Giveaway Alert: Lux Soft Touch

Just to share, I spend around an hour (or more) in the bathroom when showering. I follow strict beauty rituals and if I miss one, I’d feel upset the entire day. Even on days when I’ve early call time or meetings, I make sure to wake up earlier than usual just so I’ve my grand bathing o’clock.

When LUX was introduced to the market, I switched my body wash to this because they have enticing skin promises. They weren’t kidding about Lux’s smoothening powers and long-lasting fragrance. Feeling confident and irresistible all day long! :)

The LUX Soft Touch Body Wash has silk protein extracts which can give you noticeably softer and smoother skin. It can hydrate your dry skin cells and keep you refreshed the whole day! There are days when I fail to spray in perfume but LUX got me covered and I smell so good for hours!

How to use? Pour a drop of this body wash and gently lather with a pouf. Massage all over your body to let the luxurious lather and its enchanting fragrance embrace your skin and senses every day.

You will also love the convenience LUX brings especially when you take it with you during trips! My OC self hates sachets and unsecured soap bars. LUX is the total opposite because it’s handy and squeaky clean (no spills) ❤

Floral seamless bra courtesy of Barbizon

Apart from the LUX Soft Touch Body Wash, they also released the LUX Soft Touch Perfumed Soap. I’ll try it out very soon and make a review so stay tuned! :)

Since LUX loves YOU so much, they’re running and Instagram contest for my readers!
To join:

✓ Follow @LuxPH on Instagram
✓ Post a selfie
✓ Answer why you love having fragrant skin
✓ Use the hashtags #BatheWithLux and #LuxSoftTouch

That’s it! Giveaway’s running until May 28, 2016! 20 lucky winners will receive a Lux Soft Touch gift pack. Excited to see your entries! Good luck everyone! xx

New Flame

Something new, and I love it! ♡♡♡

For years, my outfit posts are all me me me and it’s super rare to have someone posing by my side. Got used to shooting alone so I felt worried we might run out of poses in this OOTD. But with Deo, it was all a breeze. This burrito’s such a pro.

On me: white jacket courtesy of Penshoppe | joggers courtesy of Penshoppe | H&M lingerie | Adidas Stan Smith sneakers

On Deo: striped tee courtesy of Penshoppe | Nike sneakers

Our picks - as seen on your favorite stars like Kendall Jenner, Sandara Park and Mario Maurer! Make sure to head to your nearest Penshoppe store to grab these items! :)

Deo’s a beast on-stage all the time. A Team champ, y’allz! Dancing is his prowess but I think he’ll set fire here, too. Don’t you think he deserves his own blog? I hope his crazy schedule (work, dance training and other stuff) would allow him to, though! But since people have been encouraging Deo to put up his own website, I think we need to combine all our convincing powers to finally make this happen. :p

Go follow THE Miguel Deo Montuerto on Twitter and his new Instagram account! 

Photos by Jez Borlagdan
Such a pro, bb Jez! Love you!!!

Getting Intimate with Barbizon

This is probably one of the most revealing OOTDs I’ll post here, bless up! Hahaha! Really, how can you not share this pair of intimates from Barbizon?

Corset bra courtesy of Barbizon (available in leading department stores nationwide and their website)

Hoping you girls know the importance of pretty undies. Some might say, “no one’s gonna see it, so what’s the point?” Well, keep in mind that it’s never about him or others. It should always be about you. ;) And what if (knock on wood) an emergency happens and, example, the nurses/doctors need to undress you and you’re wearing the worst underwear? You wouldn’t want to be remembered with your “bacon strips” lol

With that, your go-to shopping place for intimates should be Barbizon. Whether you want something sweet, cute or sexy, their collections' got you covered with the best quality! Comfort + durability + reasonable price range = win!

Might blog a few more lingeries from Barbizon so stay tuned! ;)

Sandara Park for Penshoppe + DenimLab Showcase

Penshoppe is unstoppable. I don’t know how they do it, but they surprise everyone with the biggest celebrity launches and the trendiest releases all the time. Wild.

Just recently, Asian pop superstar and 2NE1 member Sandara “Dara” Park flew back to Manila for the launch of Penshoppe’s new collection. So sad I missed her press conference because I had meetings, but I made sure to catch up on their Denim Lab Showcase held at the TriNoma Activity Center.

Krung Krung for life! She’s so cute!

Pick your favorites! :)

I swear I got kilig while watching their fashion show. This brand keeps on getting better! Make sure to check out your nearest Penshoppe branch to see (and purchase) their fresh drops! Already got mine and Deo's, so excited to share the photos with you!

I love how Sandara remains quirky and humble despite achieving the peak of her stardom. Still the Krung Krung we knew from Star Circle Quest. She even answers in Tagalog during her interview. Such a sweetheart!

Thanks for having us and congratulations for the successful launch, Penshoppe! ♥♥♥