CTHTIM Socialization Night '11

This is again a post related to the 10th year anniversary of our college. People have been encouraging me to blog about what I wore to the final event in our celebration, prolly because they knew that I ventured into wearing a lace corset! Hihi! So to spare you guys from waiting, here's what I wore to our socialization night.

Once more, acknowledging Kevin Joshua Reyes for these photos. You're doing a great job, dude! xx

On me: black jumpsuit worn as trousers from Pop Culture | Michael Antonio studded wedges | Victoria's Secret lace corset in skin tone | black maud from Rustans | rainbow feather earring from Maris Collection | gold clutch from Aldo

Kudos to my block, BS Tourism and Travel Management 3rd year block 1, for being able to conduct a huge and very successful event! (Yes, our block organized this socialization night for our MICE finals.) All the hard work and stress paid off!

Now I'm about to share to you some photos of me and other people who were present in the event. 

We FINALLY have pictures together, Victor! Oh em! :p

I'm happy that I was able to bond with these guys (Jayr, Victor and Franz) during the preparations for the college day celebration. Looking forward to get to know them more!

Hello there, James Yap a.k.a. Nitz Lim! You are one funny... and random kid!

Beside me's a very sweet and kind guy, Jayr! Thank you for the endless pick-up lines, they seriously make my day! Say hey to Joryll and Yen behind us, too! :p

Another guy whom I look up to and admire because he has been very supportive and loving since day one, kuya Marvin Quiambao.

These two girls approached me and made me really happy for their sweet comments! Caitlin and Samsie are both sophomores. Hope to see you around, girls! And thank you for these photos, Caitlin! :)

Lastly, a picture with our CTHTIM Student Council 2011 President, ate Danielle Anne Estrada. You never allowed us to feel out-of-place, and you're doing a great job in building love and strength in our huge family. We love you, ate De!! :)

By the way, thank you to all those students who took pictures with me, approached me and said a lot of good things about my blog. It means so much, and up to now, kinikilig pa rin ako. Hope you guys will tag me in the photos in Facebook so I can see them! Extending my hugs and kisses to all of you! 

That's it for our one-day-yet-jam-packed celebration! I'm sure you missed my outfit posts, so just keep posted. I'll be having a shoot this Saturday, but I can't spill the beans now. :p Have a great week, loveys! xx


Alpha said...

i love your top and your earing!!
and your shoes... oh your SHOES<3

keep up Arnie loveyou! hope we had pictures togther too, sadly i don't have a camera with me that night :(

Arnie Villanueva said...

Ate Alpha!!!! :) You know how much I love you! Ako rin, wish we had photos together that night! Congratulations, Ms. CTHTIM Icon 2011! You totally deserve it! ♥


Denise said...

the corset is love Arnie :) miss you! :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

Denise babe!! :"> Awww yes. I fell in love with the corset, too! Miss you more!

Costin M said...

oh, wow! very cool photos, it looks like a blast!

All best wishes,
Costin M. |

Arnie Villanueva said...

Thanks a lot, Costin! :) Xoxo

Rizza Lana said...

i looove your corset babe! Looking gorgeous. Plus i love your feather ear cuffs. ;)

Arnie Villanueva said...

Rizza babe! :) Thank you so much!! ♥ Stay beautiful! xx