All Black and Jeans

Had parts two and three of trailer and commercial shoot for our socialization night. Our first trailer's already done and I'm so much in love with it! Kudos to Shikina Alca for being a great director!

We have a dress code in school and I know you've never seen me in jeans in this blog yet! So check this out, babes!

Say hello once more to my dearest Daniel del Mundo! 

On me: black sheer top from The Ramp | Terranova jeans | Finickee black wedge

I love how my black sheer top looks so close with the other one I own (which was by the way, thrifted)! Bought this at The Ramp last week. 

Ang lakas maka-Bench nito! Bet 'di ba? :D

Loving the walls and the weather in Intramuros! Indeed a great place to conduct a shoot.

Who wouldn't fall for this guy? Daniel indeed looks good in any angle!

Quoting Liz Uy's recent tweet, "Is it me or is it hot?" 

Photography (c) Shikina Mica Alca
Post-Processing (c) Daniel Gregory del Mundo

Our beloved College of Tourism, Hotel and Travel Industry Management will be celebrating its 10th year tomorrow, and I just couldn't wait for all the activities and series of shows! Our block's also gonna host a Socialization Night (tomorrow, after the pageant). See you there!

And of course, tell me what you think about this post. Love lots! xx


Nix Rueda said...

super bet ko yung ala-bench pic niyo :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

Nix!!! Haha OMG thank you super!! Next time mas maganda pa dyan peg natin sa collab natin. ♥ Love love!

empressinah said...

taray!! super bet talaga!! hehe

Arnie Villanueva said...

Shikina, all credits to you!!! :) Oh em. Ang galing mo talaga! Impressed parents ko. Thanks a lot!