Never Stop Dreaming

Great things come to those who wait and persevere. Best things come when you have faith in Him. ♥

Life was never easy. From my princess-like lifestyle from birth to high school, to the global recession around 2008 which greatly affected my Dad’s industry and business - scrapped almost all that we have, to entering college filled with questions and fear, and eventually graduating in my degree as Cum Laude because I strove hard and held on to my promise for my parents. It’s been a crazy journey and I’m just 22. But all those challenges made me and my faith in God stronger. Parang kaya ko na lahat pagkatapos nun.

On me: dress courtesy of Style Stunner Manila | sling bag courtesy of SM Accessories | sneakers courtesy of PEOPLE Footwear (Available in RES TOE RUN)

Cliche, but I firmly believe that God puts us in situations on purpose. Why our grandiose lifestyle shattered, why we had to experience pain that no one may even understand, why I’m blogging, why I entered a full-time job, why I thankfully ended up with Get Hooked 360. All these taught me lessons that I’ll carry with me forever. All these are God’s great blessings.

Never stop dreaming.

Faced another beautiful milestone just last weekend! With God’s glory and grace, plus the intense support system from the people around me (my parents, Joed, my friends, my bosses)… I finally bought myself a new car, straight from my hard-earned money ♥♥♥ Everything’s worth it!

One huge leap for my 22-year-old self! I know I’ve a lot of young readers, and I hope this would inspire you to keep going. Save up and start young. Don’t get disheartened by difficult times, they’re part of life. Work hard, reward yourself. Stay grounded. Never forget your parents, share your success with them. Offer everything to the Lord. :) Nothing’s impossible as long as you embrace all those!

In These Pants

Nothing beats a sexy pair of jeans! That perfect fit hugging your thighs, length that you desire, slightly distressed denims - my kind of hot! If you’re searching for such kind of jeans, why don’t you come and visit Memo? My current favorite’s from there! ;)

Memo recently released the most coveted #InThesePants collection. I’ve 3 pairs under this new group - 2 skinnies and 1 slim! Sharing with you the first skinny denims I wore to work a few days back.

On me: top courtesy of Memo | skinny jeans courtesy of Memo | sling bag courtesy of SM Accessories | The Ramp pumps

You can be both sexy and laidback in these pants! For some reason, I felt extra confident that day with this ensemble. So make sure to chase and keep your best-fitting pants. You’ll need it especially on days when you feel like trash but you want to look good. Heels + pants will save you!

Might abuse this top, too! Memo’s got so many versatile items, you can match the pieces with other garbs and you’d still look great. I can imagine wearing this top with white shorts and sneakers and I’m already weekend-ready!

Photos by John King delos Reyes

Can’t wait to show you the two other pants I got from Memo! Make sure to hit your nearest Memo stores and be seen #InThesePants! ♥♥♥

Coloursticks by Colourette Cosmetics

To my female readers, how many lipsticks do you own? I just checked my stash and I’m already on my 19th for the year. Yep, those that I own from 2014 and down aren’t included yet! :p That’s how of a lipstick freak I am. But honestly, from that pool, I only bring my 4 favorite shades with me everyday - MAC Brave, MAC Fanfare, L’Oreal Black Cherry and NYX Snow White. But now, my purse would probably need to carry 5. ;)

Have you ever heard of coloursticks? They’re more than just lipsticks - they’re packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Avocado Oil and Grapeseed Oil. All these in one tube with the shade of your choice! :) Wondering where to purchase? I got mine from Colourette Cosmetics! ♥♥♥

On me: white top courtesy of SM GTW | Uniqlo plaid buttondown | pants courtesy of Ensembles | sneakers courtesy of PEOPLE Footwear | Petra colourstick courtesy of Colourette Cosmetics

If you’re about to purchase your next one, try out coloursticks and make sure to get them from Colourette! Step out wearing the best lip shade - won’t leave you feeling dry and chapped!

Been using PETRA shade for over a week now and I’m loving it! Indeed, Colourette stays true to its promise. :)

Make the healthy switch now! Your favorite local celebrities like Jessy Mendiola, Ella Cruz, Max Collins and Jane Oineza have been using coloursticks from Colourette Cosmetics. Probably enough reason for you to give it a try? ;)

Only Php499.00! Available at their Facebook and Instagram accounts. ♥

Photos by John King delos Reyes

11/11 Shopee: Online Shopping Day

Happy 11/11!

Today’s a great day to feel nothing but good vibes - and this definitely involves shopping! :p But if you don’t have time to hit the mall, why don’t you purchase from Shopee instead? Hassle-free, all you need is your mobile device! ;)

Shopee is bringing the mobile shopping revolution to our country, with its easy-to-use and safe mobile marketplace. Users can both buy and sell online at no extra cost, covered by the Shopee Guarantee (ensuring each party protection from fraudulent transactions for all deals completed online).

Today, November 11, join Shopee in celebrating the world’s BIGGEST Online Shopping Day by posting with the hashtag #Shopee1111Day! Log-in at Shopee and enjoy huge FREE gifts, collection discounts, and hourly raffles, and more exciting digital events!

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