Fun Satur-date

Went to Banapple yesterday to bond with Malcoln and Joy, then to The Ramp to do some styling and shopping for my bestfriend, Georgia! Anyway, outfit post before leaving for this fun date on a Saturday!

It was about to rain that time so I opted to wear these. But yeah. Talk about the moody weather lately!

Thank you so much to my Daddy who patiently took my photos at the garage! *hugs*

On me: Hong Kong brand pink coat | white dress from Mango | Steve Madden shoes

Closer view of my outfit less the accessories! I love how it looks so laid-back.

Love for tassels! This red fringe necklace is from Denise of Simone's Closet. Visit her online shop now and browse through her awesome collections! Again, I'm excited for our collaboration. In case you still don't know, I'll be modelling for her 33rd collection of clothes for Simone's Closet in a few weeks. Oh my!! Sending my love here, sis Denise! :) :)

Now I'm about to show you some of the yummy eats my friends and I had at Banapple. As usual, everything tastes so glorious!

Picked this mouth-watering banapple smoothie and baked creamy cheesy penne. 

And your stay at Banapple won't be complete without tasting this banoffee pie! Something to die for! :p This made me abandon my diet!

Check out Banapple's website here and download the list of their baked goodies and hot dishes!

P.S. Let me share to you, too, one of my favorite quotes. I hope we will all keep this in mind and live by this.

"Be careful of the words you say,
Keep them short and sweet.
You never know, from day to day,
Which ones you'll have to eat."

Hope we're all having a lovely weekend! xx


Denise said...

love the necklace on you Arnie! :) so and that blazer is just so gorgeous! :)

Anonymous said...

those look so yummy! where is banapple located? :) and i luv your look, as usual! plus your final words in this post just dictates how gud u are as a person - katherine pascual

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Denise, hi sis!! :) Super daming excited for our collab. They've been looking forward to it as much as I do! ♥ Thanks a lot! Much love!

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Katherine, Awww there you go again with your sweet comments. Thank you so much! ♥

Branches of Banapple are the following:
- Katipunan (206 & 225 Katipunan Ave., Blue Ridge, Quezon City)
- Il Terrazzo (2nd Level Il Terrazzo, Tomas Morato)
- Ayala Triangle Gardens (Ayala Ave., Makati City)

Anonymous said...

i love your outfit!!!!
done following you follow me back and join my blog giveaway

Arnie Villanueva said...

Hi there, Ashley! :) Thank you so much! Will check out your giveaway tonight! Followed you back, too. :)