Power Dressing Seminar with UST-JPIA

Arnie + public speaking = NOPE. Maybe Arnie PLUS singing will do! :p Last week, when I got an email from the UST Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants inviting me to speak for their seminar, I almost declined. But what made me decide was the drive to experience more things, different from the usual. Fashion was also the main topic, which is something that I really love, and it won't hurt if I'll share my little thoughts that can be helpful for the students.

But believe me, I died hours before the seminar! Lol

Butttttttt this happened!!!!!! Ahhhhh :) :) :)

Back in high school and college, whenever there's an on-going seminar and the speaker's super boring, I'd count sheeps and sleep cozily from where I'm seated inside the auditorium. Hahahaha! That's why last Saturday, I got so nervous karma might hit me. I might be conducting a seminar to crickets and zzz's instead of students! #PAANO

Of course I didn't let that happen! Really noted the reasons why I felt bored in seminars, and vowed never to make the students experience that in my entire talk. :)

Made sure to insert activities in between my lectures! Since we focused on chic corporate dressing and the latest trends, we had a Styling Game! I brought clothes (blazers, skirts, tops, etc) to be used by the participants. Paandar lang tayo!!

Kagulo lang ng styling game! Super fun!!! And those who tweeted/tagged me on Instagram can attest to how fun it was. Most of the students mentioned that this was their favorite part of the seminar. And sarap lang sa puso!!!! Love them!!

I was also super tempted to just sing and not talk anymore but I'm sure the students wouldn't like to hear a sintonado singer. Hahaha! Thanks to the very talented Ivana for saving my face!!! :p

Anymoo, for the styling game, we had two teams with 3 members each (2 stylists and 1 model), and I asked them to dress up using the Fashion Formula I gave and explain where she's headed to. First up: Team Client Meeting! Hahahaha super adorbs!

Their group decided that this ensemble can take them to client meetings, lunch out with friends, and malling (sans the blazer). Good job girls!

Second was Team Halloween! Cuteness overload!!! Hahahaha! They said this was something they can wear to a busy day at work, and the blazer can keep them cozy while they work overtime. :) Couldn't agree more!

But bilang best in segue ako, I managed to squeeze in a small makeup tutorial while di ako makapag-decide sinong team ang winner! I shared with them my usual routine and go-to look when I'm off to work. Highlight - eye brows!!! :)

Medyo nagpaulan din ako ng giveaways to everyone para aliw lang!


Heartfelt thanks to UST-JPIA for having me! I'll never forget this experience!!! You guys are the best!!! ❤❤❤

I know you guys will go places! You have my prayers! :)

Ensembles x Xernan Orticio for Holiday 2014

Yearly, Ensembles collaborates with current most celebrated fashion designers through its Young Designer Series and on its 6th installment, Ensembles welcomes fashion designer Xernan Orticio to take part in this year’s Holiday Collection.

With a design aesthetic like Xernan Orticio’s which is “structured, minimal, and highly engineered,” this collection will surely fill an Ensembles woman’s wardrobe needs! Something corporate but can pass as an after-work outfit, and of course, something that can withstand trends.

The collection includes well-tailored pieces with streamlined designs, metallic details, clean and sleek jumpsuits and dresses with structured lapels, and to complete the collection, a wearable drama of lovely flowy dresses and tops with all-over orchid print in shades of purple and red!

Ensembles and Xernan Orticio worked closely together to be able to cater to the working class, and interpreted designs that would be highly appreciated by Ensembles women. 

When asked about the collection he did with Ensembles, he said “Each piece in the collection are inspired by my signature patterns, It's a collaboration of 2 minds so I focused on stamping each DNAs on the garments without making a look that's overpowering and seasonal, I want the garments to stay classic and withstand trends.”

This luxe-infused series is sure to fill your tailored and feminine wardrobe gaps! Paired with the fabulous heels from Janilyn, the collection is definitely a must have for the upcoming holiday season!

For more information on Xernan Orticio’s collection for Ensembles:
ensembles.com.ph | Facebook | Twitter/IG @EnsemblesOnline

Freeway x Federico Alcuaz for Holiday 2014

Freeway is honored to pay tribute to a very versatile artist who has earned him recognition here and abroad. He was conferred the title of National Artist of the Philippines in 4 disciplines, for Visual Arts, Painting, Sculpture and Mixed Media in 2009.

Freeway's 10  piece fashion collection tribute is composed shift dresses, comfortable casual tops, shirts and slinky pieces beautifully adorned with Alcuaz’s masterpieces such as “Man with Still Life” and “Duet in Brown and White” to name a few! Perfect for the holiday season, the collection did not fail to serve you with rich colored print dresses and tops that can be worn from day to night affairs, complete with tote bags for your functional trips!  The collection uses comfortable material such as satinized twills and poplins for the casual work wear to stretch georgettes and knits for the weekend get-up.

Each item will have a National Artist gift packaging and a bio-tag so that one can learn more about the life and works of Alcuaz. A perfect gift for anyone this Holiday season.

Yes, you can finally sport a work of Alcuaz adding up to his vast exposure in 20 museums and major cultural institutions in the world today!

For more information, visit Freeway here:
Website | Facebook | Twitter/IG: @FreewayOnline

Slammin' Mini Burgers

Been stuffing my face with food these days and I'm blaming PMS for it! My Instagram feed can attest to this! Can't stop eating since Tuesday! Hello, Saturday na ngayon!!! And just recently, I got invited to try out and blog about Slammin' Mini Burgers + Fries + Dips. How can I say no to food? #dead

A good burger is an experience that needs to be shared, but unfortunately, most burgers come sized for solo eaters. But if you're at a burger joint with friends and family, how do you let everyone try what you're enjoying - and get a couple of bites of what they're having in return? Slammin' Mini Burgers + Fries + Dips has come up with the solution: serve two or three smaller-sized burgers per order!

Don't let the restaurant's name fool you! "Mini" doesn't mean bite-sized; in fact, two Mini Burgers add up to more than your average quarter-pound burger, and three is more than a 1/3-pound burger. Even if you're dining here solo, you're sure to get your fill!

Joed and I are huge foodies, and we've tried out so many burgers from different restaurants and joints in Manila. When we first saw these Mini Burgers, we thought these won't be enough for our big appetites. :p But you won't believe it, OA sa busog after!!!

Among their Mini Burgers, we had the All American Sliders (double, Php145.00) and Bacon n' Mushroom (double, Php175.00). All burgers contain patties made with 100% all beef chuck and placed on pillowy soft steamed buns. Best eaten when topped with melted cheese! YUMMMM

Our ultimate favorite's the Bacon n' Mushroom! Actually craving for it as I type! :p

Just in case the mini burgers aren't enough to satisfy you, there are a number of dishes to pair with them as well. What we had was a combo of Slammin' Loaded Fries and Slammin' Wings (Php165.00). SOOO GOOD!!!!

How can you resist these thick-cut fries plus buffalo wings (tossed in mildly hot and tangy sauce)? Awesome sidekicks! You MUST try them!!!

Blue Lemonade (Php35.00)

While the dishes are of course best eaten when served, these can also be taken out in movie-friendly boxes and cones so that you can enjoy a hearty meal while taking in a fave flick, on the road, or at home.

Visit the branches of Slammin' Mini Burgers + Fries + Dips:
Promenade Mall (Greenhills) | TriNoma | Market! Market!

Huge love and thanks to Ms. Marcie Linao and the Slammin' Mini Burgers team for the super filling dinner! ❤❤❤