Style Inspiration

Hello guys! Since I’ll be devoting myself into blogging, especially about fashion, I decided to ask some people about what they want to see me wearing in my posts. Their suggestions were awesome and yes, expect me to be working on these styles as soon as possible!

1) The boho-fashion

I’ve been looking up to the Olsen twins’ and Nicole Richie’s bohemian style because it’s really hippie and edgy at the same time. I think I’ll be saying hello to accessories with tassels and feathers!

2) Color blocking

This isn’t a new trend but it is definitely back with a big bang! I’m super elated to create an outfit with blocks of solid colors next to each other!

3) Sheer / See-through Clothing

Ready to show off some skin? You’re rest assured that you would still look glamorous while your sheer clothes scream “look at me”. ;)

4) Maxi Skirt

The weather’s too cold for shorts! Maxi skirts will suit you year-round, regardless of the season. Embrace femininity! 

Looking forward into wearing these!! If you guys have any other suggestions, feel free to comment up! Spread the love and style. xx

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