Accessorize: All About Bags

Accessorize is a London-based brand with artistic, well-priced and superb quality collection of fashion accessories. It offers bags, purses, jewelries, belts, hats, scarves and hair frills that will surely tickle every girl's fancy.

So with all these thoughts about Accessorize, I immediately said yes to Ana Gonzales' invitation to me for the Accessorize x Bloggers United event. Thank you so much, Ana!! Love love! ☺

The event was held at Persia Grill in SM North Sky Garden. I was able to meet and interact with my fellow bloggers once again, which is one of the reasons why I get so elated every time I attend to ganaps like this.

Photo from Ana Gonzales

Took pictures after signing up at the registration area. I love how these ladies are so beautiful and fashyon!

What welcomed us at the venue were these delicious cupcakes! Too pretty to eat! *_*

Pretty blogger Melai Entuna hosted the event. I adore how she made all of us feel comfortable and smiling the whole time. No dull moments! Parang nasa birthday party lang kami and I loved it!

Ana Gonzales, with her dainty clothes, also headed the event!

Why, hello there, Athan!! Good thing you brought this cutie, Ava!

The very pleasing people of Accessorize, Ms. Monica and Ms. Ayet, briefed us regarding the brand and of course, the All About Bags sale.

Drooling over all these bags!!! What made the event more exciting is that Accessorize treated us with one bag of our choice. They were that generous! I'm so happy! ☺

Anyway, here are more photos during the event!

Persia Grill served us yummy dishes for dinner!

Gorgeous blogger sisters Ava TeGiezelle Uy and Angel Rodriguez

Gie and Ms. Ayet

Photo from Gie Uy (Thanks babe!!)

Vanity moments with Mar Matic and Angel! It was super nice meeting you, Mar! We finally met, after all the exchange of comments in Blogspot! :p

Yay with Ana! Thank you *again* for the invitation, and congratulations on your bazaars last weekend! Too bad I wasn't able to come! :'( Next time, swear! Isasama ko na si Jic. Chos! :p

Now with Ms. Sarah Tirona who got me stunned the first time I saw her because she's so pretty!!

Headed to Gong Cha right after the event for some milk tea. 

Photo from Gie

Enjoyed with these loveys! Til next time! ☺

Aaand look at this enticing bag that I was able to take home!!!

Thank you so much, Accessorize Philippines for this! I can't wait to wear it! ♥

Like Accessorize Philippines' Facebook fan page here.
Also, don't forget to visit any Accessorize branch near your place. Selected bags are on sale - 50% off, including the bags that the bloggers were able to take home!

Feeling the Christmas spirit! Hope you guys are excited for the season, too! xx


Denise said...

great to know you enjoyed the day Arnie! I wish I was there but was so busy this week talaga hehe :) I cant wait to see the bag that you took home! :)

fashioneggpplant said...

nice bag/bags you got to take home! :) see you again soon! :)

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Arnie Villanueva said...

Denise, yes sis it was a super fun event!! Wish you were there, though, para mas complete ang happiness ko. :') Yiee! Hehe thanks sis! See you soon!

Sarah, you too! Love the clutch that you and Angel were able to take home! See you again!! ♥

Wonder Woman said...

Had a great time at this event with you Arnie - especially at Gong Cha afterwards where we got to chika for a bit. :) Hope to see you again soon! I actually thought you were at the Diva event yesterday (wasn't wearing my glasses) but waved at someone I didn't actually know pala... ... whoops! :p

Anonymous said...

The food looks soooo delish!!!

And DAMN I miss my friends!!!! Hug them for me next time!!!

Arnie Villanueva said...

Angel, had fun with you girls, too!! ♥ Can't wait for another milk tea and chika bonding with you! :) Whaaat hahaha oh my! Ang cute mo lang, Angel! Hahaha! :p See you again!!

Honey, yes!! Super! :D Awwww I'm sure they SUPER miss you too, Honey! ♥♥