3 Blogger Awards

Last July 10, 2011, I believe I have made one of the best (and sweetest) decisions in my life - and that is to enter the world of blogging. My heart jumps whenever I receive good comments and flattering messages about my blog. I'm truly honored to get recognized in doing something that I love.

So when my fellow blogger Denise passed on these awards to me, I got so excited and kilig! Hugs and kisses, sis!! Thank you so much for these.

The steer is to share six random things about me. I decided to give you some portions of myself that are quite far from fashion.

1. Fondness for Sweets

Banoffee Pie from Banapple

I've got a sweet tooth, and fulfilling my cravings for these would really make me happy! I don't know why, but I believe (and it has long been said) that eating chocolate improves any sorrow-filled situation.

2. I love reading books

Especially that of Nicholas Sparks, Mitch Albom and Sophie Kinsella!! :) 

3. Wonders of Lipsticks

Image from Google

I know people who feel naked without lipstick. Sometimes, I share the same thoughts with them. But one weird fact about me is that I use my lippies to magically make my pimple disappear. I apply red lipstick to the pimple/s using my finger (always make sure it's clean before touching your face). Thank God, I'm not really prone to acne, but during red days, one or two might be saying hello to my face.

4. Yellow is my favorite color!

5. Planner as my best bud

Keeping my planner updated all the time! I annually purchase planners from Starbucks, but this coming 2012, I'm thinking of switching to Belle de Jour. What do you think? ☺

6. Reaching Out

I started supporting the ICanServe Foundation last December 2010 and continually spreading the love for breast cancer patients up to now. Know more about ICanServe Foundation and how to help here.

So now, I'm passing on these awards to these 5 bloggers...
Tell me what you have in mind regarding these facts! Have a great week ahead! xx


Anonymous said...

awww behind ur beautiful face and clothes, u also have a beautiful heart. way 2 go ms. arnie. u are inspiring. - katherine pascual

Arnie Villanueva said...

Awww Katherine. Thanks for your heart-warming comment! :) I'm really flattered. Love lots!

Crisselle Punzal said...

Bebe Arnie!! I can relate to this post! Ewan o ba, lahat halos ng sinabi mo ganon din ako. Switch to Belle de Jour! I love your blog bebe and you also! :) More power!

Arnie Villanueva said...

Thank you, bebe Selle! :-* Great minds think alike! ;)

Maria said...

omg. babe thank you for the award. You are really well-deserve to have those.. :) and I super agree with number three, I feel naked without one. :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

Maria babe! :) You're truly welcome. Good to know we have something in common, too. See you soon! xx