Freeway x Manansala: National Collectors' Series

I've always been fascinated and in love with arts, though unfortunately I wasn't gifted with hands that could create such wonders. So when Honey Andrade asked me to be her correspondent for the Freeway x Manansala event, I immediately said yes! (From the bottom of my heart, thank you for this opportunity, Honey!! ☺ God knows how happy I am!)

So anyway, Freeway brings us another marvelous heap as fashion meets art once more for their National Artist Collectors' Series! This 6th chapter of the said series features the masterpieces of Vicente Manansala, a famous National Artist for Visual Arts.

The Freeway x Manansala event was held last Tuesday (October 18) at The Row, Glorietta 5, together with fabulous people who were (I'm sure) in awe with Freeway's new collection.

Vicente Manansala is recognized as a cubist painter and illustrator. His canvases combined the cultures of the barrio and the city together. Madonna of the Slums, Jeepneys, Kahig, Bangkusay Seascape and Pila Pila sa Bigas are just few of Manansala's most-loved pieces. He achieved several awards and a lot of establishments hold public collection of his works such as the Lopez Memorial Museum (Manila), the Honolulu Academy for Arts (Hawaii) and the Philippine Center (New York).

Fashyon people made the place jam-packed!

Hosts Tim Yap and Divine Lee (who was OMG, wearing an awesome and eye-catching Kermit Tesoro skull shoes) were both in Manansala outfits! 

An AVP was played to give a background of Manansala's life and achievements.

After the video presentation, models prepped up on the runway, showcasing the official Freeway x Manansala collection. Check these out, for you will surely want to have these pieces on your wardrobe!

Drooling over all these clothes!

The ladies who gladly shared their experiences, happy memories and secrets of Manansala:   (L-R) Ronna Manansala (Grand daughter of Vicente Manansala), Cedie Lopez Vargas (from The Lopez Museum) and Maritess Mendoza-Pineda (President of Manansala Foundation)

Took this blurry shot while listening to the stories of the special guests. All those fashyon people present during the event went gaga over Divine Lee's Kermit Tesoro skull shoes!!! I want these!! *santacanyouhearme????* ♥

Tokens of appreciation were given to these lovely people who gave their time to make this event possible! 

And of course, sharing to you guys these random photos, too!

Ana Gonzales, my pro-Jicjic babe!! Hahahaha nice seeing you there, Ana! ♥

First time to see Erika Rodica! ♥ Thank you so much for letting me grab this photo, Ava Te!! So sad we have no photo together that night!

Thank you ng bongga also to Ana for letting me grab this photo!! ♥ Love you!

Yay!!!! After weeks of random twitter and text rants, we finally met! Hello, Aubrey Mendoza!! ☺ Love how close we are though virtual kulitan lang tayo! Dates to come with Denise Lunod soon alright!

My loves Kei and Myrted! Thank you for being so sweet and nice!! So sad I wasn't able to come for the Multiply Shopping Party! Next tiiime! ☺

Tim Yap in the house y'all!! Chos lang hahaha! I love how down-to-earth and kind this guy is, and he showed his interest and eagerness in hearing stuff about fashion blogging. Kwentuhan ng mini-mini ang peg! I seriously want to meet him again soon.

Last but definitely not the least, a shot with the gorgeous, queen and mother beki, Divine Lee! She's one of my favorite bloggers, and I adore her for being so natural! You got me so stunned, Ms. Divine! 

Thank you for this loot and congratulations for another successful event, Freeway! I am definitely honored for this opportunity. 


AVA TE-ZABAT♥ said...

yah too bad we didn't have a photo!:( next time!:) love the earrings! Maris right? love it!

Anne Garais said...

lovely photos!! :)) hope i can meet you one day!! :)))

ANNEHOLICA (FashionDownTheStreet)

Katherine Pascual said...

super gorgeous! im forever a fan of urs :-D

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Ava, hihi yes please! Next time! ♥ Thanks again sa photo with Erika!! :") Uh huh! Maris!!! :")

@Anne, awww. Thank you so much dear! We shall meet one day! :")

@Katherine, kilig!!! :) Thank you so much!

Kei said...

Arnie! It was great to spend some time with you, seatmate! Too bad you missed the Multiply Event. Till next time!

Unknown said...

kudos that you got to proxy for honey! everyone in the fashion bloggers BBM group was BBMing about this, i got the invite as well but unfortunately i can't just fly out from cebu for the event. you looked fantastic though!


Arnie Villanueva said...

@Kei, yeah! Too bad! Pero I know there'll be more opportunities for us! ♥ Thanks for being my seatmate, Kei! Next time uliiit!

@Eden, hello there! :") Thanks for dropping by. Sayang nga I wasn't able to see you. Di bale, maybe for Philippine Fashion Week shows, makita kita. :') Love love!

Anonymous said...

YAY!!!! I'm glad you had a lot of fun and you got to meet new friends! :)

I just saw this blog post now kase I've been really busy lately.. Will blog about this tomorrow! :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

Honey!! ☺ Priceless experience!! Thank you so much. Hihi can't wait to see your blog about this! Sorry few photos lang ha. :(