Laura Mercier: Holiday 2011

I've always loved Laura Mercier products, and my Mom was actually the one who introduced me the brand for she's been a user of their foundation primer and body creme! This may sound cliche but really, our mothers know best! :p So anyway, when I got invited by THE Sarah Tirona (million thanks Sarah!!!) to an intimate event of Laura Mercier for their holiday collection launch, I immediately said yes!

The beauty event was held last November 23 at the East Cafe, Rustan's Makati. And quoting what my dearest friend Ava said in her blog post for this, indeed, "food and beauty is just awesome!" ♥ By the way, please forgive me for the low quality of some photos in this post. I failed to bring my cam with me since I came to this event all the way from school. :(

Excited for the workshop... and the food!! :p I suddenly remembered Dad 'cause he loves to eat here, too!

Sarah was our model for the workshop, and the make-up artist is none other than the very funny and adorable Qua! I tell you, we were laughing the whole time he was doing the demo! But of course, aside from entertaining us with his beki words, he also shared to us a lot of techniques regarding the application of make-up. I know you would want to maintain that flawless and healthy look from day to night! Laura Mercier will surely take care of our skin through their brand's line of cosmetics - foundation primer, tinted moisturizer, secret camouflage and concealer! 

Tasty treats from East Cafe while learning a lot from the workshop!

The photos you're about to see now are grabbed from my super friends Gie Uy and Ana Gonzales! Thank you for allowing me to post these in my blog!! Love you both to bits!

My favorite! I really want to have this snake-skin luxe color set! It's very handy and fashionable, I can bring this with me all the time!

Had another wonderful chance to bond with my blogger sisters (and table-mates) AvaGieKeighBelle and Angel!

My gorgeous seatmates Belle and Angel

We headed to the store of Laura Mercier right after the workshop to view more of their collections and explore more of Rustan's fragrance collections.

Drooling over these! O.O

Can you believe that these brands survived without commercial advertisements? Bongga!! Aside from their lovely and calming scents, the packaging is also fabulous!

Now I'm sharing to you some photos of me with my sisters after the event.

Friendship Ana Gonzales! Thank you again for allowing me to grab some photos from your Laura album! Love you girl!

Finally met Tracy Ayson! Hope to see you again, Tracy!!

Always happy to make chikahan with these girls - Pax, Gie and Belle! (Gie, you're the best, thank you for being so generous sa photos! Love you!)

Happy ladies! Photo from Bec. Thank you for tweeting this photo, girl! :)

Took home these lovely items! Thank you so much, Laura Mercier and Rustan's for all these! Also, to dear Sarah Tirona for inviting us! I learned a lot from this beauty event. xx

Can't wait to use these!!! :)  Visit Laura Mercier soon to purchase their holiday collection! You'll love everything there! *pinky promise*

How about you? What's your favorite make-up brand and why? I want to know!! Comment up, loveys! And please don't forget to join my giveaways! I still have something for you guys but for the mean time, enjoy and spread my...

Much love! xx

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