on various tea shops already, so the thought of trying out something new is just so exciting!

Nai Cha first started selling its ice-blended milk tea with gummy jelly pearls for the first time in December 2010 from its main store located across Royal Duty Free mall. 

All of the products are prepared at the same high standards which have made Taiwanese tea drinks famous all over the world. The new luxury tea culture demands innovative and contemporary recipes, which brings the richest taste of our premium and gourmet teas.

Eyeing on their cute and colorful interiors!

The preview assembly was an intimate event, filled with different types of bloggers (food, lifestyle, fashion, etc.) They served us delicious dishes along with their top milk tea products.

Now on to their milk tea products! :)

I'm more of a pearl milk tea person, and Nai Cha's mix for this drink is just so different and yummy!

Wintermelon Naicha which I took home using my tea stub! If only there's a Nai Cha branch near my place, I'd go there everyday for this drink. Surprised how it tasted so different from my favorite Gong Cha WMT. 

As much as I wanted to eat and drink everything before me, my thin-spiration video's playing on the side. Aaaahhh Victoria's Secret Angels! ♥

The CEO of Nai Cha gave us a brief background about their shop. We also knew that they have secret ingredients completely imported from Taiwan! :) Interesting!

The happy food bloggers at work! *_*

With Nai Cha's CEO, Karmina, Jacky and Carmina

Won a Php 500 GC from LG2 Autostation because I was able to answer their trivia questions about Nai Cha! Fashion bloggers reprezzzent! Lol. Gave it to my Dad afterwards. :p

Bloggers with the awesome people behind Nai Cha Philippines! Thank you so much and congratulations to Nai Cha Philippines for this successful assembly! Thank you also to babe Ava for the event passes. Love you always, Ava!! :)

Like Nai Cha Philippines on Facebook for more updates here.
Visit Nai Cha's website here.

Floral Mullet

Saw this sheer floral mullet skirt at Iconique's booth during the Super Sale Bazaar and I had to buy it right away! It was definitely love at first sight! Wore this to the Bloggers Preview Assembly of Nai Cha (will blog about the event soon) last Saturday. Virtual hugs and kisses to Armi Fernandez for taking my outfit photos! Thanks love!! ;) And by the way, don't be surprised if you'll see me touching my hair for most shots, I'm running out of poses!! *_*

Trial shots of Armi. Worked with her and Jacky Moraleda for a shoot weeks ago and I'm really excited to share the outcome with you guys!! Watch out for that! :)

On me: sheer top from iCandy (available at The Ramp) | Iconique sheer mullet skirt | Filgiarina gold peep-toes | Butingtings anchor connector ring | The Bead Shop blogger cuff | Anagon gold cuff | The Ramp owl necklace

About to flaunt my mullet skirt!! :) The awkward waiting-for-hangin-effect look! Lol

I'm surely buying more mullet skirts of different colors and save them up for summer! :) How's the week treating you so far, loveys? Let me know! xx