Shopee's Super Brand Day: L'Oreal

Shopee Philippines surely knows how to spoil us this International Women’s Month! Visit your Shopee app and enjoy up to 50% off on beauty essentials on the Super Brand Day! 

Wondering what you can get from their selection? Self-care products from L’Oreal!

Now that it’s safer to get your hair fixes at home, DIY and try out L’Oreal’s Limited Edition Parisian Cool Ash Shades designed to tone and revive brassy or over-processed hair.

With its Advanced Triple Care Color Technology, you can achieve rich and vibrant color without worrying about the hair damage. What I love about this pack is that is comes with a protective pre-color serum that seals and defends your hair from damage + a conditioning balm that keeps hair smooth, soft and shiny even after coloring.


✓ High fashion and trendy shades 
✓ High intensity pigments 
✓ High shine complex for intense brilliance 
✓ Suitable for all Filipina skin tones

Still to pamper your crowning glory! These products can help address the 5 most common signs of damaged hair: breakage, dryness, coarseness, dullness, and split ends.

Now, going to skincare, I’ve been meaning to try this particular product from L’Oreal! I’ve seen a couple of nice reviews about this essence!

This ultra-lightweight facial essence deeply penetrates up to 10 skin layers. It has Salicylic Acid that helps remove dead skin cells and exfoliate the skin to minimize the size of pores and prevent blemishes.

The best part? You can get clearer, brighter, smoother skin by using this in 7 days!


Self-Care Loot: Dove | Available on Shopee

Through the years, Dove has been one of the top of mind brands when it comes to personal care. I actually grew up using Dove soap bars and shampoos because my mom loves them! Until now, we purchase Dove products for my folks, plus my boyfriend loves the Dove Men line. :) 

If you're looking into giving someone a nice self-care loot, here are some items from Dove that you can conveniently avail from Shopee!

They're on sale for a limited time only! From ₱150 now down to 126!

I'm really very pleased that their formula for this product is plant-based and sulfate-free! Now, I'm more conscious about the products that I use, and it's definitely a PLUS for me when they have safe and sustainable ingredients.

Also on sale for a limited time only! From ₱150 now down to 126!

Love the scent of this body wash! Aside from it being plant-based and sulfate-free, this product has avocado oil and calendula extracts. 

Only SRP 159

Such a classic! These products are enriched with Collagen and Vitamin B3 concentrates proven to accelerate skin renewal and remove/prevent dark underarm marks.

Price is also discounted on Shopee for a limited time only! Get it for only 200!

Has Vitamin B3 to help repair dark underarm marks. Also gives off fresh and fruity fragrance, plus a 48-hour protection against sweat and body odor.

Find your favorite Dove products on Shopee Beauty, a one-stop destination offering well-loved makeup and skin care products, deals and discounts, tips and tutorials, and more. For more information, check out

Velvetint by Colourette Cosmetics | Available on Shopee

Given my daily tight schedule for online meetings, I really don't have a long glam time. However, before turning on my camera, I make sure to at least apply a nice lip color after freshening up. If you're looking for a go-to lip product, you can definitely find one from Colourette Cosmetics!

This famous local brand is known in specializing in high quality products at affordable prices. Backed by a loyal community of "Boss Babes," Colourette is all about embracing and expressing yourself! #BeautyInAllWays, always!

To give you that added confidence for whatever it is that you have for the day, here are Colourette Cosmetics' Velvetints! The Velvetint is an intensely pigmented formula which dries down from a velvet to powder matte finish.

It comes in 12 beautiful shades and works 3 ways: on eyes, cheeks, and lips - and stays all day while remaining comfy on skin.

With me are RSVP and Rosé! Red and Nude, perfect for any type of mood or occasion! Also good for all skin types.

Siz just look at that pigment!? I was pleasantly surprised when I swatched these babies!

Rosé - nude pink Velvetint

Pretty sure I'll be abusing this. Those who know me well are aware that I'm in love with nude lip colors! This product is so easy to use, blendable, and lightweight! Even when it gives off a powder matte finish, it has Glycerin to protect your lips from drying.

RSVP - candy red Velvetint 

Go for this shade when you need a little power boost or when you feel romantic! I can imagine wearing this for date nights (even at home :p)

These babies are available on Shopee. Spotted on the product pages: ₱20 OFF Vouchers + FREE Shipping + earn coins!

Aside from that, this February 19-21, Shopee has a #TatakPinoy Virtual Trade Fair to support Filipino businesses. During the trade fair, we can discover local delicacies, pasalubong items, and lots of Filipina-owned businesses to empower local female entrepreneurs. 

Go and purchase! Visit this page and let’s all support local. 🇵🇭

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Safe & Efficient Real Estate Platform in the Philippines | Ohmyhome

Sharing something personal and you might find this helpful, too, so hope you'll stick around! ;)

Recently, Sam and I finally moved in together! We've been planning for this since late last year, but it was almost impossible to progress given the pandemic. It was quite challenging to pick the perfect unit, especially that we had to rely on photos or videos from estate providers during the stricter community quarantine period. Luckily, we found a really nice condo as our "temporary home," while we plan out our bigger investments for next year.

Been getting a lot of condo tour requests but maybe next time! :p
Here's a teaser of our Nordic-Jap home!

Anyway, as mentioned earlier, we have bigger investment plans *fingers crossed* for next year. And since that might be our future home, we'll need to talk to reliable and trustworthy leads to help us through the whole process. I think Ohmyhome came in just in time!

Ohmyhome is Singapore's leading PropTech startup, here to make housing transactions simple, fast, and affordable for everyone. In their app, we can browse through genuine listings that are free of dummy or duplicate accounts, saving us time in searching for the right property.

There's also a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) option for Filipinos, a platform that comes absolutely free - from listing all the way to deal closing. Aside from that, customers may also engage the services of Ohmyhome's full-time in-house property agents at a cost-friendly price.

What I appreciate about their company is that they understand the buyers' pain points and tedious processes in searching for a property. With that, Ohmyhome is here to provide a seamless end-to-end housing transaction that will make everything easier for Filipinos. 

Another nice thing about Ohmyhome is that they will take care of the customers' entire transaction journey - from search and deal-closing all the way through legal documentation and mortgage advisory. With that alone, I think I'm sold! :)

With their success in Singapore and Malaysia, they expect to achieve the same feat as it brings advanced technological capabilities to the Philippine real estate industry.

Definitely considering Ohmyhome's services for Sam and I's new leap! 💖

Why the Philippines?

Back in 2016 when the proptech startup team in Singapore only had less than ten people, two members were Filipino. Race and Rhonda, who loved and valued their growing team, knew that a Filipino teammate was newly wed and had a wife in Manila whom he missed very much. Before long, Race and Rhonda made a promise to their 2 Filipino teammates that Ohmyhome will set up an office in Manila to bring them closer to their family.

“The Philippines is a growing market,” she explains. “In the last three years, Manila has seen an increase in condominium property prices of 11.9% each year on average. The number of transactions has also been steadily growing—reaching a record high of 54,000 condominium units sold in Metro Manila in 2018, surpassing 2017’s 53,000 units.

Still, property transactions in the Philippines are marked by drawbacks such as a lack of transparency, untrustworthy agents, slow feedback, and decentralized services. “With the country’s huge population, the only way to provide transparent and reliable services to Filipinos is through our advanced technology combined with our offline services,” Rhonda says.

“We designed the Ohmyhome application and website for Filipinos and made modifications to make sure that the technology is suitable and relevant to the Philippine context. We wanted the platform to be truly built by the Filipino, for the Filipinos.”

Owners Race Wong and Rhonda Wong

About Ohmyhome

Ohmyhome makes property transactions simple, fast, and affordable through a DIY platform, top-tier agent services, mortgage advisory, conveyancing, and much more. It is Singapore’s leading PropTech Solution and a CEA-licensed real estate agency. 

The DIY (self-serve) platform connects homeowners and searchers directly at no cost. Thousands of property listings are genuine, unique, and simple to browse. Innovative features such as ‘ShoutOut’ and ‘Open House’ enhance the overall user experience. For those who prefer comprehensive and professional assistance, competitively priced house and condominium agent services are available. 

Powered by advanced technology and trusted by customers, Ohmyhome agents are the most efficient in the market. Since its launch, Ohmyhome has 175,000 monthly active users. More than 5,300 homes have transacted through Ohmyhome, which represents a combined value of over US$1 billion. 

Ohmyhome was launched in Malaysia in July 2019, as part of its expansion plans in the Southeast Asia Region. It is the first cross-border, one-stop property solution with its tech- enabled offerings that have served thousands of customers in Singapore. 

For more information, click here.