Raffles Design Institute

If there is one thing that I would love to cross out right away from my before I die list, that is to study in a fashion school and take up either fashion design or marketing and management. Although maybe that'll happen a few years from now *fingers and toes crossed*, for I am trying to focus and work on with my current course. I have blogged about my WGSN experience here, just in case you missed my post about some things that I've learned about the trend forecasting.

Giving you bits about the Raffles Design Institute before I virtually tour you around the brainery. *_*

Raffles Design Institute, Inc. is part of Raffles Education Corporation Limited. Raffles Education Corp is the largest private education group in the Asia-Pacific region. It provides quality education through its network of education institutions to develop industry-relevant skilled professionals.

Raffles Education Corp was establish in 1990 and it currently operates 38 colleges in 34 cities across 14 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. More than 28,000 students are enrolled in Raffles Education Corp's tertiary programmes. It employs over 3,000 academic and administrative staff.

Met the very kind and accommodating Ms. Jobeth after the WGSN seminar. She briefed us about the Institute and the courses they're offering, like Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing & Management, Interior Design and Visual Communication. 

On to what's inside RDI...

Love the pegs! ♥

Oh, soon, I'll make youuu! *embracing the law of attraction* Lol :p

They have two computer laboratories, but I was only able to take a photo of the Mac lab.

By the way, I was able to go around the Institute with my new blogger friends Miko Carreon (the guy on this photo), Lawr'yeng CastroErika RodicaJonver David and Kaye Awatin (thanks again for the invite!). Too bad I have no photo with them. Next time, perhaps? ☺

Lovely sketches, right? Drawing has always been my frustration. *sigh*

Lastly, we had the privilege to talk to two brilliant and respected people in RDI, Dr. Janet Emmanuel and Mr. Lee Miles. I adore how enthusiastic they were, and how they showed interest in knowing stuff about our passion - blogging. They're both kind and down-to-earth despite their success. Really looking forward to meet them again soon!

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AVA TE-ZABAT♥ said...

Aww last time I went to Raffles they weren't open yet but we had a workshop. So nice to see they have more now :D

Anonymous said...

Why can't I comment on your blog, Sis? Huhu. I'm very interested with this topic hihi!

Anonymous said...

I've heard of this, I swear! Some sort of competition w Sofa and Psid. So did you know how much yung tuition?☺

Arnie Villanueva said...

Ava, yes! I have read your blog post before that you guys attended a seminar there, too! Sana next time, lahat tayo together. Hihi! :">

Shamie, hi sis!!! ♥ If I remember it right, Php70,000 per term? Not sure. I have to ask them again. ☺

Anonymous said...

Alright, thanks sis.☺ I'm trying to compare it w other design schools :))

fashioneggpplant said...

very nice school! i need one of those mannequins,cant seem to find any :S

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Arnie Villanueva said...

Hi Sarah!! I'm in need of mannequins too!! I'll let you know if I'll see something like this. :"> Winner ng giveaways mo! Love it!