Anne Curtis for Shiseido The Collagen

Honestly, I've never ever tried taking in any beauty beverages nor tablets before. At 24, I thought I didn't need it and I got scared of the possible side effects. However, I recently got introduced to Shiseido The Collagen Drink and learned so much - I'm now a convert and drinking my 4th bottle! After all, we know that Shiseido is a trusted brand and a world leader in cosmetics technology. ;)

Here's why I'm finally taking in Shiseido The Collagen Drink and why Anne Curtis-Smith LOVES it!

Shiseido The Collagen Drink works deep within your skin.

#TeamNoSleep because of Kdrama marathon? We're all guilty of this! :p All the beauty supporting ingredients of this drink will enhance your overall appearance. So on days when Anne doesn't get her beauty sleep, she drinks this and her eyebags aren't so visible anymore!

If we were to get scientific so you'll be more encouraged, here's an example. This drink has GABA - a natural alternative to pharmaceutical treatment for anxiety and sleeplessness. Gaba is able to counteract signs of aging like wrinkles.

Shiseido has unique patented beauty ingredients, Lingonberry and Amla, that will make our beauty wishes come true.

What is Lingonberry? What can it do for your skin?

Lingonberry is a superfruit that contains powerful antioxidants. Your skin will love you for using it because of these benefits:

• Help neutralize the effects of the sun's radiation
• Maintains normal functions of skin cells
• Reduce redness and skin sensitivity
• Promote tissue regeneration
• Has anti-inflammatory properties
• Promote a healthy, moist, glowing skin
• Rehydrates and regenerates skin

What is Amla? What can it do for your skin?

Amla is an Indian gooseberry, particularly known for its good effects on hair and skin. Check out its benefits below:

Lightens the complexion. Amla has vitamin C and antioxidants, which bring a natural glow to your skin.
Anti-aging Effects. It diminishes wrinkles and fine lines.
Exfoliating and cleansing agent. With an abundance of antioxidants, amla is a great cleansing agent for the skin.
Skin brightener. Indian berry has special brightening effects on the skin.
Treats acne and pimples. Amla is an excellent blood purifier, so it fights off micro-organisms under the skin, which causes most of the breakouts by infecting the skin.
Skin toner and tightener. Vitamin C increases the production of collagen cells in the skin; hence, it restores soft and firm skin and prevents sagging.
Repairs damaged tissues. Quickly assists in getting rid of dead, dry and scaly skin.

Here are the other ingredients of Shiseido The Collagen:

Low molecular weight fish collagen • hyaluronic acid • ceramide • GABA • Ornithine • Moisture peptide • Vitamin C • Vitamin B2 • Vitamin B6 • Vitamin E • royal jelly

Here are the SRPs of Shiseido The Collagen:

The Collagen Drink (50ml) - Php229.50
The Collagen EX Drink (50ml) - Php254.50
The Collagen Powder (126g) - Php2,499.50
The Collagen Tablet (126 tabs) - Php3,499.50
The Collage EX Tablet (120 tabs) - Php6,799.50

It's always so lovely and entertaining to see Anne Curtis-Smith. We got to know more about Anne in the event, too, like her favorites, beauty regimen, and thoughts about anything under the sun! <3

Totally adding this to my daily skincare regimen! Thank you, Shiseido!

Cheers to a beautiful new you!

Seda Vertis North

Admittedly, we barely have time for leisure since Deo and I became restau-preneurs. Given our insane schedules for our careers, especially with all the operations for Shibusa 渋さ, we parked our planned trips in and out of the country to focus on the business. So whenever we have two full days to spare (which rarely happens), we book for staycations to get our much-needed R&R.

A few months back, we had our dose of staycation at Seda Vertis North. We didn't get to go around that much because they were still making developments around the hotel. Even so, we had such a pleasurable experience with their available amenities and really courteous staff. We loved our stay so much; we're craving to go back!

Anyway, a lot of facilities have improved since our last visit. The lovely team behind Seda Vertis North got in touch with us for a tour and preview. I knew I couldn't miss it! If you're curious why I admire Seda Vertis North so much, just keep on scrolling! :)
Why should you book Seda Vertis North for your next staycation?

Seda Vertis North is the finest luxurious hotel
with the highest comfort standards in Quezon City.

They're the biggest in the area, with stylish accommodations, superb flavors, grand banquet, meeting venues, and a lot more. Strategically located in the economic hub of Quezon City and just an hour-and-a-half drive from NAIA or Clark International Airport.

In here, you're bound to have a remarkable hospitality experience, which Deo and I can attest to! ❤

 Top-notch Accommodations

Deluxe Rooms
32sqm area equipped with modern amenities, a spacious shower room, 40-inch LED HDTV, media panel, iPod docks, FM stereo, executive work desk, mini bar, coffee and tea making facilities, and electronic in-room safe 

Premier Rooms
48sqm area, studio-style, with a bath tub and all the Deluxe Room amenities

Club Rooms
Has the comfort, convenience, and concessions of Deluxe Rooms with Club privileges - ideal for travelers who want an extra touch of exclusivity, personalized service, and attention.

Corner Suites
64sqm space perfect for families or business travelers. There's a sizable living room, separate master bedroom, connecting room, en-suite bathroom with a large walk-in closet and bath tub.

Presidential Suite
Didn't get to take photos but it's an 128sqm space with a master bedroom, guest room and living room, bath tub, kitchenette, and Club Lounge access.

Royalty Treats at the Club Lounge

The Club Lounge offers daily Continental breakfast, afternoon tea and cocktails, all-day coffee, tea, and non-alcoholic beverages, iMac stations, work tables, reading materials, a wide-screen LED HDTV with cable channels, and secretarial assistance.

Access to the Club Lounge isn't included if you availed of the Deluxe Room, but I heard you just need to add Php2,000.00 if you want to experience all these VIP treats. :)

The fully-equipped meeting rooms are situated in this floor, too.

Wide outdoor pool, gym, and spa

Tip: Their pool area's the nicest OOTD spot! :p

Spacious gym, sauna, spa (Deo, we badly need this lol)

One of my personal favorites at Seda Vertis North, the Straight Up Roof Deck Bar!

I'll probably still go here even if I'm not checked in! If you're looking for a speakeasy roof top bar - not to mention, the highest in QC - with a spectacular view of the skyline, Straight Up is the place to be! They offer awesome music (not too loud to keep you relaxed), great drinks, and delicious pica-pica. I can't wait to bring my friends here!

Another reason for me to go back: the best White Sangria I've ever tasted! ;)

Hope you enjoyed this virtual tour! I highly encourage YOU to experience staying at Seda Vertis North. It's one for the books; you won't regret booking here!

Seda Vertis North
Astra cor. Lux Drives
Vertis North, Diliman, Quezon City
(02) 739 8888

Thoughts of a Young Entrepreneur

Hello guys! How's everything going for you? Whether for school, career, and personal life, I sincerely hope you're doing great. :)

If you were to ask me, August gave me a pretty tough first week. May or may not be the ghost month or Mercury Retrograde to blame. But more importantly, the heavier challenges we faced gave us business and life lessons that we'll carry on forever - most weren't even taught in school.

For the dream chasers and aspiring young entrepreneurs, Deo and I collated a few learnings we've got in running a business in our early 20s. Thought of sharing some with you to (sort of) prevent future heartaches and make you stronger. ❤

On me: customized denim jacket courtesy of Penshoppe | teal cami dress | bag courtesy of SM Accessories | sandals courtesy of Marikina Sole

Find your passion.
Cliche but very important. Before we started Shibusa 渋さ, Deo and I know a bit about the kitchen but our careers then weren't related to cooking at all. Only Kuya Enrico graduated from culinary school and worked in the industry for a couple of years.

However, since the very first training day for our nano restaurant, Deo and I loved every moment and found ourselves excited for every waking day dedicated for cooking. That's also why we man Shibusa 渋さ daily - from doing market errands to actual operations.

Assess what you're passionate about. If you haven't found that out yet, try different things. Be patient, and then you'll discover the thing that makes you the happiest eventually.

Take risks.

Taking risks can entail a lot of sacrifices. In our case, Deo and I had to leave our full time jobs to focus on our business. We had to live a bit below our means because of our investments. Yet jumping into this field was the best decision we've ever made. No regrets at all.

Keep healthy partnerships.

Like in relationships, you must know, or better yet, have the same values as your business partner/s. Since Shibusa 渋さ is our first venture, we limited the partnership to Deo, Kuya Enrico, and I. What's great with this is that we know our individual strengths and weaknesses, and we know how to complement one another.

Partnerships also exist with customers, staff, vendors and suppliers. Keep a healthy relationship with these people because they take part in making your business successful.

It's not easy to start a business,
but maintaining and sticking with it is even more difficult.

Major decisions, finances, handling people, and circumstances beyond our control. No matter how hard we try to strive for perfection each minute, not everything will go our way.

In less than a year of operations, Shibusa 渋さ faced extreme highs and lows. From a successful launch, steady stream of customers, healthy cash flow, and loyal fans, to a major accident that affected our business (we had to close down for 2 months), operating on a limited budget, and having to deal with rude business people - we realized how crazy the lives of restaurateurs/entrepreneurs are because we experienced those first hand.

Despite all those, we never lost hope. We actually even proved to ourselves how much we love Shibusa 渋さ and that we're not giving this up. We discovered abilities we never knew we're capable of doing, developed strength to see how far we can go. Because of those failures, my relationship with Deo went to a deeper level and we became hungrier for success (in a good way). After all, if you are afraid to fail, then you're not ready to win.

"Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty." - Theodore Roosevelt

Have a strong heart. Never give up.

That says it all. <3

I've so much more to share but I still have to prepare for today's operations. I've been getting requests for this particular topic so I hope you learned something from this lengthy post! :p

Feel free to visit Shibusa 渋さ from Tuesday to Sunday, 5PM-12MN, at 38 Mayaman Street, UP Village, Diliman, Quezon City. We'll be there until August 19! I'd be happy to see your sweet faces there!

'Til the next one! Shine through, loves! xx

Maybelline Color Jolt Matte Lipsticks

Intense color, intense pigment, intense matte. Maybelline allows us to step up our lipstick game with their Color Jolt collection!

I got to swatch and try the range a few days back and totally fell in love with the results! Each shade is packed with 3x more pigments and has a flocked tip for a perfect, precise application. Enjoy the preview below!

Application Tips
1. Lightly squeeze until the product comes out.

2. Use the precision tip applicator for a clean, effortless, and intense application.

3. For more intensity, add a second coat. You can either apply the same color or a different one for a more personalized look.

Show Off Nude
My favorite among all the shades! I wear this almost everyday.

Baby Mauve

Don't Pink With Me

Flaunting My Pink

Vanity Violet

Bittersweet Mandarin

You Red-Me

Vamp Red

Here are some close up shots of the actual swatches to help you choose!

From nude, to all sorts of pink, to the deepest red shade, you can create a fierce look to flaunt this season!

For only P299, you'll get 5ml (0.17 fl oz) of highly pigmented and matte lipsticks. Personally, I think the Maybelline Color Jolt collection is worth trying! :)

Grab your Color Jolt Matte lipsticks from Lazada and at Maybelline counters nationwide.