Immediate Relief for Eczema

With all the weather changes we experience year-round, anyone's skin can suffer, especially if you have eczema. Good thing we have skin-savers like Aveeno, which can help immediately relieve your flare-ups from first use! 

Fun fact: Aveeno's products have Avenanthramides, naturally found in oats, which is well-known for their soothing properties! They also have prebiotic Collodial Oatmeal which can help strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier. My dad has really sensitive skin and Aveeno’s actually one of the products that he swears by!

This particular product gently cleanses skin without drying, perfectly suitable for people prone to eczema, leaving skin feeling soothed with moisture. Can also be used by children from 3 years old and up + adults. 

Its formula also has prebiotic colloidal oatmeal and ceramides that help restore and strengthen the skin barrier. Best part? It's paraben-free!

Also clinically proven to soothe skin and help strengthen its protective barrier. It's also unscented, paraben-free, and fast-absorbing! 

Suitable for anyone in the family, whether you have eczema or not.

If you’re experiencing dryness, itchiness, redness, flaking, and stinging, then now’s the high time to try Aveeno. These are available on Shopee!

SHINE MOIST: Salon-like Experience at Home

Want your hair to be holiday-ready? If you’re still uncomfortable to go out, you can have a salon-like experience at home with Shine Moist products, available on Shopee! This brand has all the pamper items your crowning glory needs and you won’t need to spend so much.

Trusted brand for color care and damage repair

SHINE MOIST HENNA WAX (Available in jar or pouch) 
Ranging from ₱200 - ₱600 on Shopee | Buy now

Familiar with cellophane treatment? This is exactly it! This product can make your hair healthy and pretty at the same time.

Currently at 20% off, ranging from ₱224 - ₱560 on Shopee | Buy now

Level up your look for on-cam meetings or errands outside! This set already offers salon-grade quality which would cost 3x-5x more if you'll have it done in an actual salon! 

What to love: pigmented for healthy, natural-looking hair, many color choices, formulated with less ammonia so it doesn't sting or smell, easy to use even for beginners, go-to formula of professional hairstylists, trusted brand

Ranging from ₱280 - ₱360 on Shopee | Buy now 

Achieve lighter colors like Ash Blonde or Ash Grey hair with this product! Check out their reviews on Shopee to see how much people love this gem!

Excited to see your looks! Do tag me on Instagram (@arnievillanueva_) when you try Shine Moist! Happy shopping... and bleaching 

Anti-aging Product: Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramide

 I’ve started being very religious with my skincare regimen when I turned 24, and until now, I’m still very discerning with the products that I use. Back then, I even had a 10-step routine but as I aged, I realized that I needed just a few holy grails to keep my skin satisfied! 

When choosing skincare products, I usually do my research and go through reviews before purchasing. Particularly for the eye area, I’m still on the look out for a product that would help me prevent wrinkles and lessen my eye bags. Chanced upon Elizabeth Arden’s Retinol Ceramide Line Erasing Eye Cream as one of the recos of people online! So happy that I’m finally trying it out!

Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramide Line Erasing Eye CreamBuy online

This product promises to smoothen, brighten, and de-puff the eye area for younger looking eyes. Formulated with Smart Retinol technology and packaging to keep the light and air out, and potency in! 

Targets fine lines, crow’s feet, puffiness, and dark circles for a well-rested, hydrated, and youthful-looking appearance.

Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramide Capsules Line Erasing Night Serum | Available on Shopee

Honestly, it's my first time to use capsules for my face! Same family as the eye cream shown above, this product is made to visibly diminish lines and wrinkles while improving skin texture and tone. You only need one capsule per night, and they are all sealed tight for optimal freshness and potency. 

Nice to know that they're clinically and dermatologically tested + preservative-free and fragrance-free, too! Suitable for all skin types. Both products are best for women, ages 25-55 years old! 

Buy these and more from Elizabeth Arden on Shopee.

Great Deals from Garnier on Shopee

Another budol post and this time, treats for your skin! Here are some ideas on what you need to add to your cart stat!

The "ber" months in the Philippines also mean slowly welcoming colder days. And during this season, my skin feels dry and tight which means it lacks moisture. Maybe some of you can relate to it, too! When this happens, what I usually do is that I replace some products from my routine and opt for ones that can give my skin extra care and hydration. Already stocking up on my trusted products from Garnier, available on Shopee!

Garnier Bright Complete Body Lotion | Buy here
Got the 400ml Twin Pack for only ₱589 (originally ₱658)
with free 50ml Micellar Cleansing Water or Yoghurt Sleeping Mask

This product is enriched with lemon essence to brighten your skin with moisture-repairing nutrients to strengthen your skin's protective barrier. It also has UVA/UVB filters!

Garnier Hydra Bomb Eye Serum Mask | Buy here
Set of 10 for only ₱340

Been staying up late these past few weeks because of work, so when I saw this from Shopee, I immediately got 20 pcs! Haha! Definitely a NEED!

Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-on | Buy here
Only ₱259 per box

Loyalty check! My 2011 self would be proud to see this. During my first month in blogging, I actually featured this product which wasn't even sponsored at that time, but more like to share my experience because it worked well for me during my college days. Even until now, this particular product still does its wonders!

Garnier Color Naturals (in Caramel Brown & Golden Brown) | Buy here
Only ₱109 per pack, which already includes the Colorant & Developer

For those who are still hesitant to go out for salon sessions because of the rising COVID-19 cases, this color pack from Garnier would surely delight you! I got a couple of packs for my mom so she can do her pamper time safely at home, and I might try the Golden Brown shade one of these days! Personally, I just wish this came with an applicator and gloves. Nevertheless, so excited to see the results!

Happy shopping!