Coffee Date with Denise

I finally had the chance to meet the gorgeous blogger behind Simone's Fashion Closet, Denise! Had a coffee date with her awhile ago to have a meeting regarding our collaboration and of course, to share unlimited stories with each other. I love that we never ran out of words to say even though we just met for the first time! It's like we've known each other for so long already.

Denise looking effortlessly pretty!
Brainchild of Simone's Fashion Closet (blog) 
and the Owner of Simone's Closet (online shop)

Yay to wonders of the camera's timer since no one else was with us to take our pictures! I love that for only a few hours, we were able to talk about a lot of things and I was able to get to know Denise better. Hearing her stories, I can profess that she's a beautiful person inside and out.

Here's to what Denise wore:

I admire how Denise rocked with this maxi dress and accessories! Fasyon! I guess it was meant to be that the rain stopped so we can take outfit shots outside the mall! :p

I can help but stare at these photos! It makes me happy that I've met someone like Denise. We really have a lot of things in common. Can't wait to work with her in our shoot!

My poor Steve Madden heels was about to give up on me (turning one year of overusing it) so I had to change to flats. Good thing I always bring a pair with me!

We strolled around Toys R Us after taking photos! She bought cute stamps for her baby girl, Marise. Such a sweet Mom!! ♥

Love you, sis! Looking forward to more dates and kwentuhan! xx


Denise said...

aww i love this post. though nahihiya ako sa mga photos! you looks so pretty talaga arnie :) I can't wait to blog about our date :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

Hi Sis!! :) Bakit ka naman nahihiya? Mom said you're so pretty and she loved your outfit. ♥ Hihi excited to see your blog about our date. Much love!

Maria said...

aww. that's so sweet babe! cute nyo namang dalawa.. I hope ma meet ko na din si denise and you! :)

Well written babe!
Followed you :)
and oh, oh, Super pretty nyong dalawa and your outfits :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

Maria babe! :) I'm super hoping to meet you as well. Soon sana! Hihi! Followed you, too, btw! ♥ Stay gorgeous, babe!

Anonymous said...

How did you get to know Denise?

Arnie Villanueva said...

Hi there! :) We started communicating with each other a few days after I made my blog. We became close through exchanging emails and text messages. :)