First off, I'm completely sorry for the low quality photos in this blog post. I only used my phone's camera to take these outfit shots because my trustee pink cam suddenly gave up on me. :'( *sigh* Buuut, negative vibes are not allowed in Raid My Closet (my blog) and life goes on for all my loveys. So probably the best thing I can do now is to start pleasing my parents to buy me a new one. :p

HUGE ANYWAAAAY..... My weekend was so much fun because I was able to attend the Luxe Christmas Bazaar, have lunch at Bon Chon, and make the most out of Trinoma's Green Light Sale!

Here's my one and only photo from the Luxe bazaar. Photo from my the very fashyon Ana Gonzales. Thanks for this, girl!! ☺

I bought a gorgeous maxi skirt from Ana! Can't wait to wear it and show it to you, loveys! 

Before leaving the bazaar, I had some chocolate mochi's from Sophie's Mom! No photo of the delish mochi's though, but we're definitely dropping by their confectionary one of these days so I can blog about it! Sophie's Mom deserves a place in everyone's blog!! ♥

Now on to my sweet and mellow look for the day. Opted to be on my simplest clothes for a random Satur-date.

On me: pink and white stripes sheer top from iCandy | Mango white shorts | Forever 21 belt | Pop Culture bangles and bracelet

I bet you're still wondering why this blog post is entitled Fabulous when in fact, it isn't! Tadaaa!!! It's because of this...

A literally fabulous necklace from Forever 21 in the States, given by my dearest handsome friend Daniel del Mundo. He's not a stranger in this blog, if you've been a reader here ever since!

Cole Vintage oxfords | oversized bag from Hong Kong

What made my weekend more special is that I received packages and messages from various online shops that are willing to sponsor a giveaway for my birthday month - December! Yes, you read that right! GIVEAWAY!!! Finally for Raid My Closet! Watch out for that, loveys! 

P.S. I'm still open for collaborations and more. Feel free to email me at

That's it for my quick post about my weekend! How was yours? xx


GoNcha GoNcha said...

I just discovered your blog. loved your style.
following you now.
have a Cupcake sweet week;)

Katherine Pascual said...

wow! cant wait for ur blog giveaway. i wonder what those items are. u'r so pretty and i love how u write on ur blog

Arnie Villanueva said...

Goncha, thank you so much for dropping by!! ♥ Keep in touch!

Katherine, aww thanks dear! Can't wait to share those items to you and my other readers! ♥

ROXY said...

have the same top as you have arnie :D just another color . tee-hee ! looking gorgeous :D love your oxfords :D looking forward to your blog giveaway :))

Arnie Villanueva said...

Roxy, hi dear! Hahaha OMG I can imagine us wearing that at the same time! Cutie! :p Thanks lovey!

bohemian vanity said...

Nice photos i like your shoes awesome ! and pretty necklace ! xoxo

Arnie Villanueva said...

Bohemian Vanity, Yay!! Thanks a lot for dropping by! xx