Giveaway Alert: ASIAN VOGUE (CLOSED)

As I am writing this post, it's a week before my birthday (7th of December) and I'm so happy to reveal that it's not just me who's gonna enjoy but also you, my lovely readers! I have teamed up with various sponsors for a series of giveaways for my birthday month. Woot woot! ☺ GAME NOW?

I won't keep you waiting! To start-off, the first installment of my giveaway series is from an online boutique dedicated to cater fashion forward footwears and bags, none other than ASIAN VOGUE!

Raid My Closet together with Asian Vouge will be giving away one (1) gift certificate worth Php 1,000 plus a surprise gift (also from Asian Vogue) to one lucky reader!!!

I know what's on your mind, and I certainly agree that all these shoes are drool worthy! You can also choose from their wide range of shoe collections here.

1. Follow my blog through Google Friend Connect (GFC).
2. Follow me on Twitter: @listentoarnie
3. Like my blog's Facebook Fan Page:
3. Like Asian Vogue's Facebook Fan Page:
4. Complete the sentence and post this on your Facebook wall: "I want to win P1000 GC + surprise gift from Raid My Closet x Asian Vogue Shop because _________" Don't forget to tag Asian Vogue and Raid My Closet!
5. Follow Asian Vogue on Twitter: @asianvogueshop
6. Tweet this: "Win P1000 GC + surprise gift from @asianvogueshop x @listentoarnie! Visit to enter!"
7. Leave a comment with your full name and email address.

This giveaway will end on December 22, 2011. Winner will be chosen via

Heartfelt thanks to Angel del Rosario of Asian Vogue for being so generous and sweet! :') And of course, thank you, my dear readers, for being awesome since day one! Much love and good luck! ♥


Aien Bernal said...

My bebe is so generous. maganda na giving pa. Kaya loves kita eh.:* Good luck sa winner. :))

Crishyelle Igdanes said...

Hey babe!! Una na ko, buena mano! Haha! :p

Name: Crishyelle Ann D. Igdanes (Yshy)
E-mail Address:

Guys! Support my babe's blog giveaway okay! :>

Katherine Pascual said...

advance happy bday ms. arnie :)did all the steps

name: katherine may pascual
email ad:

Sammy Samson said...

Thank you for this giveaway Ms. Arnie! :)

NAME: Rosemarie Samson

Felisa ♥ said...

Felisa May Tan

Advance happy birthday Arnie! & more power to your blog! ♥

Lyka Martinez said...

wow such a lovely giveaway! thank you for this!

Lyka Martinez

happy birthday ms. arnie!

Maria said...

Advance Happy birthday!
Thanks for this!

Maria Cristina Meriales

Eloisa Frances said...

Advance Happy Birthday Ms. Arnie :) thank you for the giveaway :)

Eloisa Frances Castro

Wall post:

Nettie S. said...

drool worthy indeed <333

Hershey Neri ♕ said...

Hershey Cristabel M. Neri

Happy advanced birthday, ate Arnie!! x
Thanks for this giveaway!

Much love,

Hershey Neri ♕ said...

Hershey Cristabel M. Neri

Happy advanced birthday, ate Arnie!! x

Thanks for this lovely giveaway!

Keep inspiring people like me!
Your style rocks!


JC Mercado said...

beautiful blogger and beautiful giveaway!

Juvette Chrisha Mercado


Amanda Paredes said...

Amanda Joyce Paredes!/amanda0201196/status/141782864671948800

Marie Castro said...

Happy Birthday!

Marie Danicia B. Castro

Trish said...

Name: Trisha Janine Caranto


Angel Sagrado said...

Angel Sagrado

Enrica Lagon said...
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Katt said...

Ana Katerina Valdez :)

Happy birthday love!!! <3

Unknown said...

Advance Happy Birthday Ms. Arnie! :)

Mary Aiko Orcilla

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday in advance Ms.Arnie!

Tanya Santiago

Maria Lorwina S. Tongco said...

Maria Lorwina S. Tongco

more power! thanks for giving me a chance to win! :)

Unknown said...

Alyson Ting

Jelina said...

Name: Jelina Tudio

Jimmy Galang said...

Name : Jimmy Galang
Email :

JoannaPeralta said...

Joanna Marie Peralta (facebook/twitter/blogger)

advance happy bday &more power *fingers crossed*

My Gorgeous Pink Cheeks said...

Advance Happy Birthday doll!

GFC: Bec
FB name: Bec San Diego
Twitter: @wednesdei

Email: purplewhyt[at]yahoo[dot]com

Crystal Cruz said...

Name: Crystal Lagman

thanks for the giveaway I really like it

Anonymous said...

Hi Arnie! I badly want to win this!! :)
Goodluck to me!! :))

Ana Angeli DG Coronel

HOPE I WIN! :)))

Anonymous said...

Elaine Chua

JenBriones said...

Jennyvieve briones

Awesome and lovely giveaway ..

Mary France Navarro said...

GFC: francenavarro23
FB name: France Navarro
FB Link:
Twitter: @francenavarro23

Issa said...

this is a very nice giveaway! i'm joining!

GFC: Issa
FB: Issa Chavez
FB share:
twitter: @Issachavez14

charmaigne grace said...

happy bday!

charmaigne grace gepana

Unknown said...

GFC: joanamarie
Name: Joana Marie Heramis
FB: Joana Marie Heramis

Jane Sevilla said...

Thanks Ms.Arnie tou your giveaway. :)

Jane Frances Sevilla
twitter: @luvkocjeng

arra said...

Advance Happy Birthday dear!

GFC: arra
FB name: Arra Morta
Twitter: @NakedArra
facebook post:


Anonymous said...
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pai espina said...

name: percel espina
email address:

gfc: pai espina
twitter name: fashionkhalessi
fb page:
posted on wall:

mhoie1325 said...

gfc: Elinor Semira
twitter: mhoie1325
fb: Ma Elinor Semira
fb post:

Elinor Semira

Marinina Ausa said...

MariniƱa O. Ausa

Mary said...

GFC Name: Mary Escano
Twitter Name: @pixiespell
FB Account: Maria Rosella
Tweet: link
FB Post: link

Apple said...

NAME:apple anonuevo
GFC/TWITTER NAME: apple_adventure

TWEET LINK:!/apple_adventure/status/142766439605084161


Jessamer Abing said...

Name: jessamer Abing

Ty! :) and advance Happy Bday! :)

Monique Rustia said...

Name: Monique Rustia

angelica said...

Angelica Joy G. Nunag

ellalalae said...

Name: Ella Mae G. Maravilla

swannyhoney said...

Gfc: honeyswanny
Twitter: honeyswanny
Fb: Hannah Angelica Samson Pascual
Fb post:

ayenahmariel said...

Mariel Venus Mangubat
twitter: ayenahmariel

Anonymous said...

Name: Janine Cristy Ramilo
E-mail ad:

Awesome giveaway! I hope to win :DD

Analyn Alonsagay said...

Name : Analyn Alonsagay
Email :
GFC : Analyn
Fb Post :
Twitter : AHNNEdiwata
Twitter Post :!/AHNNEdiwata/status/142978744708108290

Dvance happy birthday! thank u for this lovely give away :))

Anonymous said...

Elaine Dela Pena
did all the mechanics :)

thank you for this amazing giveaway and advance happy birthday! <3

misis.estante said...

Have a blessed and happy birthday!!!

Name: Joey April Panlilio-Estante
Twitter: @joeyandeejay
Twitter link:!/joeyandeejay/status/143152811885072384

Facebook link:

Rai aragbil said...

Name: Rai-Anna Aragbil

twitter: @iannaprincess
twitter link:!/iannaprincess18/status/143181726217285632

hope i'll win :) THANKS!

littlemisspoleng said...

Marie Paulyn Dela Cruz

adora_martin said...

Name ; Adora Martin
Email :
GFC : Adora
Fb Post :
Twitter Name: Adora Martin
Twitter Post :!/AdoraMartin/status/143208229512548352

Anne Garais said...

advance to you Arnie. :))) I just followed the steps above and joined your giveaway..hope to win this!! :)) haha

Name: Anne Klein Garais


Eunice Chua said...

Eunice Chua
hope to work with you soon! :) love your blog! keep blogging! :)

iamcolorful said...

So generous of you :)

Happy Birthday :))

Aila Martha Decano

Jeemah Villaverde said...

Jeemah Villaverde
Twitter: @jem_villaverde

Did everything!! :)
Here are the links:!/jem_villaverde/status/143519339084132353


aida said...

Name: Aida Villanueva
Email address: slither1004(at)gmail(dot)com

GFC: aida
Twitter name: slither1004
Fb name: Keene Slither


Daisha Abrera said...

Did all the steps. :)

Name: Daisha Abrera
Twitter: @daishabrera
GFC: Daixa_abrera22

FB Post:
Tweet URL:!/daishabrera/status/143575598239977473

Cam said...

Alyssa Camille G. Gamboa

"stubborn honey" said...

Name: Honey Rose Sambrano
Email add:

advance happy bday! :)

Jei Saludares said...
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Rhea said...

Ms. Angel and you are very generous! Hee *u* ~ :3 I want to win the GC's for my cousin :D

Name: Rhea Nel Gulafo

Jill said...

I just joined! I ♥♥ those shoes!

Name: Jilyn Desacula
Email address:

GFC: Jill
Twitter name: Mai2607
Fb name: Mai Nipin

December 5, 2011 11:25 PM

Jill said...

Happy Birthday pala!!!

Kimberly said...
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Unknown said...

Frances Lim

GFC: Frances
Twitter: @_franceslim
FB: Frances Lim

Salvee said...

Name: Salvee Langella M. Retuya

advance happy birthday and Merry Christmas!:)

steflovetracey said...



Joanne Olaes said...

Thank you so much for this giveaway, I'm in need of shoes hope to win. Happy Birthday to you :)

Name: Joanne Maryrose S. Olaes
Twitter: @JoanneOlaes
FB: Joanne Maryrose Sierra Olaes
GFC: Joanne
FB Post:

Lilli Abatayo said...

name: lilli elizabeth abatayo
gfc: lilli abatayo
fb post link:
twitter name: @LilliAbatayo
tweeted link:!/LilliAbatayo/status/145012185461047296


czarina erica ong said...

name: czarina erica ong
twitter: czarina_erica
GFC: Czarina Erica ong
twitter post:!/czarina_erica/status/145136206852800512
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Dianne Dequina said...

Dianne Dequina

Jam Angelica Pacis Garcia said...

Jam Angelica Pacis Garcia
FB url:

Hzl said...

Hazel Ann Uri
Yeheeeeeey :))

Reverie Metherlence said...

Daphne Villasin


Janine M. said...

Janine Monasterial

ninmonster at rocketmail dot com

Lady Soda said...

Love your blog! and this is one gorgeous giveaway! Good luck to me :)

Edelma Cortez


Twitter: Ladysoda1

Camille Gonzales said...

Name: Camille Gonzales

Claudine Chua said...

Name: Claudine Claire Chua

Wish to win! :)

Cleo Dominique Monsod said...

Cleo Dominique Monsod

Clarice C. said...

Name: Clarice Anne F. Calixton
Email Address:

khalmelung said...

hi!i love your blog...its fab and so are u:)xx
Melungzen Changkiri

charmaine montes said...

name: charmaine montes

Shopgirl Jen said...

Name: Jen Maslang
email add:

Belated Happy Birthday again, Arnie! lovelove! :))

Nicolette said...

Nicolette Anne Yambao

FB post:


Quima May L. Renegado said...

Quima May Renegado!/quimrenegado/status/146477668760686592

The Smiles She Wears said...

France Irish Camposano

FB Post:

Gee Nie said...

GFC: gessa marie
Twitter: @kenge19
FB: Gessa Marie Bartolaba Condino

fb post:

twitter post:!/kenge19/status/147228647403692032

Gessa Marie C

Anne Marae said...

Ma. Anna Fillado

FB post:!/iannasabine/posts/2090820009780


Alyssa de Guzman said...

Alyssa Mae M. de Guzman

jawsmayobanico said...

I know I am late in greeting you on your birthday but none-the-less I would still I wish you happiness not only on that certain day, but all year round of 2012! God bless and I really love your blog :)) Hope I get to win this time ;)

Name: Jawaher M. Banico
Nickname: Jaws
Twitter: @jawsbanico (!/jawsbanico/status/147412267120607232)

Facebook: Jaws M. Banico

jawsmayobanico said...

I know I'm late in greeting you on your birthday but none-the-less I would still want to wish you happiness all year round of 2012!

I really enjoy and love your blog!
Hope I get to win this time :))

Name: Jawaher M. Banico
Nickname: Jaws
Twitter: @jawsbanico!/jawsbanico/status/147412267120607232

Facebook: Jaws M. Banico

Angel Castillo said...

Name: Angel Castillo

Just in case :)
FB post:
Twitter post:!/angeelcastillo/status/147424137722339329

More power to your blog! :)

Antoinette Simeon said...

Mary Antoinette Simeon

Edraine said...

Third time in a row!:))

Edraine Bernardo

Ansherina said...


Almira de Villa
Thank you! :)

jawsmayobanico said...

I know I'm late in greeting you on your birthday but none-the-less I would still want to wish you happiness all year round of 2012!

I really enjoy and love your blog!
Hope I get to win this time :))

Name: Jawaher M. Banico
Nickname: Jaws
Twitter: @jawsbanico!/jawsbanico/status/147412267120607232

Facebook: Jaws M. Banico

chrlnajose said...

I did everything! :)

Name: Charlene Ajose

thank you and Happy Holidays! :D

kim_coronel08 said...

GFC: kim_coronel08
Twitter: @KCoronel08
FB: Kcoronel Coronel

fb post:

twitter post:!/KCoronel08/status/147925991476572161

K Coronel

xirah quero said...

glaiza rica bonglay

colin♥ said...

name: jhoanna marie signio

Anmahri Sumalpong said...

name: Anmahri Sumalpong

Mitch Sazon said...

Michelle Sazon

leilani said...

leilani sonza

Thank you very much!

aztannah said...

Name: Joyce Ann G. Castisimo

kham say said...

Name: Kham Sayang

FB: Kham Say!/kham_say/status/148594962127269888

Anthonine S. said...

Name : Anthonine Solis
Email Add:

Jessie Abing said...

Name: Jessiemer Abing

HeureuseCHARM said...

Hi! Thanks for giving this oppurtunity. I hope I will win! :D

Name: Charmane Lalog
Twitter: @HeureuseCHARM

Godbless! And Merry Christmas!

Super Shaznae said...

Done with everything!

Name: Krystal Pearl Braga

Mary Joy Padilla said...


fb post:

jamie mendoza said...

name: jamie Kris B. Mendoza
e-mail add:

This is so great :) thank you for this :) Godbless :)

Carla said...

Name: Carla Cruz

Thanks for this! :)

Donna Jane Marcuap said...

Name : Donna Jane R. Marcuap
E-address :

Merry Christmas Raid My Closet and AsianVogue Shop!

Thanks for the giveaway!

Donna Jane Marcuap said...

Name : Donna Jane R. Marcuap
E-mail : d.marcuap

Merry X-mas! :) Thankyou

BeauFasyon said...

name: Rachel Ann Bolingot
email ad: or

notyourordinaryteacher said...

Done with all the steps!

GFC: notyourordinaryteacher
Twitter name: @quiam
Facebook name: vintagekawaii onlineshop
FB post:

Hezron Peralta said...

Ayun oh. Sumali na ako. I'm sure matatawa mga kaibigan ko kapag nakita nilang sumali ako. Hahaha. But just to try it and to support you Arnie! Sumali ako :)

Hezron Peralta

Alta Infante said...

Full name: Aletha jane Infante
email: alta.infante(at)yahoo(dot)com

GFC name: Alta Infante
Twitter name: altainfante
RT link:!/altainfante/status/149711152073547777
Fb name: Aletha Jane Infante

Unknown said...

name: jenifer balatico
fb name: jenifer santander balatico
twitter id: itsme_JHENZtine
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M said...

Joining! :)

Full name: Joan Christine Macawili
Email: kitten.macawili(at)gmail(dot)com

tweet link just in case you need it :):!/meeeow18/status/149872895550689281

fb link:

ning said...

luningning arabiran!/yingying27/status/149874921823141888!/luningning.arabiran/posts/10150554732792329

bambambidambam said...

Name: Mariell Bianca Libuangan

Excited :))

jamie mendoza said...

name: jamie Kris B. Mendoza
e-mail add:

This is so great :) thank you for this :) Godbless :)