Throwback to September 2013

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." (Jeremiah 29:11)

I've always been the girl bursting with optimism and sunshine, so I'm sure you never noticed, but honestly, September last year, my life's a mess and I was on the verge of bailing out and not believing. But Joed and my parents never gave up on me and drew me closer to God even if my heart's stoned. I remember Joed would bring me to prayer meetings and worship sessions on weekends just to restore my faith and the love I have for the Lord. After months, it came back. Despite the constant hardships, I just trusted and lifted all my worries and fears to Him. But it was never easy.

Who would've thought that my September 2014's going to be this big and beautiful? We're just on the 3rd week but I've been receiving so much and I'm not even sure if I deserve all these. My 8th precious year with Joed, then great blog-related opportunities, good health of my parents and the very unexpected job promotion and raise bestowed by my Get Hooked 360 family (aka the BEST gift I've received!!!!). ❤ I always work hard and give my 101% in everything, but of course all these won't be possible without God's grace.

On me: Feliz off-shoulder top courtesy of Style Stunner Manila | plaid pants courtesy of Style Stunner Manila | sling bag courtesy of Romwe | mandals courtesy of Quina

Albeit being so unsure of my decision, January this year I entered a full-time job. No idea how things will go, and what will happen with all that I'll miss about my daily blog life. I just wanted to seek more ways to help my family. Leap of faith.

It's only been 8 months, but I'm feeling beyond happy and blessed to be part of this company. God's gracious for bringing me here. It takes work, but it doesn't feel like it. Ibang klase.

Not sure how it happened, but everything's wayyy better now compared to last year. And I totally regret that I once lost my faith with God, and even questioned his existence, love and worth. He never really left me. He understands how I feel especially when no one else can. :)

Photos by Joed Collo

Throwback Thursday! :p How was your September 2013 like? Share them with me in the comments section below! ❤❤❤

A Mystical Tale with Pandora

I always get stunned whenever I check out the collections of Pandora. Who wouldn't fall for their beautifully crafted charms and jewelries? :) I dream to have my own Pandora bracelet to fill with charms for every new adventures or unforgettable moments! That's why when their PR team contacted me to be part of their new collection, I said yes in a heartbeat! And died for seconds. ❤

Pandora creates a new magical classic that mirrors their mystique and novelty, and altogether polishing it off with signature sophistication. As a brand that has always stayed attuned with the changing waves of fashion and culture, Pandora's 2014 Autumn/Winter collection is a creative reimagining of an enchanted forest. A sense of otherworldly wonderment for autumn has arrived! :)

Each of the pieces in the collection is thoughtfully designed to captivate the senses in a modern tale of femininity. The series boasts of beautifully textured and ultra-feminine rings, earrings, charms and pendants, which can be collected over time and stacked, combined, and styled with other pieces for a truly personal look.

Crafted from sterling silver, 14k gold, coloured enamel and sparkling cubic zirconia, the Autumn/Winter collection melds tradition with innovation to create unforgettable moments and stylish sentiment.

Echoing the Autumn/Winter collection inspirations, Pandora brings to life the mystery and magic of the forest thru interpretative ballet and scenography. The newly opened SM Mega Fashion Hall was the backdrop for staging "A Mystical Tale with Pandora". Renowned director and playwrite Floy Quintos, celebrated set and costume designed Gino Gonzales and no less than the Philippine Ballet Theatre were tapped to interpret the fantasy-inspired Autumn/Winter collection. The ballet story narrates Pandora's journey in search of precious discoveries and valuable moments.


Fell in love with the brand even more! Thank you, Pandora Philippines, for having me and trusting my blog for this beautiful affair! I can't wait to create more memories with your precious gift! :)

Avon's Breast Cancer Walk and Run 2014

Breast cancer remains women’s toughest enemy and Avon, the company for women, is determined to see an end to the disease with its Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer (KGBC) 2014 campaign. As the world’s leading champion against breast cancer, Avon is gearing up for its biggest fight yet, as it stages the Avon Pink Walk and Run (WAR) Against Breast Cancer for the cause’s 12th year here in the Philippines.

The recent launch’s ground zero was the Philippine Army Officers’ Clubhouse in Fort Bonifacio where a briefing was executed in true military fashion. Attendees were educated on the paramount importance of early detection and regular self-breast exams to combat breast cancer. Avon Philippines President and General Manager Julie Tatarczuk served as Commander-in-Chief, who briefed the attendees on this year’s campaign and the global beauty brand’s unwavering commitment against the disease.

Tatarczuk declared, “I am grateful for the opportunity to stand before all of you today and invite you on Avon’s important mission. This mission entails all of us to join a war. A war all of us need to be a part of because it can hurt the people we love. It is time that we fight back. It is time we provide people with the ammunition to survive the disease.”

This year, we are waging an all-out war. We leave no woman behind. The Avon Pink WAR is proof that as the company for women, Avon will never back down from the fight against breast cancer. We encourage everyone present today to stand with us as part of the Pink Army and help us spread awareness on this disease. Through early detection and regular self-breast checks, we can win this war against breast cancer.”

The battleground was further shaken up with the unveiling of powerful ammunition by KGBC ambassador Solenn Heussaff who, together with an infantry of pink-clad dancers, taught the attendees the Dibdiban Dance. The dance, which creatively teaches how to do self-breast exams, will be released via Avon Philippines’ Facebook page.

“The dance is more than just entertainment. It’s a call to spread awareness on breast cancer. Avon wants women to be familiar with their bodies and regularly conduct self-breast exams. This is our most powerful weapon and the more women know about this, the better our chances of scoring sweet victory against the disease,” said Solenn.

Solenn will be joined by fellow GMA 7 stars Kris Bernal, and Rocco Nacino in the frontlines of the ultimate battle which will take place at the SM Mall of Asia Grounds on October 12. The battle will consist of the Walk and Run (WAR) events where brave souls can enlist in the Pink Army to join the cause. 

Enlistment fee is Php550 for the 5k run and Php700 for the 10k run. The fee is inclusive of the AVON WAR Kit which includes a singlet, race number, and giveaway. Those joining the Walk can enlist for Php299, inclusive of a WAR shirt. Supporters can also purchase a Limited Edition Skin-So-Soft Lotion made for KGBC at Php 300 to help the cause.

Uniting with Avon in combat are the Philippine Cancer Society, GMA Network, Inc., SM, and Ford Philippines. Proceeds from the WAR will go to the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) Breast Care Center and selected provincial hospitals.

Ask Arnie

Collated all the fashion-related and personal questions I recently received via email and Twitter to answer in this post! :) I swear I've the best and most random readers on earth! Hahahaha! I always feel excited to open my email every day because of your sweet messages and crazy questions. Thanks for sticking around, guys! ❤

On me: top and skirt courtesy of Chase Fashion Inc. | Perfect Fit Shop plaid kimono | sandals courtesy of Call It Spring | hair makeover courtesy of Blo Blow Dry Bar

Xyra2001: what do u use for instagram-ing?
- Hi Xyra! Most of my Instagram photos are taken using my iPhone 5C. :)

CintaVintage: you're sponsored by romwe? wowww, how?
- Hi! Yes, you can check out Romwe's Fashion Blogger Policies at :) They've nice clothes, no?

mika: if you don't mind, how much did it cost you at PINO? :) planning for a friend's 23rd eh hehe
- Hi Mika! Good choice! I actually spent my 20th birthday at Pino, too! :) My family's super busog na with around Php2,000+. Love everything at Pino especially their Kare-Kareng Bagnet! SOLID!

Trina B.: I miss your daily outfit posts :'(
- HUHU SAME :( I badly miss updating my blog and doing OOTDs daily, too. Thanks, Trina!

Angegege: do you love mcdonalds fries too, ate arnie? *_*
- YES! I can finish 2 BFF fries in one sitting. Uh-oh...

Deng: What's a good foundation and hm is it? Also, what's a good lip tint and hm too?
- Hi Deng! I'm using Revlon Photo Ready Foundation which I got for about Php900+. I love NYX and Laura Mercier lippies! ❤

krishia p: Hi ate arnie! I'm an aspiring fashion blogger and I want to attend events also. How do I get passes?
- Hi Krishia! Glad you opened your doors for blogging! Good luck and have fun! :) The marketing officers of brands usually send me their event invitations. :)

Gracelle L.: Hello po! I just want to ask how you introduced kuya Joed to your parents?
- Hi Gracelle! Hahahaha so cute and random! Joed and I were classmates nung high school, and he used to teach me some difficult Math lessons. My mom would invite him at home for merienda while doing homework. :) Eventually he became close with my dad na rin because they've a lot of similarities.

Verna Joyce: Hello po mama Arnie! I just want to ask kung pwede po ba na i-critique niyo ang blog ko? thank you!
- Hello Verna! Thanks for sharing with me your blog! I'm super happy you opened your doors for this fun activity. Love your OOTDs and how you can perfectly pull off jeans! I pray that you'll continue doing this, masarap mag-blog (very therapeutic, nakakawala ng stress) and you'll get to meet new friends! :) Congratulations!

Jay: you're my thinspiration ate arnie!! how to get thin like you!!
- WOW! Hahahaha I'm not really sure if you picked the right thinspiration. I swear I eat a lot :(

vina92: how to handle a controlling bf?
- Hi Vina! Tough question! Hahahaha! I think it'll be best to tell your boyfriend that you're uncomfortable with him manipulating/controlling you or your actions. Baka sakali! Hahaha! And of course, assure him that you can be trusted and you're responsible even when he's not around. :)

carmendelarosa: Hi ms. arnie, i saw you and papa joed at trinoma one time but shy to approach :( you passed in front of me and you smell good! what is your perfume>
- Hi Carmen! Awwww sayang you should've called me! Hehe would love to say hi! :) Anyway, when was this kaya? I've been using the classic Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue before, but I switched to the D&G Light Blue (Dreaming in Portofino) just a month ago. :)

Lyn Garcia: totoo po ba ang mga soulmates ate?
- Hahahahaha cutie pie!!! Maybe :) Malay natin!

Chloe Natividad: where does joed study?
- Hi Chloe, Joed's an engineering student at Mapua :)

Loki: Hi Arnie. ambait mo sa mga followers mo :)
- Hi Loki, maraming salamat!!! :)

Diane: is joed the owner of jco? hahaha

jaimiefox: I pray to meet my own Joed!
- Awwww! Praying with you, Jaimie! :)

Photos by Ana Gonzales

I had so much fun answering these!!! Kagulo lang! Til the next one! :)