One Of The Boys

Sharing to you some photos from the shoot last Saturday! Click here to know more about what I wore for the retro concept, and just in case you still haven't read my rants about it.


Mikhael A. Valiente
Paul Magtulis

Alvin John Besin

All smiles with (L-R facing the screen) Henry, Vic, Kuya Alvin and yours truly!

Thanking God that He gave us the chance to continue with the shoot though the weather was so bipolar!

And of course, we still had the chance to goof around! 

I'm still waiting for the other photos from the rest of the photographers, but I'm so much eager to let you see few portions from our shoot, hence this blog post. Wait up for the next concept! By far, the upcoming post is the favorite concept of the people who were able to see some of the photos. ☺

Thank God, it's Friday! xx

Retro Chic

I know I've been leaving you breathless (chos! :p) and impatient with my post regarding the shoot that happened last Saturday. So here I am, about to share to you some photos and BTS with my retro chic outfit.

The shoot was held at Wildlife QC, and if you've been reading my blog ever since, you know how much I love to conduct shoots at this area. So you could just imagine my happiness when I knew that I am, again, visiting that eco-friendly place in the busy city. And for the record, I got stunned with the twelve (12) photographers who were there to take our shots. Quoting my co-model and good friend, Vic Cajilig's words - "versus a dozen of photographers".


Mikhael A. Valiente
Paul Magtulis

Alvin John Besin

Retro chic get-up, yes? :) And you aren't wrong, I am in sitting in a bulldozer wheel!

On me: sheer animal print button-down from The Ramp | Mango white shorts | Alvin John Besin's red leggings | red tassel necklace from Simone's Closet | Michael Antonio studded wedges | Funky Plum connector ring

Sir Mikhael and Sir Paul did wonders!!! Thank you so much for being totally patient. I cannot count how many times I said "BET!!!!!" while viewing their shots! Hahaha!

Kudos to the HMUA and director, kuya Alvin, for post-processing these photos! Good job!

My Michael Antonio wedges!!! ♥ Expect to see a lot of photos of me wearing these babies. They're just so irresistible!

Closer view of my Funky Plum connector ring with 4 birds on it! ☺

Aaand.... some BTS photos! 

In case you don't know, I have fear of heights. I almost called all the angels and saints just to help me balance myself and pose enough in this spot! Thank God I'm still alive! Lol

Thank you, kuya Alvin, for continuously helping me fix myself during the shoot!

I'll leave you these by now! Will post more photos with my retro chic look and the other wardrobes I had soon! Hope you enjoyed reading through this. Much love!

P.S. Another typhoon is coming. I would love to meet all my readers asap, hug each and everyone of you, so stay safe, babes! xx

Night Life

Yesterday was really a blast! I had a shoot with almost twelve (12) photographers from 8AM til 6PM, together with my dearest friends Henry and Vic. But then again, I can't spill the beans yet, though I'm totally excited to share to you guys what happened during the shoot. Anyway, I went home right after the shoot to change clothes for Phoebe Punla's 18th birthday celebration at Ignazia Bar. Here's what I wore:

On me: stripes sheer top from The Ramp | Penshoppe black tube | white shorts from Mango | Parisian neon green peep toes | Aldo gold clutch | Maris Collection rainbow single feather earring | Topshop belt

Flaunting my gold clutch from Aldo. I fell in love with this the very first time I saw it! I knew I had to buy it right away.

Forgive me for overusing this rainbow single feather earring from Maris Collection. It's so irresistible!

Birds connector ring from Pop Culture

Now I'm about to share to you some photos from last night's party. I missed my night life, and I'm really glad that I met few of my high school friends once more, plus got to know a whole bunch of new people! Phoebe, it was indeed a wild party. I love you and happy birthday! ♥

Kids I love! Henry, Phoebe (birthday girl) and Gelai!

I missed you so much, Veron!!! :) Can't wait to hear more stories from you.

Say hey to these pretty ladies, Shamie and Trix! Love you both!! Bitin last night, so I'm demanding a part two. :p

Spent my Sunday sleeping all day because of hangover. 
How's your weekend so far, loveys? Comment up! xx

Candy Fair, Anyone?

I cannot hide my excitement for this event!
Everything that you need to know about Candy Fair 2011 can be viewed here.

Hoping to see you there, loveys! Who wants to be my date? ;;) 
September 24, 2011 | 9:00AM-5:00PM xx

CTHTIM Socialization Night '11

This is again a post related to the 10th year anniversary of our college. People have been encouraging me to blog about what I wore to the final event in our celebration, prolly because they knew that I ventured into wearing a lace corset! Hihi! So to spare you guys from waiting, here's what I wore to our socialization night.

Once more, acknowledging Kevin Joshua Reyes for these photos. You're doing a great job, dude! xx

On me: black jumpsuit worn as trousers from Pop Culture | Michael Antonio studded wedges | Victoria's Secret lace corset in skin tone | black maud from Rustans | rainbow feather earring from Maris Collection | gold clutch from Aldo

Kudos to my block, BS Tourism and Travel Management 3rd year block 1, for being able to conduct a huge and very successful event! (Yes, our block organized this socialization night for our MICE finals.) All the hard work and stress paid off!

Now I'm about to share to you some photos of me and other people who were present in the event. 

We FINALLY have pictures together, Victor! Oh em! :p

I'm happy that I was able to bond with these guys (Jayr, Victor and Franz) during the preparations for the college day celebration. Looking forward to get to know them more!

Hello there, James Yap a.k.a. Nitz Lim! You are one funny... and random kid!

Beside me's a very sweet and kind guy, Jayr! Thank you for the endless pick-up lines, they seriously make my day! Say hey to Joryll and Yen behind us, too! :p

Another guy whom I look up to and admire because he has been very supportive and loving since day one, kuya Marvin Quiambao.

These two girls approached me and made me really happy for their sweet comments! Caitlin and Samsie are both sophomores. Hope to see you around, girls! And thank you for these photos, Caitlin! :)

Lastly, a picture with our CTHTIM Student Council 2011 President, ate Danielle Anne Estrada. You never allowed us to feel out-of-place, and you're doing a great job in building love and strength in our huge family. We love you, ate De!! :)

By the way, thank you to all those students who took pictures with me, approached me and said a lot of good things about my blog. It means so much, and up to now, kinikilig pa rin ako. Hope you guys will tag me in the photos in Facebook so I can see them! Extending my hugs and kisses to all of you! 

That's it for our one-day-yet-jam-packed celebration! I'm sure you missed my outfit posts, so just keep posted. I'll be having a shoot this Saturday, but I can't spill the beans now. :p Have a great week, loveys! xx

Busy Bee

Still on the same day of the 10th year anniversary of the College of Tourism, Hotel and Travel Industry Management! Last Friday was indeed jam-packed, I had no time to eat lunch because I had to run through a lot of errands. Anyway, it was all worth it! After being one of the judges for the CTHTIM Project Runway 2011, I hosted for the Mr. & Ms. CTHTIM Icon 2011 together with my dearest friend, Daniel del Mundo. But before anything else, here's what I wore to the event. 

Photo credits again to my awesome friend (c) Kevin Joshua Reyes. You're amazing, dude!

On me: sheer floral top from Pop Culture | Penshoppe jeans | Parisian neon green peep toes | rainbow feather earring from Maris Collection | belt from Topshop

Here's a closer view to my feather earring when worn! I'm totally in love with this. Thank you so much, Maris, for this gorgeous earring!! I've got a lot of good comments about this. Love lots!

Back to the pageant! Daniel and I weren't really prepared to be the hosts for the said event. We got informed only just an hour before the pageant, so we had no time to get glammed up.

Very candid shot while doing the voice over before the production number!

Daniel and I sampled a little ramp at the stage before welcoming the audience in the pageant.

Wish we did better in hosting, though.

Interviewing the candidates while tallying the scores! I love their confidence and wit in answering our random questions.

Post-processing of these two photos above done by Daniel del Mundo. I love how we look so... vibrant!

Congratulations to all the candidates for Mr. and Ms. CTHTIM Icon 2011! You were all stunning that night! Just the fact that you were chosen to represent your respective blocks is already an honor and a privilege. Also keep in mind that experience is the best teacher. 

Loveys!! I'll be blogging about the 3rd and final event for our college day in a while so keep posted! Watch out how I ventured wearing a corset (in school) for the first time! xx