WGSN: Fashion Trend Forecasting

You know how much fashion tickles my fancy, so when Kaye Awatin invited me to attend the fashion trend forecasting at the Raffles Design Institute with WGSN, I immediately RSVP-ed. (Thanks again, Kaye!! :D) But before I share to you some of the things I've learned from the forecasting, here's a brief background about the WGSN.

WGSN is the leading online trend-analysis and research service providing creative and business intelligence for the apparel, style, design and retail industries.

Launched in 1998, WGSN has expanded its operations worldwide and now has regional offices throughout Europe, Asia, South America and the United States - in both New York City and Los Angeles.

WGSN is dedicated to providing its clients with the most all-encompassing connection to style. Staying ahead and tracking the style curve is what defines WGSN.

So now on to my "fashion student" for a day experience! I arrived late at the institute (the traffic at EDSA's insane, as always) but everyone at the registration area were so nice and even accompanied me inside the room. Man, it was jam-packed, yet I got seated to a nice area.  Yay! *_* I wasn't able to take pictures during the discussion for I focused on taking down notes. It was all about the fashion trends for spring/summer 2012, so might as well ready your pens now or bookmark this post! :p

1. A Sporting Life
2. Aquatic
3. 50s Twist
4. Tribal Artisan

• Pure White (can be sports-driven or designed with silver for futuristic approach) • Pearlescent Whites • Bone to Stone (neutrals) • Sand (Safari-traveler inspiration) • Aquarelle Pales • Ballet Pink • Candy Pastels (combination of colors) • Cool Mints • Lemon Yellow • Sea Foam (with gold touches) • Flamingo Pink • Orangeade (with brown/tan) • True Turquoise • Aquatic Blocking (Ocean Colors) • Ultra Blues • Forget-Me-Not Blues Sunny Daze • Tomato Red • Emerald Old Gold • Summer Berries • Tonal Colour Blocking (different shades, same colour)

Clean, modern sportswear, unexpected fabrications

KEY DETAILS: Plastic zips • Bonded • Ribbed Trims • Nylons

SPORTS TOPS: Mesh tees • Collaged tops • Zippered • Sequined tank • Bandeau

Aquarelle colors, weightless fabrications, decorative and fragile, streamlined scuba sports

KEY DETAILS: Cutouts • Scuba zips • Peplums • Underwater imagery

AQUATIC TOPS: Cutouts (shoulder) • Sequins and sheers • Scuba tank • Zipped bandeau

FOR SHOES AND ACCESSORIES: Embellished • Beaded • Iridescent • Pearlescent

Seaside vacations, quirky prints and candy colours, rock n' roll, Hawaiian prints

Loveys, for the 50s Twist look, there would be longer lengths for skirts/dresses, inspired by Retro-American, conversational prints and vintage graphics.

KEY DETAILS: Halternecks • Vintage Vacation Prints • Authentic Designs

5os TWIST TOPS: Shell tops • Bowling shirts • Bandeau tops • Bra tops • Off-shoulder tops

FOR SHOES AND ACCESSORIES: Lady-like hand bags • Cat eyes glasses • Narrow heels • Pointed stilletoes • Return of the Mule • Handheld clutches • Potpourri

North African influences, deco inspirations, graphic patterns, dry handle knits, geo-rustic

For this look, there would be Safari-styling (especially on men), Egyptian influence, tribal geometrics, overdyed clothes, tube skirts, fringes, mesh knits, textured marls, asymmetric tops and leather tops. I love it!!!

KEY DETAILS: Pleating • Graphic knits • Fringing • Deco patterns • African prints

FOR SHOES AND ACCESSORIES: Beading • Go Graphic (on bags, jewelries, shoes) • Rustic Craft • Hand-crafted • Fringed

There you go, loveys! These are just some of the things I've learned from the WGSN x Raffles Design Institute fashion trend forecasting. My co-bloggers and I were also able to venture around the institute after the discussion. So, I shall blog about that, too, soon! ☺

Photo with the speaker from WGSN

For more details about the Raffles Design Institute, visit:

Visit WGSN, too, HERE.



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