Intramurals 2011

The whole campus have been very excited about the Intramurals 2011, and they're all excited to cheer for their college's teams! My family, the College of Tourism, Hotel and Travel Industry Management (CTHTIM) prepared a lot in terms of the banner, balloons and ribbons for the audience. Seeing the CTHTIM family work as one made me realize that I am lucky enough to belong in this college, because they have been very supportive since day 1. Lots of love to CTHTIM! :) :)

All photo credits (c) Yen Dominguez (c) Kevin Joshua Reyes (c) Inah Araneta - - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Worked for the audience's props first thing in the morning!

Anyway, I had my part in supporting our teams for the intramurals as well. I acted as their muse in the parade and opening of the intrams.

Kuya Jay Aquino was once again the make-up artist! He was also my HMUA during the Bb. Pamantasan 2011 pageant, and I'm always amazed with his masterpiece. Lahat napapaganda!

Having my hair curled! Should I have it permed, loveys? What do you think?

The CTHTIM's basketball team!

"The" Jay Aquino! :p

(L-R facing the screen) Kuya Jerick Marquez, Kuya Jay Aquino, Mr. Marlon Rivera, me!!, Kuya Marvin Quiambao

CTHTIM in the crowd!!!

Start of the parade! See if you can spot me! Lol

This lighting of the torch gave me goosebumps! Really! Ang lakas maka-World Cup hahaha!

Photo with Dean Cristina Mapuyan (our college dean). And btw I love that "MUSE" was written at the back of my jersey!


Thank you guys for taking time to read this post! I just felt the urge to blog about this.

Mind sharing your school diary as well? Lots of kisses! xx


Anonymous said...

You're so pretty naman!!! <3 Lovet!!! :)

Maycee Monteverde said...

pretty , Love. :")

Denise said...

you're so pretty sis! I cannot wait for our photo shoot! :) yey! :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Ms. Honey, Hello hello!! Haba naman ng hair ko, nagcomment ka. :"> OMG! Hehe! Thank you so much po!!! Love love!! ♥

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Maycee, hi Love!! Good thing you have a Google Account na. :') Thank you super!! :">

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Denise, hi Sis!! :) Thank you, I'm really flattered. Ako rin, I cannot wait for it! ♥ Coffee date please! Hihi!

Anonymous said...

very beautiful nmn ms. arnie. hope 2 meet u soon - katherine

Anonymous said...

sobrang beautiful nmn ms. arnie hope 2 meet u soon :) - katherine pascual

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Katherine Pascual, thank you so much!! :) Hope to meet you soon, too!

Pepz said...

hi there pretty lady!
I saw your blog in topblogs, OMG your from Pamantasan! I missed PLM so much ;(

Anyway, you've got nice blog! ;)


Arnie Villanueva said...

@Pepz, hello there! :) It's good to know a PLM alumni in the blogger's world! Anong batch ka po and what's your course? :)

Thank you so much for dropping by! See you whenever!

Andie said...

I miss PLM nmn! Looking at the photos, I feel so old!!! Grabe I need to go visit GK and GV, stat!

Arnie Villanueva said...

Hi Andie! :) There are a lot of improvements in PLM already! All the rooms in GK are airconditioned na and may WiFi halos sa buong GK because of the library. Haha! May I know kung anong batch ka po? Thanks for dropping by! ♥♥♥