Achieve Hair Goals with Cream Silk's Customized Solutions

Have you heard of Cream Silk's most beautiful transformation yet? Every Modern Filipinas' hair needs will be addressed through their Customized Solutions' new formulation and look. Whether your crowning glory suffers from hair fall, dullness, dryness, dandruff, and unwanted color, you have the #PowerToTransform and achieve your hair goals.

On me: top from Zara | skirt courtesy of Penshoppe

Cream Silk has always been my trusted conditioner brand for years. I've tried using different brands before but end up switching back to Cream Silk the day after.

Since college, my hair's always exposed to heat, coloring and styling tools, making it frizzy and prone to breakage. I've been using the Standout Straight variant daily to help control unruly hair. Indeed, it instantly makes my hair straight and beautiful!

The new Cream Silk range has 7 customized solutions, but you might have several hair problems to address and need only one conditioner. If my fellow Modern Filipinas are unsure of which variant to get, I suggest you try out Cream Silk's Hair Profiler on their website. Those 4 easy steps will definitely help you decide! :)

Interestingly, their Hair Profiler led me to the Dry Rescue variant. I picked "nourished, straight, shiny, and protected from damage" and the system recommended that for my concerns. Trying that one immediately!

Along with its reformulation, Cream Silk also transformed to its new look with their powerful endorsers on the packs. Heart Evangelista (Pink), Coleen Garcia (Green), Nadine Lustre (Blue), Pia Wurtzbach (Gold), Yassi Pressman (Orange), Julie Anne San Jose (Violet), and Rachelle Ann Go (Red). With their own stories of transformation, these celebrities serve to epitomize the Cream Silk woman, and to empower other Filipinas to believe that they, too, can become the best they can be.

How about you? Which among the 7 Cream Silk's all new customized solutions are you using? :)

Life Lately and Quick Selfie Test (Oppo F3)

Whew! The past 2 weeks were INSANE and we're not yet done hustlin'. In case you didn't know, Deo and I have finally established our own full-blown restaurant called "Wild Kinjo" - our second and, by far, biggest venture for 2017. I'll dedicate a separate blog post for Wild Kinjo very soon, but in case you want real-time updates, I regularly upload via Instagram stories. :)

Wild Kinjo is officially open starting September 11, 2017, 12NN-10PM. It's conveniently located just beside UST, a few walks away from the university's gate along P. Noval. We're serving Japanese x Latin American cuisine, and we can't wait for YOU to try out our dishes!

Address: Unit 2C 981 P. Noval Street corner Delos Reyes Street, Manila

On me: top courtesy of Wrangler | DIY paint splatter denims courtesy of Penshoppe | Adidas Stan Smiths | Forever 21 biker jacket

Anyway, back to the main topic! After publishing my Oppo F3 Selfie Expert blog post, I've received several requests to show selfie tests using the said phone. I bet you got curious with its beautification feature and the two built-in cameras! ;)

While our restaurant was under construction, Deo and I were there everyday - running errands like buying from the hardware store, painting walls, and so much more. During those days, I didn't wear ANY makeup at all because we were always sweating like crazy and (literally) doing dirty work.

These photos taken by my Oppo F3 didn't show how haggard I am. Is this phone made of magic?!

Also, notice the difference between the two selfies below.

The first photo shows a wider selfie - an example of the secondary camera's range for field of view. If this was a group photo, I'm sure you'd appreciate it more, but you get the point. :) Second one's the normal selfie mode.

For more details about the Oppo F3 Selfie Expert, check out my unboxing post.

Kushikatsu Daruma: Buy 1 Take 1 Happy Hour Promo

Deo and I are obsessed with Japanese food! I'm sure you know that well! ;)

We love trying out new and old Japanese restaurants to further immerse our palates with our favorite cuisine. Kushikatsu Daruma is one of the spots that we've been wanting to visit, and we're happy that our insane schedules finally permitted us to try them out last week!

Kushikatsu comprises of deep-fried skewered meat and vegetables. While the concept sounds straightforward, to learn how to cook a proper Japanese skewer requires at least a month of intensive training in Japan.

Kushikatsu Daruma serves 36 highly addictive skewers, ranging from pork, to beef, to chicken, and vegetables! All perfectly crisp and cooked well!

My favorite kushikatsu skewers: Classic Kushikatsu, Camembert Cheese, Onion Leeks, and Prawn.

You might've seen this "No Double Dipping" signage once (or twice!) in your feed. Kushikatsu Daruma lives by this rule! In Japan where meals are shared among strangers, hygiene is of prime importance.

What's in this controversial sauce?! We just know that this mysterious umami sauce is sweet and tart. Even the franchisers don't know the ingredients. This special sauce is regularly flown in from Osaka to Manila in order to guarantee a truly authentic kushikatsu experience.

Our Japanese food immersion's not complete without trying out their rice bowls! 

Gyudon with Cheese. Ordered this again when we went back to Kushikatsu! Really love it!

And Deo got the Oyakudon. Yum!


Nope... unfortunately, you still can't double dip your Kushikatsu skewers! :p However, we can all enjoy their Buy 1 Take 1 Happy Hour promo for Chu Hais (Japanese mixed drinks/cocktails). They also have a price drop for local beers. 

 We tried out several Chu Hai flavors but my favorites are Mango Blackberry and Apple Cinnamon. You can get both for only Php280.00!


Kushikatsu Daruma
Uptown Place Mall (2nd floor)
36th Street Corner 9th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

OPPO F3 Selfie Expert: Picture-Perfect Memories

Admit it - mobile phones aren't just for communication and productivity, but also for vanity purposes. Beyond the processor and technology used, holla if you're more concerned about its photography features! ;)

Honestly, I haven't used any Android phones for the past two years so this is quite a big jump. I finally found the phone to trust for my selfies and groufies (goodbye monopods!), no other than the OPPO F3 Selfie Expert


It's my first time to encounter 2 front cameras in 1 phone. The OPPO F3 has a 16-megapixel selfie-focused main camera paired with a wide-angle sub-camera perfect for group photos.

It also offers a beautification selfie feature, which basically adds an instant filter for a fresh look with every snap. I'll show you some samples soon!

With OPPO F3, nobody gets left behind. You can now fit your entire barkada in a single shot without a struggle AND without a selfie stick/monopod! The secondary camera is twice the size of a selfie camera's field of view. How amazing is that?! All you have to do is press the "group" icon beside the shoot key.

Even the rear camera promises high quality performance - fast focusing speeds without any blurring.

Can I just add how stunning the color is? My OPPO F3 is in fiery red; it gives that oomph to any outfit or flat lays I have!

And to those asking about its specs, the OPPO F3 has an octo-core processor supported by 4GB of RAM and a 64GB ROM. It can accommodate two Nano 4G SIM cards and one micro SD card to expand the memory up to 128GB.

Purchase this lovely phone for only Php16,990!

Inside the OPPO F3 box are the following accessories: charger, earphones, micro USB cable, SIM ejector tool, documentation, and a free phone case!

For more information, visit OPPO's Facebook page and website.