Green Piece

Blogging has always been my passion and I believe that I'll stick to this world in the coming years. What I love most about blogging is that I have all chances to share my thoughts and style to everyone, plus be in a wonderful community who gets together to cover events, take a lot of photos, or even just hang out, grab a meal and share stories. I know I've said before that I feel so kilig whenever people recognize my humble blog, because in the first place, this was just a haven of my free-flowing thoughts. So you could just imagine how ecstatic I am when lovely and generous shop owners started to sponsor in this blog, and how bumongga yung happiness level ko when I saw this...

A sweet note from one of our school newspaper's editor, Vberni Regalado, a magazine and our school newspaper.

When I entered the university last Wednesday (December 14), I bumped into students who were holding and reading the magazine, and I was like "Ano ba yung binabasa nila?" only to find this out:

Cover page of the first ever magazine released by our university, and I'm featured here!!  Yay! It's called Green Piece since the topics that revolve in this magazine is about the environment. You may wonder why on earth am I featured in this first volume. Continue reading (or scrolling) pretty please. *_*

Full-page article about me and my thoughts for green fashion! Thank you, Dad, for scanning this! Lol he uploaded these scans on his Facebook account right away! He's cute forever!

Here's a closer view of the article so you guys could read it!

Back part of the magazine which I truly love! 

Warmest hugs and shout out to Vberni Regalado and the rest of the AP staff! You guys are the best! Thank you so much for this, it's my pleasure and honor to be part of Green Piece's first volume! ♥

We can be both stewards of God's creation and fashion enthusiasts at the same time! And by the way, relief operations for the victims of typhoon Sendong are still on-going. Find out how you can help here.



Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Galing! HAHA

Shikina said...

sosyal! congrats arnie...nafeature ka na agad sa skul paper ah...nxt time nyan sa magazine at tv show na..!!

Arnie Villanueva said...

Yay thank you Shikina and anonymous!!! ☺

Gie said...

I LOVE THIS GIRL!!nicknme ko na sau BB. pamantasan!!:)))))) LIKELIKE!!!