I love receiving packages, so maybe you can imagine how I did again the happy dance when I got something from Crow last week.

Yes, adding another baby to my mini closet of accessories!!! What I got was a white Mariel feather earring. I admire how Cara of Crow was so generous to share the guidelines of taking care of feather jewelries. Read it here.

Meant for one ear only! Totally in love with this!! ♥

Sending hugs to my daddy dear!! He took my outfit photos again. *winks*

Hooray for another sunny day! Feather earrings from CROW | Parisian bag

On me: black romper from Copacabanna | CMG shoes | Topshop black socks

After publishing this post, I am again facing my notes, case study and report materials - all due tomorrow! Talk about heavy load on acads!

Meanwhile, I'll be leaving you guys again with some lines that caught my attention. I hope we will all be inspired by these to become a better person, in some way.

Excerpts from The Plump Pinay's blog post (click here to read the whole post)... 

"We should learn when to bite our tongues and think first about the impact of the words we will utter. You might want to consider the fact that you don't know a single thing about the person you're about to criticize, so needless to say, assuming anything is pointless."

Let's all be gorgeous inside and out! xx


Denise said...

love the earrings on you!and you look so gorgeous! :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

Thank you so much, sis Denise!!! :)