TOMS Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

New year, new opportunities, new inspirations! TOMS has always been one of my most loved brands because of their inspiring initiatives - end goal is to always make people’s lives better.

With this, TOMS’ Spring/Summer 2016 collection takes cue from some of the cultures we admire, places we love and traditions we cherish. From the Riviera’s 1950’s inspired iconic style of nautical stripes, chambray, red, blue and natural colors of early spring; Morocco Souk’s vibrant colors and energy full of geometric patterns, embroidered fabrics, fringe accents, detailed beading and tile prints; to Hawaii’s Tiki Jungle of tropical prints, warm earth tones, genuine materials, fun tiki prints, printed cork and woven leather.

TOMS’ One for One Movement is still very much alive - with every purchase of shoes, eyewear and bags helps another in a life-changing way. TOMS stand for style and substance with the belief that the latest trends can help address global needs, and making a real impact can be as simple as making a purchase. Expanding its product line to more fashionable pieces not only keeps the brand relevant but ensures they keep the giving going. Providing more opportunities for their customers to give back, One for One.

One for One is a simple idea, a belief that getting and giving can be one, that two strangers on either sides of the planet or the street, can enrich each other’s lives. One day, one purchase, one person at a time. Sharing this idea will take a lifetime. But isn’t that what lifetimes are for? :)

Because really, with all these beautiful styles plus their heart-warming advocacy, who wouldn’t want to support TOMS? :)

TOMS products are available at TOMS SM Aura, TOMS Megamall, TOMS Mall of Asia, TOMS Glorietta 1, The Give Project, Adora in Greenbelt 5, Shoe Salon, Rustan’s Department Stores and all Nothing But H2O Stores.

Nadine Lustre and James Reid for Parisian and Milanos

My closest friends know how much of a #Jadine fan I am. :p Yup, secret revealed! I’m a certified OTWOLista and my Spotify playlist has Bahala Na, Period No Erase, Randomatic and Hanap-Hanap. Hahaha! No judging please! I mean, how can you not love these two?

More Jadine photos and realnezz as you scroll!

When I received SM Parisian’s invite on unveiling their "hottest pair” event, they didn’t mention who their new celebrity endorsers are, but I felt it was going to be Nadine and James! Lo and behold! :)

Kelly and I arrived just in time for the fashion show at SM City Makati! The place was packed with people excited to meet the hottest pair plus the newest collection from SM Parisian and Milanos.

Shortly after, the two went down from the escalator, ready to strut the runway.

I know you’re thrilled to see more of James Reid for Milanos, so here you go! :)


I’ve always been a fan of Parisian Shoes and Bags. Back in college, my everyday flats and handbags were from the brand. Their collections are always up-to-date and fairly-priced, no need to risk your allowance just to stay stylish! Even now that I’m working, Parisian Shoes and Bags is still my go-to shopping hub.

I’ve read from one of Nadine’s magazine interviews that, for her, spending big on fashion is not as important as being resourceful. “Dressing up does not have to be expensive. I used to buy from thrift stores and saved what little money I had to update my wardrobe. If you really want it, you will find a way.” (Preview, December 2015 - January 2016)

My queen knows it! ;)

Loving Parisian Shoes and Bags' latest releases! The pair Nadine's wearing here is actually my favorite! Those from Milanos Shoes are equally awesome, too! I can imagine my guy friends wearing them! :)

My picks! Went home with five (5) pairs from Parisian Shoes and Bags! YAAAAS ♥

Huge love and thanks to the Parisian Shoes and Bags + Milanos Shoes team for having me!

Rexona MotionSense

Admit it. Our country’s facing so much dilemma and there will be times when you’d wonder if it’s still possible to cope up with these never ending issues. But we all continue to get up, fight and recover - all because we are Filipinos.

Indeed, the Philippines’ greatest asset is its people. Every day, hardworking Pinoys take multiple challenges, some face 3-hour commutes to and from work, to weathering through and recuperating from calamities. Despite these, we remain optimistic and energetic, as we keep dreaming of and pushing towards a better future.

These traits, together with a developing sense of national identity, has created the New Pinoy Mover, who knows that every move makes a difference and espouses a quality of life that inspires and empowers others.

Kelly and I are always positive (like we never run out of energy no matter how tough our work days are), and we go above and beyond the call of duty. 

What do Pinoys need? A deodorant that works as hard as we do. 

For all our efforts, we deserve the most superior deodorant that allows us to #KeepOnMoving. Known as a brand that gives confidence to Pinoys, Rexona launches its breakthrough technology, Rexona MotionSense.

Here are the New Pinoy Movers: Ace Ramos, Aisa Moreno, AJ Dee, Amina Aranaz, Anton Diaz, Bianca Gonzalez-Intal, Cecil Van Straten, Chappy Callanta, Charina Sarte, Donald Lim, Dyan Castillejo, Erik Cua, Erik Matti, Erwan Heussaff, Francis Libiran, Gabby Dela Merced, James Deakin, Jason Magbanua, Jimmy Alapag, JP Anglo, Karen Jimeno, Kat Agarrado, Kryz Uy, Leeroy New, Lesley Mobo, Lourd De Veyra, Mark Ruiz, Marlon Stockinger, Melissa Yeung, Mich Dulce, Mika Reyes, Mike Carandang, Nicole Andersson, Nikki Luna, Nikko Huelgas, Paolo Valenciano, Phil Younghusband, Rachelle Ann Go, Rajo Laurel, Reese Fernandez, Rio dela Cruz, RJ Ledesma, Robby Carmona, Royal Pineda, Sam YG, Sara Black, Sarah Geronimo, Teacher Georcelle, Tim Yap, Up Dharma Down

New Rexona MotionSense is the first and only antiperspirant with a patented technology that’s activated by movement. It contains microcapsules filled with fragrance that bursts with friction.

With every move, you smell fresher throughout the day. The more you move, the more it works! ;)

Thank you very much to the Rexona team for having me! Excited to use the new MotionSense deodorants! :)

How about you? What makes you a New Pinoy Mover? Share it on social media with the hashtag #KeepOnMoving.

Cream Silk Transformations Event

We’re a few days away from wrapping up the first month of 2016, and frankly, I think I’ve been through a lot already. Changes to embrace the new year. And this also marks the beginning of new hopes, new promises, and new ambitions. As we all strive to be the best versions of ourselves, we constantly try to find ways of going beyond beautiful, and transforming ourselves for the better to become the woman we aspire to be. Gone are the days of the Maria Claras, as women are slowly climbing up the ranks and embracing bigger and better roles for themselves. Today, the Modern Filipina trailblazing individual determined to realize her dreams and make a positive influence in the world.

With this, Cream Silk, the number one hair brand in the Philippines, together with the country’s top magazines, continues to champion every Filipina’s journey of transformation, as they launch Cream Silk Transformations: Spotlight on the Modern Filipina, a glamorous, empowering and inspiring activity-filled event this coming January 23, 2016.

The one-day affair, to be held at the World Trade Center tent will feature several areas hosted by MEGA, Preview, Metro, Meg, Yes and Cosmopolitan. Attendees will be able to explore the whole venue, attend a variety of workshops presented by their favorite magazines, and experience their own hair transformations at Cream Silk’s special booth.

Every woman has the capacity to transform herself and unleash her beauty and become the woman she wants to be — and Cream Silk, with industry experts from each publication will show them how. The event’s workshops aim to empower the Filipina and equip them with confidence to maximize their assets. Just like how Cream Silk has been designed for the Filipina, to transform any hair into beyond beautiful hair, enabling them to conquer more. Topics include fashion, beauty, confidence building and hair care.

Aside from that, Cream Silk will also be introducing a strong lineup of Modern Filipinas, women who embody the traits and characteristics of the Modern Filipina to serve as inspiration, each being on the verge of their own transformations.

For the first time ever, the no. 1 hair brand in the Philippines and the top magazines, bring you the first ever live cover shoot experience. With this, event attendees will get to witness the transformations of the new generation of Modern Filipinas, who will surely make their mark this 2016.

SEE YOU THERE GUYS! I’ll be there in the afternoon! ;)